The United States is full of great things to see and do, but sometimes, it’s great to just be a tourist in your hometown – or, in our residents’ case – in the location of their ideally situated retirement community. In the heart of White Plains, New York, Waterstone of Westchester’s senior living residents enjoy a range of fine retailers, dining venues, cultural events, and attractions. What makes it even better, though, is the ability to explore with grandchildren of all ages.

Whether your grandchildren live nearby and visit frequently or are coming from afar to visit you at your senior living community, you can be prepared for a summer packed with fun by checking out some of the many things to do in White Plains!

The Best Places in White Plains to Check Out with Your Grandkids

When it comes to White Plains in Westchester County, kids and adults alike can enjoy a world of entertainment. With activities for those who are younger, older – and young at heart – there’s something for everyone.

Visit World-Class Shopping Centers and Stores

When your grandchildren visit, you can all get started on this season’s shopping – or plan for next school year’s wardrobe! Located close to the flagship Bloomingdales and a range of other shopping venues in downtown White Plains, your grandkids can be set in style.

If shopping is not hands-on enough for them, or if they are just a little too young to delight in an afternoon of shopping, they may enjoy a chance to make fun memories by visiting the LEGO® Store at The Westchester, or by making a furry friend at Build-a-Bear Workshop®.

Sample of Some of Your Favorite Dining Venues Together

Want to spice up your dining adventures and give your grandkids a well-rounded taste of the city you love? Take a progressive tour of your favorite restaurants and dining venues! Begin by stopping at one location for appetizers, then visit another restaurant for entrées, and finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with dessert at your go-to spot.

If that’s too much food to handle or if you’re looking for something more casual, visit your favorite brunch spot or share your favorite coffee shop with your teenage grandchildren. If they are 21 or over, show them your favorite place to stop for drinks with friends.

Visit the Farmers Market

From fresh produce to a fun time out, your grandkids can relish a taste of homegrown goodness at the local White Plains’ farmers market. Pick up some fruits and vegetables and get inspired to make a meal together at home. It’s a great way to savor quality time while cooking up some new favorite recipes.

Revel in Music, Stories and Performing Arts

Known as one of White Plains’ favorite outdoor activities, indulge in a range of outdoor concerts, stories and history shared by various artists. If you would rather sit down for a show or a theater production, the White Plains Performing Arts Center is certainly the place to go. Before establishing your plans, be sure to check out the calendar to see what’s going on or if any events have been added or changed.

Attend an Art Exhibition, Workshop or Event at ArtsWestchester

From art classes and festivals to workshops and lectures, those who love music, art and all things theater will love ArtsWestchester. Check out their events calendar for details about upcoming events, classes, educational opportunities and more.

Explore Nature or Get Outside and Get Active

Strap on your boots and navigate the hiking trails at Silver Lake Preserve or one of White Plains’ many other nature preserves. If your grandchildren are more into immersing themselves in the experience, stop at Cranberry Lake Preserve. At Cranberry Lake Preserve, they can participate in a nature program, explore interactive, educational displays, and see live animals.

Alternatively, release some energy and get some exercise by taking your grandkids to Saxon Woods Park. Here, there are plenty of activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. Hit the playground, play a couple rounds of golf, or cool off and make a splash at the Saxon Woods splash pad.

Tips for Setting Off on Your Adventures

While it’s certainly fun to be spontaneous, planning can make your pursuits even more full of family fun. For a season of successful visits, try these tips.

Plan Out the Stops You’ll Be Visiting Together

One of the best parts of planning a trip is the excitement of knowing you’re visiting a place you’ve always wanted to experience. When planning places to visit and things to do together, make sure to consider their interests. Remember to try to find an activity that fits everyone’s preferences and abilities.

Dress for the Event and Plan for Bad Weather – Especially Outdoors

There is nothing worse than when the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you know you’ll be attending an outdoor event, be sure to pack essential items like sunscreen in case of high UV rays and an umbrella so you’re prepared in the event of rain. If you’re going to a park, make sure you are dressed to play!

Don’t Let Hunger Put a Stop to Your Fun

A trip can be quickly derailed by hunger, so it’s crucial to schedule time for meals or to pack various snacks and drinks.

Capture Plenty of Photographs

These memories with grandkids are precious, so it’s always a great idea to take as many pictures as possible. Make sure you don’t forget to be present in the photographs with your grandkids, too – even if they are just selfies!

Discover the Fun Beyond White Plains

Waterstone of Westchester is located near many great daytrip locations. With destinations like New York City, attractions in New England, surrounding amusement parks and more, it’s easy to simply get on a train and enjoy a new experience.

Plan Your Visit

For more information on planning a visit with your grandkids or to learn about some more fun places to visit in White Plains, contact our team. We’d be happy to share more about the great things our location offers seniors and their families!

If you are interested in a senior housing option that puts you close to all the action of White Plains and Westchester County, we can help. Schedule your visit for an inside look today.

Waterstone of Westchester. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone of Westchester is a brand-new, premier independent living community in White Plains, NY. We’re close to exquisite shopping, fine dining and cultural attractions. Come visit our beautiful location and see how Waterstone puts wellness at the heart of our community.

We often hear many people say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” especially in regard to staying active, healthy and at optimal wellness. While this can most certainly be true, as we see older adults age and place a greater emphasis on fitness and health, living the lifestyle they love and expanding their minds, it begs the question – do they really know something we don’t know?

Consider what you think of when you imagine traditional nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior living communities of the past. If you’re like many, you might envision seniors who sit around and watch TV, who aren’t very active, and don’t really socialize or participate in engaging activities. You might even imagine something more akin to a hospital environment.

Now, think about your family members or your friends’ grandparents; do they fit that image you have created in your mind? Most likely, the answer is a resounding no! Today, seniors are running circles around those negative views and stereotypes – and will continue to do so.

The truth is that the seniors of today know aging really is only a state of mind. Not only do they embrace aging, but they welcome it, using their time as an opportunity to be their best, to enhance their health, to continue their pursuit of lifelong learning, and to really make the most of their golden years. It’s a lesson many would do well to learn from, and older adults are more than happy to share how to embrace the aging process.

Why Age Is a State of Mind

At Waterstone at the Circle, a luxury independent living community located at the foot of Chestnut Hill in Boston, those we serve know better than anyone that the younger you feel, the better you feel – cognitively, physically and mentally.

In fact, a study published by the American Psychological Association suggests this may be because of the link between subjective age and health, meaning that feeling younger may help protect those who are middle age or older from the effects of stress.

During the study, researchers found those who experienced more stress were more likely to have a decline in functional health and may even need long-term care, whereas those who experienced less stress and less functional decline appeared to feel younger than their chronological age.

This is one of the many reasons Waterstone at the Circle provides a worry-free, active lifestyle that ensures seniors can define how they age – or find ways to feel even younger than before.

Aging in Independent Living

As a premier retirement living community, Waterstone at the Circle provides an active, enriching lifestyle that makes it easy to embrace the idea that age is a state of mind. Get a feel for what residents at The Circle enjoy every day by exploring our offerings below:

A Range of Engaging Programs and Activities

It’s easy to feel young when you’re surrounded by opportunities for personal growth, fulfillment and fun. At Waterstone at the Circle, residents can experience culture, try out new hobbies, take classes, join clubs, enjoy film screenings and attend a variety of events. All these programs are meticulously scheduled to promote overall happiness and health.

Services and Amenities

With concierge services and private chauffeur service, we’re always on hand to ensure easy, active, carefree living. With more free time to do the things you love, you can enjoy our movie theater, lounge, patio overlooking Cassidy Park, and exciting planned trips. No matter your preferences, at Waterstone at the Circle, there’s always something to do and plenty of people to socialize and spend time with. It’s a dynamic lifestyle – complete with access to any support that might be needed – that keeps you feeling energetic and engaged.

Opportunities to Enhance Wellness

The more active you are, the younger you tend to feel – or at least that’s what our residents tell us! With a variety of fitness classes, an indoor heated pool, and Train Boston® fitness and aquatic instructors, we can help you stay healthy and well.

Supportive Care Services

While we’re known for premier independent living, supportive care services are also available within our private apartments, allowing residents to receive care and services in the retirement community they love, surrounded by the team, friends and amenities that make them feel young at heart.

Discover an Independent Living Lifestyle That Redefines Aging

Not only do these offerings enhance the ability for seniors to live independently at Waterstone, but they also help them stay involved, social and active. These are key components to feeling healthy – and embracing the changes that come with age. Are you ready to throw away the idea of what aging used to be like? Schedule a visit to learn more about life at The Circle today.


Waterstone at the Circle offers independent living and supportive care options at the foot of Chestnut Hill in Boston – close to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir and fine retailers and restaurants at The Street. Contact us to learn more or to make an appointment with our Senior Advisor.

When the weather warms up, many people feel inspired to be more active – and that also includes motivation to do more around the home. It’s the perfect opportunity to declutter, organize and prepare for a move to a senior living community.

Are you looking for an excuse to get started or simply don’t know where to start? We’re here to help by sharing the benefits, the reasons, and the right tips to get you started.

Benefits of Decluttering and Downsizing

When many seniors hear the term “downsizing,” they often think of getting rid of many of their belongings in preparation for a move to a smaller home. While this can sometimes be true, downsizing the home doesn’t always mean moving to a smaller space!

As is the case for many seniors, sometimes it simply means upsizing their lifestyle by eliminating the hassles and worries that come along with homeownership and moving to a premier senior living community like Waterstone at Wellesley. Residents enjoy the benefits of less maintenance and upkeep in their apartment, but with the added perk of having a community full of luxury amenities and enriching services right outside their front door. In reality, residents are actually increasing their overall living space!

No matter the reason, it’s the right season to begin the decluttering and downsizing process. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Gives inspiration to pack up seasonal clothes and get out warm-weather attire
  • Refreshes the home for a new season
  • Frees up storage spaces
  • Allows you to pass on unneeded items to family or friends
  • Provides the opportunity to throw a summer yard sale
  • Helps you and your family feel more prepared for the future

Helpful Tips for Seniors and Their Families

If you’re looking for organizing and downsizing tips, you’re in the right place. Pack up your worries and unpack the best place to begin with our expert advice.

Prepare Ahead of Time

The best way to start your cleaning, decluttering and organizing journey is to put one foot in front of the other. It really is that simple. Make a list of spaces that need cleaning, plan to go room by room, and stick to your plan. This ensures you won’t get overwhelmed or make an even bigger mess.

Want to be even more prepared? Make a list of cleaning goals. If you know you want to clean all the windows or dust, write it down. If a room needs more intensive cleaning, gather a list of local cleaners.

One surefire way to make sure you stay on task? Buy and have on hand all the cleaning products you need so you don’t have to stop mid-job to go shopping for supplies.

Involve Family Members

When deep cleaning and downsizing, the more help, the better! Whether you’re downsizing for yourself or for your loved one, be sure to ask for the help you need. Consider:

  • Asking older grandkids to assist with moving heavy items
  • Designating a friend to take items to a donation box
  • Having someone do yardwork or landscaping to amp up real estate value for a move to a senior living community
  • Placing one person in charge of cleaning windows, another in charge of boxing items, and so on

Check on Home Safety Items

While you’re in the midst of the process, it’s a great time to check on home safety measures. Are your or a loved one’s fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors working properly? If not, make sure to install fresh batteries. Confirm that fire extinguishers are on hand and tripping hazards have been removed. Remember to replace air and water filters and check to make sure air conditioners work – something that can decrease the risk of heat illnesses as the seasons continue to change.

Don’t Forget Often-Missed Spaces

It’s no secret that rooms like the kitchen, bedrooms, storage areas and living rooms are often the first focus, but don’t forget about spaces like the medicine cabinet, underneath the sink, or the office and filing cabinets.

Making Cleaning and Decluttering Easier – One Move at a Time

We know the downsizing process can be an overwhelming task for even the most organized older adults and family members. The good news? Once you’re done, you can breathe easy – especially with a move to Waterstone at Wellesley where we take care of all maintenance, housekeeping and more. Instead, you can focus on enjoying a summer of joy, freedom and fun!

Waterstone at Wellesley. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone at Wellesley offers independent living and assisted living options in beautiful Wellesley, along the banks of the Charles River. Schedule a visit today to experience our lifestyle and learn how we help seniors thrive.

When older adults move into a retirement community, they often find they have a renewed passion for creating a lasting impact. Whether through social activities or giving back, there are many ways for seniors to spend their new-found free time in a way that suits their passions. In fact, many find that volunteer work and community service are the perfect choice.

Benefits of Volunteering for Older Adults

Whether your volunteer pursuits are ongoing, or you simply want to embrace opportunities as they arise, there are many advantages that seniors who volunteer during their retirement can enjoy. The Mayo Clinic shares that improved physical and mental health, a sense of purpose, and nurtured relationships are some of the advantages you may experience when you volunteer.

Increased Satisfaction and Joy

When you’re volunteering, it’s hard not to feel a little spark of happiness in doing something good for others. The reality is that giving back to those in need isn’t just beneficial for the recipient, but it is also a fulfilling experience for the volunteer themselves. Giving back can:

  • Increase relaxation
  • Enhance happiness
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Lessen the effects of stress
  • Provide a renewed sense of purpose
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Positively impact confidence
  • Strengthen an older adult’s independence

Enhanced Physical Activity

Did you know that volunteering also helps seniors stay active? It’s true, according to the Mayo Clinic; volunteers often report better physical health than non-volunteers! So, if fitness is one of your goals during retirement, finding a volunteer opportunity that also keeps you active is a bonus.

A Decreased Risk of Social Isolation

Volunteering gives seniors the opportunity to be actively engaged with others for a common purpose. It allows them to meet new, interesting people and feel more connected to their community. The more involved a person is, the less likely they will have feelings of isolation and depression. In other words, more volunteering often equates to more socializing, which can sharpen cognitive skills, increase happiness and may even help seniors living longer!

Ways Seniors Are Volunteering

If you have a passion for helping others, giving back or simply caring, options abound! No matter your interests, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available for you to try out.

  • Volunteer at a pet or homeless shelter
  • Read to kindergarten classes or tutor high school students
  • Spend time with those who are home-bound or are in skilled nursing
  • Begin volunteering with a local health care service
  • Educate other older adults about their senior care and living options
  • Share your talents by teaching a class or organizing activities
  • Host monthly dinners for new senior living community residents
  • Show prospective residents around your community
  • Donate clothing to local shelters or churches
  • Volunteer your time at a local food bank
  • Ask your local place of worship what their biggest needs are for volunteers

Local Volunteer Opportunities in Westchester County

For those interested in volunteering locally, there are many opportunities close to White Plains and in the greater Westchester area. Check out some of these organizations that may offer a good fit for your volunteer interests and talents.

Lifting Up Westchester

This organization strives to restore hope to Westchester County’s homeless individuals and families by providing food, shelter and support – and in turn creating a stronger society. Volunteers are needed for after-school mentoring, summer camps, outreach programs, maintenance projects, administrative tasks and more.

Humane Society of Westchester

Those who love animals can find volunteer opportunities at this local shelter.

United Way of Westchester and Putnam

The goal of the United Way is to help residents in Westchester and Putnam become more self-sufficient and thrive in a stronger local community. Learn more about volunteer opportunities on their website.

Feeding Westchester

At Feeding Westchester, the mission is to bring healthy meals to those in Westchester County who don’t have access to the food they need to thrive. Volunteers play an important role in the fight against hunger – from raising funds to packing food and more.


DOROT is a non-profit organization that is focused on making a positive impact on the lives of older adults in Westchester. They offer one-time, periodic and weekly volunteer opportunities that range from visitation to teaching classes to office work and more.

My Sister’s Place

This non-profit organization located in White Plains is committed to ending domestic violence and human trafficking. Volunteers are invited to participate in fundraisers or to send handmade notes, pictures, poems, etc. to share with the women and families they are supporting. Learn more about the organization and available volunteer opportunities online.

Do you have any additional ideas for ways to volunteer locally? If you’d like to share them with us or learn how our own residents are getting involved, contact us today. We’d love to show you around and give you an inside look at our lifestyle!


Waterstone of Westchester is the area’s premier independent living community. We’re close to exquisite shopping, close to fine dining, close to volunteer opportunities and close to your heart. Come visit our beautiful location and see what Waterstone can offer you.

It’s no secret that caring for ourselves is a crucial part of our well-being. Whether we’re focusing on our mental health, physical health, emotional health or spiritual health, these aspects all join together to ensure we’re healthy, happy and independent. As seniors age, this becomes more important than ever.

“Good health isn’t solely about nutrition and exercise, though many people think that’s the case,” says Devon Sicard, Executive Director at Waterstone at Wellesley, an independent living and assisted living community located in Wellesley, MA.

“In fact, many seniors in past years haven’t focused as heavily on self-care, opting instead for increasing their physical activity and enhancing their nutrition. While that’s certainly beneficial and a great place to start, there’s much more to it than that. Fortunately, among those who are rising to retirement age and considering a senior living community like Waterstone at Wellesley, we’re finding that self-care is a trend that’s increasing in popularity.”

This shift in focus paves the way for older adults to define their retirement, hone in on their health, and enhance senior care – even in ways they may have never thought possible before.

The Importance of Self-Care for Seniors

Why should you add self-care into your everyday care routine? To continue inspiring change and to propel the momentum of self-care among older adults, we’re breaking down the top reasons that it’s crucial for senior health.

It Lessens the Risk of Anxiety and Depression.

Self-care is often used as a tool to manage stressors while helping seniors maintain a sense of control. This has been found effective in:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing energy
  • Boosting mood
  • Enhancing happiness
  • Improving connection

Self-Care Decreases Likelihood of Health Problems.

As if a reduction in stress, a boost of mood and enhanced energy weren’t enough, self-care may help lessen the chances of heart disease, stroke and even cancer.

It Helps Maintain Independence.

Perhaps the most important aspect of all: Self-care helps seniors maintain independence by helping to improve functional health. Everyone has a desire to preserve autonomy in their later years, especially as health needs begin to arise. By taking steps to enhance self-care, you are also taking steps to improve overall health and well-being, allowing for greater independence.

Shifting the Focus on Self-Care

For someone who may not have taken much time to ensure they were caring for themselves throughout the years, they might not know where to start. The good news is that the answer lies in our personal interests. Consider some of the ways older adults can enhance their self-care:

Create a Personal Schedule.

Routines can go a long way in ensuring you keep up with your self-care goals. Try to get up at the same time daily, eat a healthy and nutritious diet, exercise, and socialize with others. Then add in any of your other lifestyle goals, whether that may be to read, paint more, or even learn a new skill.

Try Mindful Exercises.

Yoga, tai chi, meditation, and Pilates are popular among seniors. This is because they are typically low impact yet enhance balance, clear the mind, and bring joy afterward.

Spend Time with Friends and Family.

Sometimes a little connection is all we need. While this may not seem like outright self-care, connecting with others and forming connections is a great way to enhance joy and health.

Consider Journaling.

If you once had a passion for writing, now is a good time to pick it back up again! Make a list of all the things you’re thankful for, chart out all the positive things of the day, or simply reflect on what worked for you and what didn’t after each day. It’s the perfect way to increase self-awareness and adjust your mindset for the future.

Participate in Activities That Cover All Levels of Wellness.

Though many spend time fostering their emotional, physical, social and intellectual health, it’s also important to manage environmental, financial, occupational and spiritual health. In addition to engaging with others, exercising, and seeking creative opportunities, you could:

  • Enhance your environment by gardening
  • Manage your financial resources for retirement
  • Start a hobby you love or share your talents
  • Find additional meaning through spiritual wellness

Waterstone at Wellesley: Providing the Self-Care Tools You Need to Live Well

Waterstone at Wellesley makes it simple for older adults to improve their health and wellness. Take a stroll alongside the Charles River that runs behind our community. Try a personal training session with the professionals at Train Boston®. Go for a hole-in-one with friends on the putting green in our courtyard. Join an aquatics class in the indoor heated pool.

With specially designed wellness programs, personalized care services, dynamic social, cultural and educational events, and a carefree lifestyle, residents of Waterstone at Wellesley are surrounded by everything they need to live well.


Located along the banks of the Charles River, Waterstone at Wellesley offers premier independent living and enriching assisted living. With luxurious amenities, gourmet dining and concierge-style services, Waterstone provides a senior living experience beyond expectations. To schedule your personal visit, contact us at ​781.591.7113.

When active older adults consider their retirement, the goal is typically to have more freedom to do as they please – from spending more time with friends and family to enjoying a range of social activities and more. What some don’t think about, however, is how a move to a premier senior living community can help them reach that goal sooner – and with ease.

At Waterstone of Lexington, an independent living and assisted living community opening in fall of 2022, we’ve often heard seniors sharing a range of reasons why they put off a move to independent living. Some of these include:

  • Waiting until they need support with activities of daily living
  • Wanting to maintain their independence and freedom
  • Thinking that senior living is for older people
  • Having a preconceived notion that senior living is like a nursing home

While these feelings may be legitimate, they are also detrimental. In fact, these beliefs often keep active older adults from fully enjoying retirement while they’re younger, healthier and can truly take advantage of all the benefits, amenities and services that a community like Waterstone has to offer.

So, when is the right time for a person to make the move to senior living? While the answer may vary for everyone, the benefits of making a move sooner rather than later are significant.

Benefits of Moving to Independent Living Earlier

If you or a loved one have been considering a move to senior living, there’s truly no better time than now. A luxury retirement community like Waterstone of Lexington offers a wide range of benefits and advantages that provides more independence, more flexibility and more opportunities in daily life.

You Can Enjoy a Carefree Lifestyle.

Many independent living communities provide enriching services and amenities to make life worry-free – like housekeeping, maintenance and dining. This allows seniors to let go of these hassles and instead focus on what is most important to them.

At Waterstone of Lexington, we will offer a range of convenient services and premier amenities to enhance life and provide even more freedom:

  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Pet-friendly accommodations
  • Five-star gourmet dining
  • Concierge services
  • Private underground parking
  • Local transportation services

By waiting to enjoy a lifestyle where everything is taken care of for you, you’re missing out on the opportunity to savor more free time. Imagine summers without mowing and yard work, winters without shoveling, endless lists of household chores and the ability to enjoy a delicious dinner without prepping, cooking or cleaning up. For many older adults, independent living is a breath of fresh air!

You’ll Enjoy All the Community Has to Offer.

Senior living communities improve quality of life, decrease isolation and enhance fulfillment through a variety of enriching programs, social opportunities and events. Below are a few things you’ll be able to enjoy at Waterstone of Lexington:

  • Creative art classes and workshops
  • Concerts and lectures
  • Outdoor activities like gardening and putting on the green
  • Gathering with friends around the fire pit
  • Movies in the theater
  • Indulging in our full-service salon

By making a move as soon as possible, you’re securing the chance to enjoy all of these programs and events while you’re healthy and able to fully make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

You Can Maintain Your Health and Wellness.

Enhancing quality of life doesn’t stop at services and amenities or programs and events! At Waterstone of Lexington, our comprehensive wellness services provide a range of ways seniors can stay active and fit through our:

  • Fitness center and heated indoor pool staffed by Train Boston®
  • Mind-body studio and juice bar
  • Outdoor walking paths
  • Personalized training plans and group classes
  • Physical therapy services

It’s never too soon to begin your journey to better health. However, starting as soon as possible can help you to maintain independence by enhancing balance, strength and flexibility. Senior living communities like Waterstone of Lexington provide all of this and more right in the cost of your rental agreement.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind for the Future.

Making a move and having a plan in case health needs change is part of what makes moving early so beneficial. With different living options available, Waterstone of Lexington makes it possible for you experience a lifestyle you love – but with the added peace of mind with a plan in place in the event health needs change. Waterstone of Lexington offers luxury independent living, supportive care services in assisted living and Bridges® by EPOCH memory care on campus.

Find Health, Happiness and Home

Once older adults discover all that independent living has to offer, they often wonder why they haven’t moved sooner. If you’re considering making a move, the team at Waterstone of Lexington would love to talk to you. Schedule a visit to learn more about our brand-new community and how we’re preparing to provide the retirement you have been waiting for!


Waterstone of Lexington – opening fall 2022 – will offer a modern approach to retirement living in a historical setting with concierge-style services and impressive amenities. Come see how we redefine independent living and assisted living with a visit to our Welcome Center in Belmont.

For some older adults, the move to a senior living community such as Waterstone on High Ridge, offering independent living, assisted living and memory care, provides security and confidence for the future. These individuals prefer to make a move before a crisis occurs and their family members need to make decisions for them. They understand that today’s senior living communities are not the institutionalized facilities of the past – but rather are designed to enhance wellness and quality of life through convenient services, amenities and enriching lifestyle opportunities.

For others, however, the idea of senior housing may bring uncertainty or even frustration because they view it as a loss of independence, or they are simply resistant to change. They may be adamant about staying in their family home or may not realize how significantly changes in their health or mobility have affected their lifestyle and well-being.

We understand that starting the conversation about senior living with your aging loved one can be a difficult subject to broach. Unfortunately, many families wait too long to discuss the subject because they’re unsure of how their loved one will react. The reality is that having the conversation early and making a move before it’s truly necessary can actually help to relieve future anxiety.

Use our expert tips below to help make the conversation with your aging parent go smoother – and help them transition to a carefree senior living lifestyle.

Does My Parent Really Need Senior Living?

It’s common for aging parents to tell their adult children that moving to assisted living or other senior living community isn’t necessary. Before you have the conversation, try to observe your loved one throughout their daily routine. If you notice any of the following concerns, take note as it may help you to explain your position and provide positive encouragement during the discussion.

  • They need support with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing or grooming
  • Access to health care would provide greater peace of mind
  • They are overwhelmed taking care of a large home
  • Forgetfulness is becoming more frequent
  • Attention to proper hygiene and/or nutrition is lacking
  • Your loved one is recovering from an accident, surgery or illness, and short-term care needs have become long-term
  • They seem to be showing more signs of isolation and loneliness

Educate Yourself to Educate Your Loved One

Many seniors may be holding on to the perception that senior living communities are like the nursing homes of the past. Today, senior living options have changed radically, offering a range of social opportunities, engaging programs, supportive care when needed, and delicious meals akin to the finest restaurants. It’s possible their preconceived notions may be what is keeping them from a lifestyle they’ll love.

The more you know about senior living, the better you’ll be able to help guide them on their journey. Before you introduce the conversation with your loved one, start by talking to team members at local communities. Ask questions about service offerings. Take a tour of the apartments. Check out the activities, programs and events. At Waterstone on High Ridge, our Senior Advisors are always ready to share tips and advice to make the conversation easier and provide resources to help your individual situation.

Starting the Conversation

Set the Stage

One of the most important things to consider when bringing up senior living is when should you? At Waterstone on High Ridge, we believe that answer is as early as possible. This extra time ensures you can plan accordingly, tour a range of communities, and make the right choice for your loved one. Otherwise, the decision may be rushed if a sudden health issue occurs.

The best place to begin the conversation about senior living may be different for everyone, but it’s likely a good idea to chat in a private, quiet place that is free of distractions. Make sure your loved one is in a good mood and seems open to talking with you – if they are not, it might be better to choose another day, so the conversation flows more easily.

Remain Calm and Patient

Aside from being emotionally charged, the conversation can also be a bit intimidating for an adult child to bring up the subject of senior living. While you may not know how the conversation will go, it will help to focus on being empathetic and respectful. Be sure to use positive language and a pleasant tone when you are speaking about senior living.

You may want to begin by asking your loved one if they are feeling safe and happy at home, or if they feel overwhelmed by the daily upkeep and maintenance. Ask whether they are feeling engaged at home – or if they sometimes feel lonely. Identify the “what-if” scenarios to determine if they have a plan in mind related to health changes. Find out their perceptions about senior living.

Take time to think about their answers and respond thoughtfully. Remember to make it a two-way conversation. Gently share your concerns and thoughts, but make sure you’re attentively listening to theirs as well.

Make It an Ongoing Conversation

Keep in mind that the conversation may be an evolving process and likely won’t be a once-and-done discussion. Let your loved one know that you don’t expect to make any immediate decisions, but you want to understand their thoughts and plans related to the future so that you can come to an agreement that both honors their wishes – and safely supports their needs.

Explore Senior Living Options Together

If your aging loved one is open to it, we highly suggest taking them to a senior living community to enjoy a tour, participate in programs, and get a taste of the dining experience for themselves. They may find that a senior living community like Waterstone on High Ridge is exactly the kind of place they’d love to be – making the process smoother while bringing you both peace of mind.


Waterstone on High Ridge offers a modern approach to senior living in a beautiful hilltop setting. Come see how we redefine independent living, assisted living and memory care in Fairfield County, just minutes away from fine restaurants, retail stores and cultural venues in Stamford and Greenwich.

The Circle

Rental vs. Buy-In Senior Living: How Do I Decide?

When it comes time to consider senior housing, you may hear about a range of different choices. From various buy-in communities to straight-forward rental communities, the options for senior living may look similar at first, but there are many differences.

When trying to choose the best independent living option for yourself or a loved one, consider the similarities and differences to come up with the best solution for your personal situation.

Assessing the Similarities of Rentals and Buy-Ins

What makes these two options so appealing to older adults? Many times, it’s the carefree lifestyle that frees residents from everyday burdens such as home maintenance, housekeeping and yardwork. Instead, they can put aside endless to-do lists and instead spend more time on enjoying all that retirement life has to offer. Not only this, but opportunities for social engagement often abound just outside their doors.

At both rental and buy-in senior living communities, a range of activities, events and programs are offered that are specially planned to meet residents’ interests. At Waterstone at the Circle, a rental community located in Boston, MA, residents enjoy daily opportunities for growth, creativity and connection. Senior living communities – whether they are buy-in or rental – offer a range of convenient services and amenities designed to make life more simple, worry-free and fulfilling.

Another significant aspect of life at senior living communities is dining. Especially at Waterstone at the Circle, dining is a true culinary experience that allows for socialization, a focus on proper nutrition and, of course, five-star service.

Divulging the Differences Between Rentals and Buy-Ins

Now that we know the lifestyle offered at buy-in and rental senior living communities is often very similar, we’ll explore the key differences that may make one option more appealing for active, on-the-go seniors.

Entrance Fees and Monthly Fees

Before establishing what the right option is for you, it’s important to know what each one entails financially. A rental senior living community may require a small up-front fee or security deposit, but it allows you to pay a month-to-month fee for your senior living apartment. This gives seniors the ability to enjoy a carefree retirement lifestyle without the hassles of homeownership – and without being locked into an extensive long-term contract.

A buy-in community requires an entrance fee. Often, this is a significant sum that is paid up front and may or may not be refundable when a resident moves out. This entrance fee is in addition to the regular monthly fee. Not only does a buy-in community have a large impact on your assets, but it also ties up your funds in up-front costs.

At a rental senior living community like Waterstone at the Circle, residents maintain control of their assets to use as they wish – whether that’s for traveling, investing or something else.


Rental senior living communities also typically provide more flexibility when it comes to the possibility of making a chance in the future. For example, if a resident chooses to make a move at Waterstone at the Circle, a 60 days’ notice can satisfy their lease, allowing them to move on their own terms.

When it comes to CCRCs and other buy-in communities, residents often must wait until their unit re-sells before they are able to recover any refundable portion of the initial entrance fee. In some cases, residents may lose a significant amount of their upfront fees if they choose to move.

Care Options

Some rental senior living communities offer access to on-site supportive care services in the event health needs change over time. Waterstone at the Circle partners with premier care providers to help ensure residents’ needs are met – and can be delivered in the comfort and privacy of residents’ apartments. This means residents never pay for care they do not, or may not ever, need.

Care in many buy-in communities often means being locked into care systems that are dictated by the CCRC itself. Essentially, residents are paying for a continuum of care that may be costly and one that they may never actually need. Sometimes in a buy-in community, residents who require assistance with activities of daily living may be asked to move to a different part of the community where that care is provided and couples may be separated when care needs no longer match.

So, Which Is the Best Option?

It’s important to do your research about both options to be sure you’re making the best choice for your personal situation. In any case, getting an inside look by making a personal visit to a senior living community can give you a more well-rounded view when deciding. While you’re touring, talk to team members and ask residents about their experiences.

Why do our residents choose Waterstone at the Circle? Ultimately, it comes down to the freedom to live the lifestyle they desire along with financial flexibility that a rental senior living community affords. Residents love The Circle because of the concierge-style services, impressive amenities, luxury floor plans, social opportunities, supportive care services and ideal location at the foot of Chestnut Hill.


For more information about Waterstone at the Circle, Boston’s premier independent living community for seniors 62 and over, contact us today.


Top Benefits of Independent Living

For active seniors looking for a carefree environment, an independent living community provides the life-enriching amenities and convenient services needed to help them live life to the fullest. Premier senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester offer the perfect setting for an exciting, wellness-focused lifestyle – complete with fun activities, socializing with friends and exploring new interests. All of this without the hassles that come along with homeownership.

Are you in the search for a retirement community that fits your lifestyle and preferences? Keep reading to explore some of the greatest benefits that independent living has to offer, including why retiring in White Plains, NY might be the move for you.

Top Benefits of Senior Independent Living

1. Maintenance-Free

Home maintenance is no longer a worry for seniors who reside in a senior living community. The outside of your new home is well-maintained by the team at your retirement community – from snow and leaf removal to mowing grass and pruning trees. Within your luxury independent living apartment, you never have to worry about broken appliances or a leaky faucet. We’ve got you covered. Plus, many senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester offer regular housekeeping services to help your home continue to look its best.

2. Simplified Finances

You can say goodbye to keeping track of household bills if you move into an independent living community. At Waterstone of Westchester, your monthly fee covers utilities, weekly housekeeping, gourmet meals, access to the fitness center and indoor pool – as well as all other community programs, events and five-star amenities and services.

3. Nutrition

High-quality, forward-thinking senior living dining programs are on the rise in the United States. Communities like Waterstone of Westchester offer an exquisite culinary experience, featuring freshly prepared, seasonal selections served with impeccable hospitality within our multiple dining venues. For those with special dietary needs, accommodations can be made by the chef.

4. Physical Fitness

It is common knowledge that physical health and fitness are key components to living a happy life. Physical fitness is often a focus for independent senior living communities, offering activities such as tai chi, walking clubs, yoga, stretching, strength training and more. At Waterstone of Westchester, wellness is our cornerstone. We offer a state-of-the-art fitness center, heated indoor pool and a mind-body studio staffed by personal trainers.

5. Scheduled Activities

Independent living communities are designed to provide an enriching lifestyle full of opportunities that appeal to a variety of interests. At Waterstone of Westchester, there is something for everyone – from lifelong learning and art classes to chef demonstrations and cultural programs. We also plan trips to local attractions and fun destinations.

6. Socialization

Whether it is scheduled games, book clubs or social hours, independent living offers the ideal setting and a wide range of opportunities to engage and connect with friends. Within a senior living community, new friendships wait just outside your door. Explore a new hobby. Take a yoga class. Go shopping with a friend. Enjoy a gourmet meal in the dining room. Join the conversation by the fire pit. It all awaits you at a luxury senior living community like Waterstone of Westchester.

7. Safety and Security

Not only does a senior living community provide you with security in terms of a plan for the future, but it also provides a range of other benefits such as 24-hour concierge services and safety measures throughout the community.

Waterstone of Westchester. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone of Westchester is a brand-new, premier independent living community in White Plains, NY. We’re close to exquisite shopping, fine dining and cultural attractions. Come visit our beautiful location and see how Waterstone puts wellness at the heart of our community.


10 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living in a senior living community can be a daunting process, especially if your parents have lived in their home for many years. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to streamline the transition to assisted living.

Once you and your loved one have decided it is the right time, there are several steps that you should take to prepare for a move to assisted living. Our tips below will cover the period leading up to the move and ways to help your loved one settle comfortably into their new home.

How To Prepare for the Move

1. Find a community that fits your loved one’s needs.
First, think about your loved one’s lifestyle, preferences and needs. Consider which amenities and services might be most important for your loved one – and which you might not need in a community. To avoid having to make a rushed decision due to a crisis or situation that requires an immediate move, start the process as early as possible. It’s never too early to start considering your options.

2. Visit communities to see them in person.
The best way to get to know a community is to visit it in person. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet the team – and even the current residents – to get firsthand insight into the lifestyle, care and services. Often, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a meal in the dining room or attend an event on campus. This will help you gauge what community will best fit with your loved one’s personality, interests and needs.

3. Prioritize as you help your loved one pack.
You don’t have to pack everything right away; prioritize the most important items first. You can organize the process by creating lists, such as items your loved one wants to take along to their new home or those to be passed down as a family heirloom. Another good tip is to start in one room – and then move on to the next. Focus on creating a plan for the bigger items first, and then work on putting smaller items into keep, donate or throw away piles. Try to break the process into simple, smaller tasks.

4. Take time to consider logistics.
If your loved one will be living in a new community, make a list of tasks to be completed such as canceling ongoing utilities and forwarding mail to their new community address from the postal service. Remember to update their new address with medical offices, insurance, financial institutions and social security.  The community where your loved one is moving can also be a great resource to help you with these logistical items.

5. Give your loved one time to adjust emotionally.
The transition to a senior living community can bring up a range of emotions for a senior loved one, especially when leaving a long-time family home. These feelings are completely normal when preparing to move to a new home. One of the best ways to overcome fears is to talk about them. Encourage your loved one to talk to family members and friends about the positives that come along with a move.

6. Give your loved ones a hand as they set up their new space.
Getting your loved ones used to their new living space is the best way to help them feel comfortable. Help them arrange their furniture and decorations in a way that they like. Finding the right place to display items that can make your loved ones feel at home.

Tips for the First Week in Senior Living

1. Encourage your loved one to meet their neighbors.

Your loved one will likely become good friends with their new neighbors, and you should encourage them to introduce themselves. At Waterstone at Wellesley, a Welcoming Committee is assigned to help residents adjust to community life. Ask if the community offers a similar program to support new residents.

2. Encourage your loved one to get to know the team.
One of the best ways for new residents to feel more at home is to get to know the team members who are there to support and care for them. Among the people your loved one will meet are the management team, nurses, dining staff, maintenance providers, the life enrichment team, and fitness instructors. Tell your loved one not to be afraid to ask any questions they may have about the community’s services – at any time. It is the job of the entire team to make your loved one feel comfortable.

3. Be sure to spend time with your loved one.
The first few weeks in the community are particularly crucial. Aim to visit your loved one regularly, if possible, to help encourage a smooth and healthy transition into the community. Your loved one will appreciate the support and knowledge that you are there for them. If you can’t visit, talk with the community team about regular calls, video chats or other ways you can support your loved one with the move from a distance.

4. Promote participation in community events.

Check out the social calendar for the community and find ways to get your loved one interested in attending the various social, cultural and educational events. Learning about the available amenities and getting to know other residents is a great way to start off. Encourage your loved one to start with activities they are sure to like – and then branch out from there. They may just discover a new favorite hobby!

Waterstone at Wellesley. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone at Wellesley offers independent living and assisted living options in beautiful Wellesley, along the banks of the Charles River.