9 Social Clubs for Seniors to Join

Retirement offers the opportunity to participate in clubs and social organizations, which can enhance your engagement, vitality, and social connections. Are you wondering what some of those clubs are and why you should join them? We’re diving into the benefits of these social clubs and outlining some of the most popular among older adults.

The Benefits of Clubs for Seniors

Before we look into the various clubs, it’s important to note that being socially active and engaged has many advantages. If you’re thinking about joining a club but haven’t yet, you could be missing out on great benefits.

Clubs and social groups:

  • Help seniors stay connected
  • Can broaden older adults’ social networks
  • Inspire active aging
  • Decrease isolation, depression and loneliness
  • Give friends and family peace of mind
  • Provide an opportunity to pursue passions
  • Enhance sense of belonging, purpose and community

1. Book Clubs

Book lovers unite at these special groups tailored to readers. Whether you’re a lover of historical fiction, romance, fantasy or just the latest novels, there’s sure to be a book club that’s perfect for you. In fact, many retirement communities offer book clubs run by residents. If yours doesn’t, it’s the perfect time to start one of your own, or you can join a virtual book club!

2. The Red Hat Society

Chances are, you either know about them or you’ve seen them. After all, is there anything more identifiable than the tell-tale red hats and purple dresses of The Red Hat Society? This group is for those of a membership age of 50 or above. Those under 50 can also join, but don lavender outfits and pink hats.

If you’re wondering what this club does, the heart of it is giving women a chance to define themselves and have fun together. Learn more about Red Hatters here.

3. Card or Board Game Groups

Socialization can definitely be all fun and games when it’s a game group you’re joining! Create your own card, board game or trivia group and play your way to a richer, more active social life. Consider creating or joining one of the groups that Waterstone at Wellesley offers.

  • Bingo
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Long Word/Short Word
  • Text Twist

4. AmeriCorps Seniors

If you love volunteering and are 55 or older, this is the perfect group for you. AmeriCorps Seniors match older adults with service opportunities via their partner organizations, all so you can help make a difference. Some of their most prevalent programs include the Foster Grandparent Program and the Senior Companion Program.

5. Gardening Clubs

Whether you love getting your hands dirty, tending to plants, viewing them or learning about them, gardening is the perfect way to enjoy it all. Even better, you can learn from friends, discover new gardening techniques and provide your own expertise while getting a little added exercise. Fun fact: gardening is also great for reducing feelings of stress!

6. SilverSneakers

There are plenty of seniors who are looking to live an active retirement lifestyle, and for older adults age 65 plus, their Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plan may include SilverSneakers. Offering both virtual and community classes, this can be a good way to socialize and get fit.

Senior living communities like Waterstone at Wellesley offer fitness, exercise and wellness opportunities. These include walking groups, fitness classes, aquatic exercise, personal training sessions and more.

7. Craft and Hobby Clubs and Classes

Do you have a passion for a certain hobby? Find a social club that coincides with it. This can include, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Knitting clubs
  • Watercolor classes
  • Short story groups
  • Jewelry-making classes
  • Film groups

Waterstone at Wellesley provides many of these social groups and classes to help residents pursue their passions and interests.

8. American Birding Association

Is bird watching your passion? The American Birding Association group is perfect for you to join. You can connect in-person, on online forums and in groups. If there’s not a group near you, start one with new friends and show your support from afar.

9. Lifelong Learning Groups

There are plenty of ways to continue the pursuit of lifelong learning. Whether you’re taking classes at a local college or university, traveling to various community events or seeking out knowledge in various meetup groups, lifelong learning comes with great benefits.

At Waterstone at Wellesley, some options of groups, clubs and events include:

  • Current conversations
  • Educational lectures
  • Film talks
  • Cultural performances
  • Music groups

Keeping Seniors Socially Connected at Waterstone at Wellesley

Living in a senior community like ours means you can be social and make friends – right in your own home. Contact us today to learn more about our lifestyle.


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