How To Get the Most Out of Your Doctor Visit

Full waiting room, quiet exam room, a quick 15-minute chat with the doctor, and you’re on your way. You only have a limited amount of time with your doctor, so how can you make the most of the time you do have? We’re making it easy to find out with our expert tips to help you maximize your doctor appointments.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Doctor Visits

Write out questions prior to your appointment, and bring your list.

This is important for two reasons: One, it’s easy to forget the things you want to ask or are curious about. Two, it’s easy to feel rushed, which can make you skip out on your list of questions, possibly missing something important.

Having your list with you will help prevent you from forgetting in the moment, all while ensuring you leave nothing necessary out.

Arrive early to your doctor’s office.

Sometimes your doctor’s office will want you to share your health history ahead of time. They may also need to look up your medical records if you’re coming from a different healthcare provider. Arriving early can help give you time to fill out necessary forms and paperwork without being rushed.

Keep an eye on the time.

A doctor only has so much time to talk with you, so make sure you’re sticking to the topics you’re there to discuss and asking the most important questions first. If you know it’s likely you have more questions than can be answered during your normal appointment slot, ask if you can schedule a longer appointment next time.

Be honest with your doctor.

If you are at your doctor’s office for a physical exam, be honest with them about your health concerns.

If you’d like to enhance your health, be upfront about that. If you’re dealing with some health issues, don’t ignore them. If they ask you a question, don’t skirt around the truth; they’re there to help you and want to know about any health concerns you have.

Take notes.

As your doctor chats with you, take notes so your family members can remain in the loop as well. Ask your doctor to repeat anything if necessary for you to be clear about what they’re saying.

Ask for resources.

If you’re diagnosed with a health condition, like high blood pressure, heart disease, or another ailment, ask for resources. These can help you manage your conditions or learn what you can do to stay healthy. Often, doctors will provide this to you, along with a list of instructions, but if they don’t, it’s a good idea to ask for it.

Follow up with questions.

If you have questions after your appointment, perhaps about blood work, test results, or medication side effects, don’t be afraid to follow up. It often takes a quick phone call or email to get the answers you need, so make it a point to do so if you feel you need more information.


To learn more about how to get the most out of your doctor visits, or to see how our lifestyle can enhance your health, schedule a visit today.


There are many reasons to choose Waterstone of Lexington as your new home. With independent living and assisted living on site, you’ll have access to convenient amenities, wellness-focused services, and a truly exceptional lifestyle. Schedule a visit to learn why Waterstone of Lexington might be the right senior living community for you.


How Waterstone Helps Seniors Avoid the Winter Blues

The winter blues are something many people deal with, often beginning during the dreary days of fall and winter months. But how can you melt them away? At Waterstone of Lexington, we make it simple for older adults to thrive all year round, even when the weather outside is gloomy. Read on to find out how you can escape the winter blues with Waterstone.

Techniques To Beat the Winter Blues

Increase Social Interaction

Many of us are no stranger to the fact that spending time with friends, family, and even acquaintances can boost our mood, enhance mental health, and add a little extra joy to our days. Whether you remain involved in your favorite social groups, connect virtually with those you love, schedule weekly get-togethers with friends, or take up a new hobby to make new friends, the benefits can be far-reaching.

At Waterstone of Lexington, our residents know it best. Each day, there’s something new to enjoy. From residents challenging each other in our game room to meeting in Buckman’s Tavern to enjoying regularly scheduled social and recreational programs, the winter blues and isolation are faraway problems for those who live here.

Even better, though, is that everything you need to connect with others is just outside your apartment door – meaning no need to brave the cold or dreary winter weather.

Increase Physical Activity

Staying active also boosts your mood, decreases depression, and enhances energy levels. While others may need to join a gym or do home workouts, our residents never need to get a gym membership because their gym is located right inside our community. Here, the options for integrative wellness are endless, with an indoor heated pool and fitness center staffed by professional fitness and aquatic instructors, a mind-body studio, a range of fitness classes, and outdoor walking paths providing access to natural light to improve circadian rhythms and boost moods.

Eat Healthy

Eating the right foods can decrease your likelihood of experiencing the winter blues. You should aim to eat fish around three to five times a week if possible, consume a variety of fruits and vegetables, enjoy some berries, and yes, even savor some dark chocolate.

At Waterstone of Lexington, our culinary team creates nutritious and exceptionally delicious meals tailored to our residents’ needs. With anytime dining at our restaurant, seasonal menus featuring distinctive meals, a juice bar for those on the go, dining is a delight.

Engage the Mind

Warming up your mind can help to make this season feel less dreary. Instead of feeling blue about the lack of outdoor activities, warm weather and fun, make the most of the things you can do inside.

At Waterstone of Lexington, residents engage in our cultural and educational programming, attend stimulating lectures, use our maker space, view shows in the media room and movie theater, and more.

Now is when residents like to plan ahead for warmer weather, too. Whether they’re figuring out what they’ll plant in the garden this year, which trips they’d like to take with new friends, or where they’d like to explore, it’s a great way to bring a little excitement for the spring to come.

When Winter Blues Don’t Melt Away

If you’re finding that your winter blues are simply too difficult to shake, it’s important to talk with a doctor. It’s possible it could be seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or another health condition. Your doctor will be able to offer ways to help, possibly including light therapy or medication.

If it’s difficult for you to get to a doctor, Waterstone can help with that, too. With scheduled transportation, you won’t need to worry about driving in bad weather. You can also take advantage of our Wellness and Telemedicine Suite. These are just some of the many ways we can help make winter even easier, helping you enjoy it just a little bit more.

Feel the Warmth of Waterstone

Have you had enough of the cold winter? Trade in your winter blues for a life of warmth, engagement and fun at Waterstone. To learn more or to experience our lifestyle for yourself, schedule a visit today.


Waterstone of Lexington offers a modern approach to retirement living in a historical setting with concierge services and impressive amenities. Come see how we redefine independent living and assisted living with a visit today.

Have you decided enough is enough with household chores, home maintenance, isolation and boredom? If so, a retirement community might just be what you’re looking for. If you choose your retirement location wisely, you can say goodbye to all these hassles and even more.

Among all the senior living options – from independent living and assisted living communities to Continuing Care Retirement Communities and long-term skilled nursing communities, where do you start? Independent, active seniors often opt for independent living communities, which offer a full, enriching lifestyle. Many of these communities, like Waterstone of Lexington, also offer dedicated care and support, giving seniors the best of both worlds along with confidence for the future.

Of these independent retirement communities, how do you choose which is best for you? If you’re not sure, Waterstone of Lexington is here to help with tips on choosing the right retirement community for you.

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Retirement Community

Step 1 | Identify what you’re looking for.

Many older adults ponder what type of senior living community they’d like to live in far before actually making a move. If you’re among these seniors who have planned for life at a senior living community, you may already have a list of what you’re looking for. If you don’t have an idea of what you’d prefer, consider these points.


Do you prefer to live in a beautiful setting, but still close to a city where there are plenty of things to do? If your ideal retirement community offers a range of on-site and off-site programs and activities, Waterstone of Lexington might be perfect for you.


Days within retirement communities should be full of engaging programming, wellness opportunities, and fun social events. At Waterstone of Lexington, this is certainly the case! Our calendar is full of social, cultural and recreational programs designed with our residents’ preferences in mind.


Dining options should be something you savor. At Waterstone of Lexington, it’s always a delight. Learn more about our exquisite dining experience featuring chef-prepared, seasonal meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Step 2 | Consider your current and future needs.

If you’re searching for a community where you can receive the care you’ll need as you age, you’ll want to be sure to choose one that offers a range of supportive services. Communities like Waterstone of Lexington offer personal care assistance and support in our assisted living community, and even memory care in a separate building on our campus, Bridges by EPOCH at Lexington.

Step 3 | Schedule tours.

Once you’ve honed in on what you want, and what you could need in the future, schedule tours of senior living options that offer as many items as possible on your list.

During your tour, ask plenty of questions, like:

  • What do residents’ days look like?
  • What is included in your lifestyle?
  • Are care options available?
  • How do your programs and services enrich the lives of your residents each day?

As you visit, remember to talk with residents, families and team members to hear their thoughts as well.

Step 4 | Narrow down your choices.

After your tours, evaluate how each community made you feel. If a specific tour of a community left you with a good first impression and joy, it might be a sign you’ve found a good community for you.

To evaluate which communities you should continue exploring, ask to visit again, and see whether you can try some programs, attend their events, and even enjoy a meal. It may also help to show up unexpectedly, which will give you a deeper look into the lifestyle you may be choosing. Then, based on your experiences, narrow your choices down.

Step 5 | Make your decision or start again.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you should be left with one final step: choosing the senior living community that is the best fit for you, or starting over. If you’ve made a firm decision, contact your chosen community to begin the process and find out what’s next.

If finding the right senior living community didn’t happen this time around, consider why this is the case. Use those answers to reevaluate and restart the process when you’re ready to dive into the senior living search again.


There are many reasons to choose Waterstone of Lexington as your new home. Convenient location is only part of the equation. With independent living and assisted living on site, as well as memory care by the experts at Bridges, you’ll have access to convenient amenities, wellness-focused services, and a truly exceptional lifestyle. Schedule a visit to learn why Waterstone of Lexington might be the right senior living community for you.


Comparing Independent Living and Assisted Living

Is it possible for two different senior living options to offer engaging lifestyles, enriching amenities, and programs tailored to resident interests? Though it may sound like it’s too good to be true, it’s not. In fact, it’s even better, with one of these options even providing the added benefit of customized care and support. We’re talking about independent living and assisted living at Waterstone of Lexington.

To better understand each of these offerings, we need to take a deep dive into their similarities and differences. Then, you’ll discover how both of these senior living options can make life even better for older adults who choose to move.

Digging into the similarities and differences of independent living and assisted living.

If you or a loved one have been considering senior living options, you may be wondering which lifestyle is best for your situation. Below we will share what you can expect from each living option while answering some of the most common questions we receive.

Who takes advantage of independent living and assisted living?

When you stack up independent living vs. assisted living, you’ll find that those who choose each service aren’t really that different. Anyone who chooses these services can experience an engaging and enriching senior lifestyle with access to a range of services and amenities to enhance life each day. But, since the question is who takes advantage of each, we’ll narrow it down more.

Older adults who choose independent living are those who:

  • Live independently, often with no additional or minimal care support
  • Look forward to the possibilities and social opportunities retirement communities offer
  • Enjoy living worry-free with services designed to eliminate daily chores and the hassles of homeownership
  • Desire a plan in place for the future in the event care needs change

Seniors who choose assisted living want:

  • Privacy and independence but without support close at hand
  • Personalized assistance with activities of daily living
  • A vibrant lifestyle with daily activities and events
  • Peace of mind of health care services nearby

What does independent living offer?

While we gave a little insight into this above, there is much more to senior living communities than meets the eye. This is especially true at Waterstone of Lexington. What can you expect from our independent living community?

  • Beautiful apartments with refined details, featuring a range of floor plan options
  • Luxurious common areas for activities and socialization
  • Compelling social, cultural and recreational programs
  • Dynamic social events and outings
  • Exquisite anytime dining
  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Personal training plans and group fitness classes by Train Boston®
  • Mind-body studio and juice bar
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Full-service salon
  • On-site concierge
  • Private underground parking
  • Outdoor nature paths

If support becomes necessary, we also offer an on-site coordinated care program for our independent living residents, where our premier care partners provide services in the comfort of residents’ private apartments.

  • Personalized care consultations
  • Daily planning
  • Home health coordination
  • Medication management
  • On-site geriatric primary and specialty care services
  • Routine wellness visits
  • An experienced staff trained to navigate your healthcare needs
  • Overnight support staff

It is important to note that some independent living communities may offer far less than this, so when considering your or your loved one’s options, be sure to evaluate wants and needs to ensure you’re choosing the right lifestyle for now –  and for the future.

What does assisted living offer?

Assisted living offers access to the same enriching Waterstone lifestyle that independent living residents enjoy – but it comes with more. Here, residents also benefit from:

  • Well-designed, private apartments with a choice of floor plans
  • Comprehensive, customized care plans
  • Support delivered by our attentive team
  • Personalized support with activities of daily living
  • Customized wellness programs
  • Coordination with ancillary providers
  • Programs, activities and events
  • Three chef-prepared meals daily
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Transportation services

How do costs differ?

This can depend on what type of lifestyle you’re searching for. While it’s true that assisted living often costs slightly more because of the added aspect of care, we also make senior living more flexible.

At Waterstone of Lexington, our independent and assisted living community is rental only, meaning you or your loved one won’t need to worry about:

  • Paying for steep entrance fees to access independent living
  • Paying for unused assisted living care – until it’s needed
  • Being locked into a contract

This is often the perfect choice for seniors, no matter what level of care they require.

When is a senior community right for myself or a loved one?

For many older adults, this is a deeply personal subject, and the truth is, it depends. For some seniors, they’re ready to move right now, taking in as many of the programs, services, amenities and learning opportunities as they can. They may also love knowing the community they choose has care available, if it becomes a necessity. For others, they aren’t ready to make a move until they need extra support or personal care to continue living the lifestyle they love.

At Waterstone of Lexington, we typically suggest moving as soon as possible. This is so residents can:

  • Get accustomed to their new lifestyle
  • Explore everything we have to offer without limitations
  • Enjoy all our active lifestyle provides before care is needed
  • Make new friends and meet like-minded individuals
  • Experience the support that’s needed as soon as it’s needed, without having to seek out care during an emergency

We’ve only brushed the surface.

You can learn more about independent living and assisted living at Waterstone of Lexington by scheduling a visit. If you’re interested in memory care for a family member with memory loss, our sister community, Bridges by EPOCH at Lexington, can provide the right level of care to suit their needs, too.

Experience our lifestyle for yourself and see why so many others have made a move today.


Waterstone of Lexington offers a modern approach to retirement living in a historical setting with concierge services and impressive amenities. Come see how we redefine independent living and assisted living with a visit today.


Why Lexington Offers the Ideal Retirement Location

There are many qualities that go into making a senior living community a great place to live. Among them are convenience, the number of things to do, social opportunities, and access to healthcare services. All this and more make Waterstone of Lexington, offering senior living in Lexington, Massachusetts, stand out from the rest as an ideal retirement location.

Discover how our location can help you embrace all that retirement has to offer.

10 Benefits of Living in Lexington, Massachusetts

1 | There is a rich history.

American history buffs are in for a treat in Lexington. On April 19, 1775, the first armed conflict of the American Revolution occurred. This was also known as the Battles of Lexington and Concord, where Paul Revere and other riders sounded the alarm. With a number of attractions and tours, visitors can experience Lexington’s historic sites, like the:

  • Lexington Battle Green where you can see the Minute Man National Historic Landmark
  • Liberty Ride Trolley Tour
  • Buckman Tavern
  • Hancock-Clarke House
  • Munroe Tavern
  • National Heritage Museum

This makes Lexington one of the best places to share with grandkids and family members alike. If you’re planning your visit, check out the Visitors Center for everything you need to know.

2 | Cultural events are always occurring.

Whether the arts, music, theater or museums are your thing, there are plenty of ways to enjoy them all in Lexington. Enjoy the Lexington Symphony, catch a movie at Lexington Venue, see The Lexington Players or The Master Singers of Lexington, check out the Lexington Arts & Crafts Society, or visit the Munroe Center for the Arts. No matter your interests or your age group, there’s truly something for everyone here.

3 | There are plenty of seasonal events.

Whether your grandkids are visiting, you want to enjoy an event with family, or you and your friends want to have an afternoon out, Lexington’s seasonal events are a great place to start.

  • Adult events and programs
  • Winter sports
  • Holiday season attractions
  • Revolutionary Revelry festival
  • Yearly sports lessons and camps during summer

4 | Dining is a delight.

What are you hungry for? With a range of restaurants, there’s something to tantalize anyone’s taste buds. Choose from simple soups, salads and subs, or savor pizza, pasta dishes and more. For those who just want a quick bite, there are plenty of ice cream shops, delis and cafes.

5 | Many one-of-a-kind shops are present.

Seniors who are searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, or something to treat themselves with, can choose from a range of specialty shops in Lexington. From jewelry and antiques to clothing and more, you’re sure to find something that’s right for the occasion.

6 | You can enjoy the beauty of nature.

With an array of open spaces, conservation land and trails, including the Battle Road Trail, nature lovers can surround themselves with all the beauty our area offers.

7 | Recreational opportunities abound.

From town parks and playgrounds to sports facilities and more, our town operates several public recreational opportunities. With everything from bike routes and fitness and nature paths to tennis courts and golf, active seniors can enjoy the outdoors. When grandkids visit, the playgrounds and tot lots are the perfect places to play.

8 | Education is excellent.

Did you know that Lexington boasts the first public teaching college in the United States? The Lexington Normal School, now Framingham State University, was established in 1893. Lexington also puts you close to Harvard and MIT.

9 | You’ll enjoy easy access to Boston and beyond.

Whether you’d like to stay near Lexington or would prefer to travel to Boston and farther, our location makes it easy. Take a day and explore the restaurants, retailers and attractions of Boston, attend the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and say hello to your friends at Waterstone at the Circle!

10 | A bustling community awaits just outside your apartment door – with healthcare.

Although there are a ton of things to do in Lexington, MA, seniors have access to another engaging community within our doors. Enjoy a lifestyle offering its own enriching programs, social opportunities and delicious dining.

Here, you’ll also have access to healthcare, with assisted living on site and memory care at Bridges® by EPOCH if the need arises – ensuring you can remain in the location you love, among all you enjoy.

Get an inside look at Waterstone of Lexington.

If you’d like to experience all the things to do at Waterstone of Lexington, we’d be happy to help. Join us for an upcoming event, or schedule a visit to talk with a member of our team today.

Welcome to luxury living in Lexington.

There are many reasons to choose Waterstone of Lexington as your new home. Convenient location is only part of the equation. With independent living, assisted living and memory care, you’ll have access to convenient amenities, wellness-focused services, and exceptional care. Learn more about our new community today.

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting held for luxury senior living community with Independent Living and Assisted Living

L to R: Debora Pfaff, CFO, Epoch Senior Living; Joanna Cormac-Burt, COO Epoch Senior Living; Lexington Select Board Chair Jill Hai; Laurence Gerber, President and CEO Epoch Senior Living; Arzu LeBlanc, Executive Director, Waterstone of Lexington; Ted Tye, Managing Partner, National Development; Raymond L’heureux, Senior Advisor, Waterstone of Lexington; Kevin Christie of Cranshaw Construction and Steve Senna of National Development.

LEXINGTON, MA (October 27, 2022) – Executives from EPOCH Senior Living and National Development joined with Lexington Select Board Chair Jill Hai and local residents on October 27 to celebrate the Grand Opening of Waterstone of Lexington.

Located at 53-55 Watertown Street, Waterstone of Lexington is a luxury senior living community featuring independent and assisted living residences in an idyllic wooded setting overlooking the Belmont Country Club.

“We are excited to celebrate the Grand Opening of Waterstone of Lexington. It is truly a unique community offering a continuum of care campus with accommodations for the most active to those who need additional support,” said Laurence Gerber, President and CEO of Epoch Senior Living. “After almost four years from initial conceptualization to a completed project, we are very proud to bring luxury senior living to Lexington that is unmatched in the industry.’’

Ted Tye, Managing Partner, National Development, said the opening of Waterstone of Lexington represented a major achievement for National Development.

“Waterstone of Lexington represents the best-in-class in the Boston area and a culmination of our 25 years of building senior communities,’’ said Tye. “We have provided a building that has incredible amenities and spacious well-designed apartments.  The mid-century modern design is inspired by the architecture of Lexington.  The wooded setting along Belmont Country Club is perfect for this new senior community.’’

Hai said, “We are excited that Waterstone brings to Lexington a new housing option for our seniors, addressing a need for a more diverse housing in town and a new way for long-time residents to down-size while remaining in our community.  Lexington is also excited to welcome all of the new residents and we hope they will take full advantage of all our community has to offer, from our library to our community center and conservation lands and so much more.”

Waterstone of Lexington features 114 independent living residences and 40 assisted living residences, distinct but interconnected in a 215,000-square-foot complex. Both the independent living and assisted living residences feature luxury finishes, open and airy layouts, full bathrooms, walk-in closets, and high-end designer kitchens with stainless steel appliances.

Waterstone of Lexington offers an impressive array of lifestyle amenities and services including

  • indoor heated pool
  • fitness center and a Mind & Body Studio staffed with fitness professionals
  • salon
  • on-site restaurant with anytime dining and outdoor seating
  •  media room & theater
  • community room for educational lectures and events
  • wellness center with built in telemedicine and video conferencing technology
  • library
  • putting green
  • open courtyard with outdoor kitchen and firepit
  • raised planting gardens
  • pet-friendly accommodations
  • 24-hour concierge
  • weekly housekeeping with linen service
  • car transportation
  • private underground parking.

The beautifully landscaped 17.5-acre campus features walking trails and gardens in a woodland setting abutting conservation areas and Belmont Country Club’s golf course.

As part of the continuum of care there is a separate memory care community, Bridges by Epoch at Lexington, a 45,000-square-foot building located opposite from the independent and assisted living residences at 56 Watertown Street.

Waterstone of Lexington is the latest best-in-class senior living community created by leaders in the field. EPOCH Senior Living is the owner/operator and National Development is the owner/developer. EPOCH Senior Living operates 16 senior living communities in the Northeast.

For more information about Waterstone of Lexington, visit www.waterstoneoflexington.com or call 781-839-9850.

As seniors age, there comes a time they may need additional support with activities of daily living. While some older adults and adult children consider home care, many opt for senior care options like an assisted living community.

If you are trying to find ways to encourage a move to senior living for your parent, we’re here to help. Below you will find some of the top reasons seniors put off a move to assisted living and ways you can support them.

Your Guide to Encouraging Assisted Living for Aging Parents: Reasons They May Avoid a Move

Reason 1 | They Have Negative Perceptions.

Many seniors view assisted living communities like the nursing homes of the past. However, they are now far from the hospital-like environments they used to be. In fact, they offer so much more than just healthcare. Show your loved one what assisted living communities are like now by scheduling a visit to experience it firsthand.

As you both discover the enriching lifestyle, chat with residents, meet team members, and see what assisted living has to offer, you’ll easily bust the myths and the negative perceptions your loved one may have about assisted living.

Reason 2 | They Fear a Loss of Independence.

Some seniors may fear a loss of independence when moving to assisted living. After making a move, however, many seniors and their family members express that they wish they had done so sooner. This is often because with the right amount of support, seniors thrive with a full lifestyle, new friends and convenient amenities just outside their door.

If your mom or dad is still worried about a loss of independence, or that they won’t be able to be as active as they once were, sharing how a move can benefit them may help. Some of these advantages include:

  • Access to support when needed
  • Maintenance-free lifestyle
  • Ability to create their own schedule
  • Daily programs, clubs and events
  • Gourmet meals with fresh, seasonal selections
  • More time to focus on activities they want to pursue

Reason 3 | They Want to Remain at Home.

There are a couple of reasons your parents may want to stay in their home. For example, your mom or dad may not want to move because they raised their families there and it houses many of their positive memories. They may not want to leave behind neighbors they have gotten to know well over the years, or they may simply be afraid to step outside their comfort zone and leave their home for something unknown.

While these reasons are valid and understandable, it is important to share how their future may be impacted by remaining at home. Some helpful points may include:

  • What staying at home may cost, including maintenance, taxes, repairs, and alterations to allow for aging in place
  • Who will be available to care for them, and what happens when needs increase
  • How the costs of 24-hour at home care compare to moving to an assisted living facility
  • What happens if they have a sudden health emergency and support at home isn’t available

If their decision not to move is more about the fact they have an emotional attachment to their home, share how memories aren’t tied to the house and instead are in their heart. It can help to spend some time with them taking photographs of spaces within the home that hold their most treasured memories. Write the memories down in a photo album so they can preserve them while having a physical reminder.

Reason 4 | They Prefer to Wait.

Sometimes aging parents are willing to move to senior housing but only when they feel it’s truly needed. It’s also possible they may not want to admit they need more help, or they feel guilty putting the burden of moving on you. This can be detrimental for various reasons:

  • Waiting to move can limit your loved one’s ability to make the decision on their own
  • If care needs increase, you may need to make the decision, or you parent may be rushed to choose
  • It lessens time to explore options that suit them best
  • You may be overwhelmed without adequate support
  • Your parent may not be able to enjoy the community before health changes occur

Remind your loved one that one of the greatest benefits of moving to senior living is getting to take advantage of all the community has to offer – from convenient amenities and engaging programs to new friends and a dedicated staff ready to serve. If your loved one waits until their health is compromised, they may not be able to fully enjoy all that a community like Waterstone of Lexington has to offer.

Reason 5 | They’re Anxious.

Your mom or dad may be nervous about making a move, meeting new people, making new friends, fitting in, and feeling at home. To help them feel more comfortable:

  • Visit the community often prior to moving
  • Attend programs ahead of time, giving them the opportunity to make friends
  • Talk to the life enrichment team, who can share activities and events that may interest your loved one
  • Make their space look as much like home as possible

How To Begin the Conversation About Assisted Living

If it’s time to start this conversation with your parents, you’ll want to make sure you’re well educated and prepared. Try these tips:

  • Make sure the mood is pleasant
  • Don’t tell them what to do; simply share your observations about their living situation
  • Express your love and concern
  • Explain how senior living could enhance their lifestyle
  • Let them know you’ll feel better knowing they’ll receive support when needed
  • Listen to their concerns and share your own feelings
  • Talk with their family, friends, faith leaders and doctor, and ask them to assist with the conversation if needed

We’re Here for You and Your Loved One Through Every Step of the Transition to Assisted Living

At Waterstone of Lexington, we are always here to support you and your parents. For more advice on how to encourage a senior to move to assisted living, contact us or schedule a visit today.

If your loved one has already decided to make a move to a retirement community and you’re searching for resources on how to best prepare, check out our recent blog on preparing a loved one for a move to assisted living.


Waterstone of Lexington is opening soon and will offer a modern approach to retirement living in a historical setting with concierge services and impressive amenities. Come see how we redefine independent living and assisted living with a visit today.

A significant majority of adults live within 30 miles of their nearest senior parent or adult child. This amounts to 74.8% to be exact – according to a study on spatial distance between parents and adult children. With more and more older adults remaining single and/or childless, however, it’s not always the case that family members are close by to provide support for aging parents.

No matter which of these is the case for you, it’s important to ensure you’ve got an adequate support system in place to ensure a smooth, healthy retirement and confidence for what the future will bring.

Benefits of Support Systems for Older Adults

Whether you’re dealing with the typical issues of aging and need someone to talk to, looking for additional social interaction, considering a plan should you need help in the future, or simply wanting to grow your inner circle, building a support system can help. And that’s not all – support systems can also provide long-term benefits, including:

  • Prevention of loneliness
  • Availability for support and a hand to help when needed
  • Improved health and wellness
  • Increased feelings of connection
  • The security of someone checking in on you during emergencies or bad weather

How To Create Your Senior Support System

In order to enjoy the benefits of having a support system in place, it’s crucial to get started early. Try some of these tips to create connections and form your support system.

  • Nurture existing relationships with your friends and family or look for ways to build stronger connections with others
  • Use social media and technology to connect with family and friends from afar
  • Find ways to make new friends by joining clubs, attending groups, or seeking out opportunities you’re interested in
  • Join a regularly scheduled support group created for seniors
  • Pursue lifelong learning opportunities that may be available locally

Many seniors find that joining a senior center helps. However, there may come a time when they are unable to attend because of health needs, causing them to need the support of home care.

Although this is an option, senior living communities can offer even more possibilities when it comes to care, connection, and support-system creation.

Ways Senior Living Can Help

For those who may not have many family and friends nearby or lack a strong community connection, building a support system may seem difficult. That’s where a senior living community like Waterstone of Lexington can provide distinct advantages when searching for support for the future.

Each day, our lifestyle will provide everything needed to enhance your retirement and provide peace of mind for the future. Let us be your support system by providing:

  • A caring team on hand to provide supportive services and healthcare should they ever be needed
  • Amenities and high-touch services to provide convenience at your fingertips
  • Friends and neighbors just outside your door
  • An abundance of social activities and programs to keep you involved and meeting new people
  • Special events and outings to foster a sense of community and further develop friendships
  • Opportunities to enhance physical and mental health as well as quality of life

These are just a few of the many reasons seniors choose a community-based lifestyle during retirement planning and building a future support system. To learn more or to discover the Waterstone lifestyle for yourself, schedule a visit to speak to our Senior Advisor today.


Opening October 2022, Waterstone of Lexington will offer an active retirement lifestyle and customized assisted living services. Located in an adjacent building, memory care by Bridges® is available for those with memory loss.


Helpful Travel Tips for Seniors

Travel can do a lot for us – it can enable us to see our families and friends, it can satisfy our need for adventure, or it can provide us with opportunities to learn and grow. For this reason, many seniors want to continue traveling as much as they can.

If you are planning to travel this summer and beyond, these tips can help make your journeys go smoothly – before you reach your destination and after.

Preparing for Travel This Summer – and Beyond

For many seniors, travel preparation is the hardest part of vacation planning. Whether you’re exploring the beauty that exists in the United States or are going on a tour of Asia, Africa, or even a guided tour of Europe, the good news is that basic travel preparation needs will remain similar. Before getting overwhelmed with all there is to do prior to your travel plans, check these items off your list.

Visit your healthcare provider

Prior to traveling, schedule a visit with your primary doctor so they can:

  • Discuss any necessary travel precautions
  • Evaluate your health and wellness
  • Update any vaccinations
  • Prescribe supplements beneficial to your travels
  • Assess your medications and times you should take them according to time zone

Make copies

When traveling, it’s a good idea to make additional copies of important documents. Consider making two copies of:

  • Passports
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Insurance cards
  • Tickets and boarding passes

Prepare emergency information

Keep your health provider’s contact information and a detailed list of allergies and medications with you. This sheet should include:

  • All prescribed and over-the-counter medications
  • What each medication is for
  • Medication dosage and times they should be taken
  • How to take them – with food or without
  • Medication, food or other allergies

Keep two copies of this information with you – one that’s with you on hand, and one in your suitcase.

Consider travel insurance

Many seniors prefer to purchase travel insurance in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. This can help cover the costs of:

  • Delayed or interrupted travel
  • Lost luggage
  • Medical emergencies

Plans may vary, so if you’re considering this, be sure to learn what they cover prior to purchasing and traveling.

Tips for Traveling

Packing Pointers

  • Pack as light as possible
  • Make navigation easier with roller bags
  • Carry medications with you in their original containers for easy identification
  • Keep at least one outfit and your most necessary items with you

Helpful Hints for Air Travel

  • Book a nonstop flight to avoid a missed plane connection
  • Alert the airline of accommodations you may need ahead of time
  • Be ready to share any medical conditions that may set off alarms, like implants or prosthetics
  • Take frequent breaks to stretch or get some physical activity after a long flight
  • Drink plenty of water, as low humidity on planes can dehydrate during an already hot summertime

Overseas Adventure Travel Advice

  • Be sure your phone allows international calling, or see if it can be activated
  • Alert your bank and credit card companies where you’ll be during your trips
  • Learn the basics of the language where you’re visiting, if needed
  • Consider a reputable tour guide; try small group travel or senior group tours

Additional Tips for Senior Travel Success

  • Do not announce that you’re leaving – for home and personal security
  • Have friends check your home, get your mail, and water plants
  • Give yourself time to rest, relax, and build up your energy levels after jet lag
  • Avoid nighttime travel and read up on scams
  • Keep valuables out of eyesight
  • Check for age-related discounts

Be a Tourist in Your Local Area with a Staycation or Day Trip

If you don’t plan on traveling this summer, you can still enjoy adventures and new experiences right where you are living. In fact, some of the best vacations, hidden gems and special moments can be experienced right where you are – or nearby.

  • Get outdoors and explore your area’s parks
  • Plan a road trip to explore national parks close to you
  • Become your grandchildren’s ‘professional travel guide’ and show them around your favorite local places
  • Research companies designed to provide senior travel experiences, like Road Scholar
  • Participate in a world tour through food, trying a new restaurant or dish each time

Make Every Day Feel Like Vacation

At Waterstone of Lexington, we will provide a range of programs, cultural opportunities, events, and trips that will foster your love of travel and exploration. Whether on campus or throughout our local area, there will always be something to enjoy.

If you prefer to pack up and go wherever you choose, Waterstone of Lexington will make it simple to travel. Enjoy being free from worries about who is watching your home, taking care of your plants, or mowing the lawn; instead, travel with ease.

If you’re ready to set off on a new adventure, discover our lifestyle for yourself by visiting our website or scheduling a tour today.


Opening in fall 2022, Waterstone of Lexington will offer an active retirement lifestyle and customized assisted living services.

For many older adults and family members, the time may eventually come to discuss a move to a senior living or assisted living community. Whether the move is for enhanced social opportunities or additional levels of care, it can be a difficult conversation to have. For some, they may look forward to a move immensely; for other older adults, it may take significant consideration, making it a slower process. Either way, however, many find they wish they’d made a move sooner.

Signs It’s Time to Make a Move to an Assisted Living Community

Are you wondering if it’s time for your loved one to make a move to assisted living? Check out these signs that a move may be beneficial:

  • Your loved one needs support with activities of daily living, like dressing, bathing or medication management.
  • They are feeling isolated in their own home.
  • The search for home care is becoming exhausting.
  • Your loved one requires more support than you can provide at home.
  • They prefer to receive care from someone who is not a family member.

Preparing for a Move to Assisted Living: Tips To Support a Loved One

How can you best prepare a loved one for a move to assisted living? First, it’s important to realize it’s a process that requires preparation before the move, during the move and even afterward. Try our tips to help guide you through every step of the journey.

Before the Move

If you are going to be talking to a loved one about moving to an assisted living community, it’s a good idea to gauge their interest first. Use their answers to the questions below to guide your conversation. Be respectful of their thoughts and opinions, but also remember to be honest about your concerns about them remaining at home. Above all, be sure that the conversation remains calm and pleasant; if it moves in another direction, revisit the discussion at a later time.

  • Are they eager to move?
  • Do they have any concerns about a move?
  • Do they feel that they would benefit from additional support?
  • Do they have a specific community in mind?

It’s always a good idea to tour a variety of assisted living communities. Each has a different atmosphere, services may vary – and your loved one may not feel at home at every community you tour. Make a list, schedule some visits, and evaluate each according to your loved one’s wishes and preferences.

Once you’ve set the location of the move and your loved one is ready to take the next step, it’s time to start the packing and downsizing process. Before diving into this step, however, it’s best to keep yourself on track by creating a moving checklist. This won’t just help you stay organized, but it can also prevent the need to remember everything off the top of your head. Make sure this list is in a prominent place that all eyes can see.

On the checklist, write out some things you are going to need, including:

  • Moving supplies, like lifting equipment and hand trucks, if you aren’t hiring a mover. If you need help moving larger items, a moving truck can help.
  • Packing supplies, like moving boxes, packing paper and foam, bubble wrap and packing tape.
  • Essential items to remember when packing belongings, like clothing, medications, hobby items and family photos.
  • Important goal dates, ensuring you’re on time with the moving process.

During the Downsizing Process

As the move inches closer and you begin the process of moving in, refer back to your checklist to make sure you have everything you need. Then, it’s time to start downsizing. We know that the process can feel overwhelming, but with these tips, it will be easier.

  • Make a list of where you want to begin. Some choose to tackle the smaller spaces, like closets, first. Others like to begin downsizing larger living spaces.
  • If you have help, ask others to take care of spaces that you know won’t be difficult to go through so you can cross those off the list. Otherwise, make sure to tackle one room at a time to reduce clutter.
  • Evaluate what needs to stay and what needs to go. For example, if you know your loved one will not need their large collection of kitchen tools, pack those away to donate or to give to a family member.
  • Consider renting a dumpster so you can toss any necessary items versus starting a pile.
  • Designate someone to take items to the donation center daily so that those items are out of the way.
  • As you pack, carefully label boxes that will be taken with you so you know where to put them when unpacking in their new assisted living community.

Moving Day

When the day finally arrives, focus on settling your loved one in, helping them get comfortable, and ensuring they have everything they need in their new space. To make move-in day go smoother:

  • Pack the moving truck or your cars the night before.
  • Enjoy breakfast together.
  • Complete any finishing touches on packing.
  • Provide support for your loved one if needed.
  • Invite friends or family to unpack with you.
  • Decorate right away, if possible, to make their space feel more like home.

After the Move

Once your loved one is settled in, there are still things you can do to help them feel more at home.

  • Introduce yourself and your loved one to neighbors.
  • Schedule extra times to come visit.
  • Check in with their care team to see how they are adjusting.
  • Point out events on the community’s schedule they might enjoy.
  • Periodically ask how your loved one is feeling.
  • Encourage them to get involved.

Over time, your loved one will feel more at home, and you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing they are safe, engaged and well-cared for. If you would like to learn more about moving to assisted living or to schedule a visit at Waterstone of Lexington, contact us today.


Waterstone of Lexington – opening fall 2022 – will offer a modern approach to retirement living in a historical setting with concierge services and impressive amenities. Come see how we redefine independent living and assisted living with a visit to our Welcome Center in Belmont.