Benefits of Hobbies in Retirement

When it comes to your retirement journey, what do you picture for yourself? Do you imagine spending time pursuing your passions, picking up new hobbies, or continuing your pursuit of lifelong learning? If so, you’re like many others who are ready to enjoy their retirement years. In fact, this desire certainly has its benefits.

Read on to learn more about those benefits and uncover some of the hobbies you might want to consider exploring.

Perks of Pursuing Your Hobbies in Retirement

You’ll make new friends.

Meeting new people and making new friends can be some of the best perks of starting a hobby. Whether you live in a senior living community, you’re considering a move, or you’re still living at home, these activities can help you make friends you’ll have plenty more great times with.

  • Attend social events
  • Host a weekly book club
  • Join a social group or local club
  • Consider a part-time job or volunteer opportunities
  • Organize weekly breakfasts or lunches

At Waterstone of Lexington, we know that with retirement comes more free time, so we fill residents’ days with opportunities to make new friends. With regularly scheduled cultural, social and recreational programs, services and amenities to keep you carefree, and a prime location, finding a hobby and enhancing your social involvement will be easy.

Hobbies will help you stay active.

Some hobbies can serve a dual purpose, including enhancing physical and mental health. Try to add a hobby that is designed to boost physical activity into your daily routine to make the most of these benefits. Consider:

  • Joining a fitness group or club
  • Attending a dance class
  • Starting a walking club or even going solo
  • Exploring nature through bird-watching
  • Beginning a sport
  • Gardening

These opportunities are always in reach at Waterstone of Lexington. From our partnership with Train Boston® – offering personalized training plans and personal fitness classes – to our state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor heated pool, nature paths, and more, you can find a wellness plan that works for you, or mix it up as you please.

They can enhance mental health.

As we shared above, physical activities enhance mental health, but it goes beyond that, too. Try a hobby that can make you more mindful, relax you, or fill your daily life with a sense of gratitude and appreciation.

  • Start doing tai chi or yoga
  • Meditate
  • Put your love of downsizing and organizing into practice
  • Begin journaling
  • Write a memoir
  • Try your hand at painting or other form of art

Residents at Waterstone of Lexington enjoy a full calendar of activities to enhance mental health. Enhance your creativity with a painting class, relax with massage therapy, or explore tai chi and yoga taught by Train Boston® – the possibilities are endless.

Some hobbies can enhance your brain power.

It’s always a good goal to continue learning, but did you know that some hobbies might enhance your brain health more than others? If your goal is to strengthen your mind as much as you’re strengthening your body, try these hobbies.

  • Join a card group, or play games with new friends
  • Take up creative writing
  • Compete in trivia nights
  • Attend educational programs
  • Watch documentaries
  • Add a wider variety of books to your to-be-read list
  • Learn how to knit or crochet
  • Explore local museums and historical sites
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument
  • Attend concerts and symphony or opera performances

At Waterstone of Lexington, residents enjoy programs and activities to help enhance their brain power. Some of the most popular include stimulating lectures, book clubs and author readings, bridge and canasta groups, classic movies in the theater, lounge games, and more.

We also host an array of discussion groups, clubs and cultural outings to ensure a range of learning opportunities.

They could change your perspective.

Many older adults use retirement hobbies as a way to feel a greater sense of purpose, and we think that’s a great idea. Some of the most popular hobbies that can serve to change your perspective, enhance your sense of purpose, and help you continue your pursuit of lifelong learning include:

  • Volunteering
  • Traveling
  • Serving as a mentor to fellow residents, staff members, and even family members
  • Starting a club or group
  • Participating in intergenerational programming
  • Joining discussion groups
  • Finding new ways to step out of your comfort zone
  • Learning new skills from experts

Waterstone of Lexington’s location makes it easy to volunteer, travel, and get involved throughout the community. If you’d really like to step out of your comfort zone or share your skills, you can even lead your own groups, classes and clubs like many of our residents do.

Discover the Perfect Place To Pursue Your Passions

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