Signs It Might Be Time for Assisted Living

As seniors age, many begin to consider when the best time to make the transition to a new lifestyle might be. For many, the answer is before a major health problem ensues, making care or support required. For others, they would like to remain at home as long as possible. They resolve that once they see certain signs assisted living could be helpful, then they’ll move – but what are those signs?

If you or a loved one begin to notice any of the below signs, a move to a community like Waterstone of Lexington, offering assisted living with customized care and wellness opportunities, just might be beneficial. Here are some of the signs to watch for:

1. Health is declining.

Declining health is the number one sign that you or a loved one could benefit from assisted living. In fact, this is when many older adults begin to look into available care options. At Waterstone of Lexington, we offer a variety of levels of care, including assisted living, to meet the changing health needs of older adults. With gracious amenities, wellness opportunities, and customized care, our assisted living community is designed to provide support to help residents engage in community life with confidence.

2. Daily activities/ADLs aren’t manageable.

Activities of daily living (ADLs) include tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating and managing medication. Assisted living can help ensure these needs are met.

Our Waterstone of Lexington team provides assistance with daily activities while establishing home health coordination with ancillary providers as needed, helping you or your loved one navigate these tasks with ease. With the right services in place, residents can continue to thrive with an active, enriching lifestyle.

3. Home maintenance and housekeeping are harder to handle.

As older adults age, it can be harder to take care of housekeeping, yard work and home maintenance. Assisted living communities eliminate the need to worry about these aspects of daily life. With all maintenance covered, weekly housekeeping services, linen and laundry, residents within assisted living at Waterstone of Lexington can simply enjoy each day.

4. Eating habits are poor and weight loss or gain is occurring.

Seniors who live alone may not cook themselves healthy or nutritious meals. This can cause them to snack on unhealthy choices, make themselves meals packed with sodium, or even skip meals altogether, causing rapid weight gain or weight loss. If you notice these types of changes, assisted living may provide the ideal support for a loved one.

Leading assisted living communities like Waterstone of Lexington make it possible for seniors to enjoy fresh, nutritious meals prepared for them by a talented culinary team. Even better, meals can be tailored to specific tastes and dietary requirements, allowing residents to savor meals they love.

5. Poor hygiene is becoming more noticeable.

For some older adults who once took great pride in their appearance, lack of proper attention to personal hygiene can be a sign support is needed. Senior living team members can help with this, providing support where needed and ensuring you or your loved one’s needs are met, all while enhancing confidence.

6. Lack of socialization.

Living alone can make seniors feel isolated and depressed. At assisted living communities, there is access to engaging programs, activities and events that can help seniors to socialize and connect. At Waterstone of Lexington, these opportunities abound thanks to a full calendar of activities, outings and social events.

7. Issues keeping up with bills.

As seniors age, it can become more difficult to keep up with bills. Whether this is because of forgetfulness, overwhelmed feelings, or even because they’re having a hard time with technology, an assisted living community can make it much more manageable because of predictable monthly fees that may include meals, utilities and more.

Waterstone of Lexington residents know this peace of mind firsthand. Our monthly rate includes access to personalized support, life enrichment programs, concierge services, housekeeping, maintenance, overnight support and more.

8. It’s not safe to remain at home.

Are you or your loved one falling more often, or are more accidents occurring recently? If safety is compromised because of health conditions, or you’re just concerned about your loved one living alone, assisted living is a good solution. At Waterstone of Lexington, there’s always someone nearby to help if or when it’s needed.

9. Memory loss is beginning to occur.

Are you or a loved one experiencing forgetfulness or even sundowning? If you don’t yet need memory care but would benefit from support, some assisted living communities can help. Those at Waterstone of Lexington who are dealing with memory loss have access to memory care at our adjacent Bridges at Lexington community, allowing their needs to be met every step of the way.

10. Caregivers are becoming stressed and overwhelmed.

Do you have a family member providing home care for you? Are they dealing with a lot of caregiver stress? Are you a caregiver who is looking into a care facility for a loved one because of burnout? If so, it’s likely time to consider a higher level of care in an assisted living community.

Assisted living communities provide resources that can help support you and your loved one on this journey while helping you both navigate your complex emotions and needs. Assisted living also provides peace of mind knowing care needs are being met in a safe, specially created environment.

11. Professionals have recommended assisted living.

If a healthcare professional has suggested that you or a loved one would benefit from a move to an assisted living community that provides expert senior care, chat with them about it. Share your feelings and concerns, ask for advice, and see if they have any communities they’d recommend. This can help streamline your search while ensuring you’re making the right decision.


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