As older adults plan for their senior living lifestyle, they often consider a retirement community that offers freedom from the mundane activities that take up most of their time. Whether this includes maintenance and housekeeping or even cooking, the desire to achieve more worry-free living leads them to searching for senior housing options like Waterstone of Westchester.

Here, our lifestyle provides the ideal retirement experience: an engaging lifestyle for independent, active adults who want to spend their time enjoying the activities they love while finding the right living option to meet their needs, now and in the future.

What are the health benefits of an active lifestyle?

Those who are active can experience health benefits that keep them happier, more independent and even more engaged. Studies show that some of the most widely seen benefits include:

  • A reduced risk of falls with aerobic activity
  • Healthier bones, muscles and joints
  • A reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Decreased obesity, as activity aids in losing weight

Exercise doesn’t need to consist of vigorous activity, either. It just needs to be consistent, regular physical activity to help you enjoy the benefits.

Ways to Stay Active at Waterstone

At Waterstone of Westchester, we know the benefits of active senior living communities are endless. This is why our lifestyle was built around all the ways a healthy, active lifestyle can benefit you.

Health and Wellness Opportunities

One of the best ways to stay active is to focus on your health. We make it easy with one-on-one training sessions, our mind-body studio, yoga classes, and more.

Services and Amenities

Our concierge-style services and impressive amenities around every corner make it simple for residents to make the most of our lifestyle. Check out what’s available to keep residents active here.

Programs and Activities

There’s always something to do at Waterstone of Westchester! From book clubs and educational presentations to social events and live entertainment, you’re sure to find something that interests you while keeping you engaged and involved. Check out our daily programs that are available for you to enjoy.

Prime Location and Outings

Explore all our suburban Manhattan location provides. Take a train to New York City, or enjoy a short walk to find world-class shops, fine retailers and restaurants. With scheduled transportation, outings and the freedom to do as you please, exploration is easy.

Lifelong Learning

Our active lifestyle allows residents to pursue whatever hobbies, passions or interests they have, inspiring them to try new things, meet new people and get more involved.

Social Opportunities

Here, you’ll find new friends around every corner, whether you’re looking for someone who has similar interests or you want to expand your horizons with someone who is your polar opposite.

Maintenance-Free Living

When you don’t have to worry about maintenance, yardwork or housekeeping, you can enjoy everything a lifestyle like Waterstone of Westchester offers, further enhancing your active lifestyle.

Exceptional Dining

Instead of spending your time prepping, cooking and cleaning, Waterstone of Westchester allows you to enjoy freshly prepared meals expertly prepared by our talented culinary team, putting more free time back in your day. If you’re too busy to sit down and dine, you can stop by the juice bar for a quick bite and blend.

Supportive Care

Unlike nursing homes, Waterstone of Westchester provides an engaging, independent lifestyle with access to support if or when you need it through VNS Westchester, offering personalized support, care consultation and daily planning, coordination of activities of daily living, medication management and more.

Enjoy an active lifestyle at Waterstone.

Live the life you love at our senior living community in White Plains, New York. With convenient amenities, enriching programs, and a focus on health and wellness, discover independent living made for you. Learn more about our lifestyle and schedule a tour to see what your future holds.


Adjusting to Your New Normal After Retirement

While many people look forward to retirement and the possibilities it offers, it’s also normal to feel overwhelmed by the transition. After all, retirement is a major life change that can impact people in different ways. In fact, retirement may leave you pondering your sense of purpose and what to do with your free time.

As the “work” chapter of your life closes, another begins – bringing with it new opportunities and a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The key to enjoying this time depends on how you adjust to your new normal.

Why Creating Your New Normal Is Important

No matter how excited you are to embrace a new retirement lifestyle, the transition can also bring about a range of unexpected emotions that you hadn’t considered while in the trenches of retirement planning, such as:

  • Feelings of depression or anxiety related to a lack of purpose or fulfillment
  • Increasing restlessness and boredom
  • Difficulty coping with uncertainty about the future
  • Problems with letting go and relaxing
  • Challenges staying socially and physically active
  • Feeling isolated and lonely after leaving the workforce

It’s important to address these feelings to enhance your emotional, mental, and physical health during your retirement years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) shares that seniors who are isolated or lonely may experience:

  • An increased risk of premature death
  • A 50% increased risk of dementia
  • A 29% increased risk of heart disease
  • A 32% increased risk of stroke
  • Higher rates of depression and anxiety

Given these statistics, it’s critical to ensure that you have the right tools and plan in place to combat these types of emotions. Learn how you can create your own new normal after retirement with the help of a senior living community like Waterstone of Westchester.

Transitioning to Your New Normal

Are you looking for what to do after retiring? Many seniors find that adjusting to retirement is easier in a senior living community. This is because of the social groups, events, clubs, and programs that are offered – all with the goal of keeping residents engaged, active, and enjoying their new retirement lifestyle.

At Waterstone of Westchester, our community is designed to help you fully enjoy a carefree, active retirement lifestyle. Whether you’re considering senior living or are trying to navigate your future retirement plans, check out some of these tips for a smoother transition.

Explore your passions or find a new purpose.

Retirement is the perfect time to get involved in everything you’ve wanted to do prior to retirement but didn’t have the time or energy to do or accomplish. If you want to restart a hobby you had previously put on hold because you were too busy, or if you’d prefer to find something else that ignites your spirit, the possibilities at Waterstone are truly endless.

  • Sharpen your crafting skills
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Cook – or bake – something new in the kitchen (use our chef’s demonstrations as inspiration!)
  • Join a special interest group with new friends
  • Catch up on your to-watch list with a movie in the theater
  • Check out the book club’s latest read
  • Start your own club based on your favorite hobby
  • Pursue lifelong learning
  • Explore local attractions

With all of these opportunities and more offered at Waterstone of Westchester, it’s easy to explore your passions and find new purpose in your everyday life.

Focus on health and wellness.

Staying active is important for everyone, but especially for older adults who have retired. Be sure to focus on all aspects of wellness, including physical, social, emotional and spiritual. At Waterstone of Westchester, residents enjoy:

  • Swimming in the indoor heated pool
  • Working out with professional trainers
  • Taking advantage of the mind-body studio and juice bar
  • Adding walking to their routine
  • Trying new classes like yoga or tai chi

Travel and spend time with loved ones.

One of the perks of retiring for many older people is spending more time with family and friends and having more opportunities to travel. Whether you spend your early retirement exploring or building your social network immediately, the possibilities are endless.

  • Travel to see far-away relatives
  • Explore the town with your friends and family
  • Enjoy new activities alongside those you love
  • Attend grandkids’ sporting events, performances, and award ceremonies

Even better, senior living communities make it easier to travel and spend time with those you love. At a community like Waterstone of Westchester, you can lock your apartment and go – without worrying about your home security and maintenance – allowing you to travel more freely with ease and peace of mind.

If you are someone who prefers to have family and friends come to you, it’s easy at our senior living community. Enjoy time together in the comfort of your apartment at Waterstone, have dinner in the private dining room, or enjoy community activities with family and friends.

Set a routine.

After enjoying full-time work or a vibrant social life, many retired people find that a routine is essential. Establishing a routine can be a great way to ensure you get involved, prevent depression, and keep active. At Waterstone of Westchester, it’s even easier.

  • Full schedule of daily activities to enjoy
  • Anytime dining – allowing residents to choose their schedule
  • Common areas for socialization abound
  • Variety of special events, outings and opportunities available

Consider volunteer opportunities or work.

If retiring all at once is difficult for you, there are some ways to combat this, including still working full time at a job you love, holding a part-time job, or simply volunteering in a field you’re passionate about. Some seniors, including our own residents, find fulfillment in:

  • Tutoring
  • Continuing their chosen career
  • Embracing a new career that they’ve wanted to try
  • Serving as a mentor
  • Volunteering for causes they’re passionate about
  • Leading resident committees

If You’re Having Trouble Adjusting

Whether you lean on friends, family, co-workers, or the team at Waterstone of Westchester, having support can make all the difference. Seek support from these sources, or if you’re not yet a resident of a senior living community, see whether that’s an avenue you’d like to explore.

To learn more about how Waterstone of Westchester can help you create your new normal in retirement, schedule a visit today.


Waterstone of Westchester is a brand-new, premier independent senior living community in White Plains, NY. We’re close to exquisite shopping, fine dining and cultural attractions. Come visit our beautiful location to see how Waterstone puts wellness at the heart of our community.

When older adults research their senior living options, they should take a close look at the amenities available to find a community that’s perfect for their desired lifestyle and retirement goals. The right amenities can enhance a person’s lifestyle – while a lack of amenities could leave them less than satisfied.

To make sure you’re choosing the right community for you, consider what’s going to be most important to you both now and in the future. Make sure the amenities available will enhance your quality of life as you continue to age while increasing your health and happiness.

If you are beginning your search for senior living and are unsure of where to start in creating your list of ideal services and amenities, we can help.

Services and Amenities in Senior Living

To help you discover just a few of the amenities premier senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester provide, we’ve created a list of what our residents enjoy. Based around your possible values, interests and needs, the list below may help guide you on your journey of finding the perfect community for you.

Feel Rejuvenated with Health and Fitness Opportunities

Many senior living communities include fitness classes to help improve physical health. At Waterstone of Westchester, this means having access to:

  • Fitness center with senior-friendly equipment
  • Indoor heated swimming pool
  • Professional trainers
  • Mind-body studio for yoga, tai chi and other classes
  • Physical therapy space

From one-on-one training to a range of activities and classes, you can find numerous opportunities to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with the amenities you need to meet your wellness goals.

Get Social in the Common Areas

A rich social life should be just outside your door, no matter where you decide to reside – and at Waterstone of Westchester, social opportunities are around every turn. In fact, you’ll often find those within our community connecting in our common areas, with residents enjoying:

  • Games in the card room
  • Conversations in the lobby
  • Events in the community room
  • Social gatherings in the lounge
  • Get-togethers with family members in the great room or private dining room

And, if you’d like some privacy, you can also host your friends in your spacious apartment.

Take in Your Love of the Arts and Literature

Each day at Waterstone of Westchester, residents enjoy programs and a multitude of ways to remain engaged. Whether you are inspired by art, classic films, or the adventure that a good book provides, we have something for everyone to enjoy.

If your passion lies in the arts, the community you choose should offer some of the below opportunities, just as Waterstone of Westchester does.

  • Explore the work of local artists in the gallery
  • Create a masterpiece in the art studio
  • Enjoy a film in the media room and theater
  • Sit down with a good book in the library
  • Discuss the latest book club read with friends

If you’d prefer to enjoy something else, like lifelong learning and special interest clubs, you’ll want to get a list of what’s available within the community you’re touring. Here, the possibilities are endless – check out our range of activities and programs for more details.

Enjoy the Outdoors

From stopping to smell the flowers to connecting with others, the outdoors can enhance your days greatly. If you love being in nature, make sure the community you’re interested in is located in an area that’s full of natural spaces and places.

At Waterstone of Westchester, our community offers the benefits of the outdoors with our sunroom, outdoor terrace, fire pit, and al fresco kitchen and dining areas.

If you love to exercise in nature, check to see if there are any walking trails near the community of your choice, or ask if wellness programs are offered outdoors.

Dining Options to Savor

At Waterstone of Westchester, our professional chefs prepare creative menus with exceptional flavors. Dining options feature seasonal, gourmet cuisine with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring an experience you’ll savor. We offer choices to please every palate, meet dietary requirements, and fit your schedule.

Before making the final decision on the community you’ll move to, explore their dining options, have a couple of meals there, and immerse yourself in the experience. Because food is such a large part of life, it’s important you enjoy it.

Beginning Your Search for the Top Independent Living Amenities

It’s important to note that, although Waterstone of Westchester offers all these services and amenities, not all communities offer the same level of services and amenities. When touring your living options, make sure your communities of choice include the aspects you’ve valued as most important on this list. If they don’t, it’s best to pass them by.

If you’d like to learn more about our amenities or experience them for yourself, we invite you to schedule a visit today.


Waterstone of Westchester is a brand-new, premier independent senior living community in White Plains, NY. Come visit our beautiful location and learn more about our services and amenities today.

Senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester can provide luxury apartment features and beautiful open space, but it’s still a clean, blank slate to make your own. With some fun inspiration and design ideas, you can personalize your new home as you choose. It will make your independent living apartment feel just like home – but better, without any of the hassles that come along with homeownership!

What can you expect from independent living apartments at Waterstone of Westchester?

Many residents search for independent living to maintain their active lifestyle, but one of the added benefits is having the freedom, time and creativity to redefine your own style. To start you off, we provide some of these stunning features in your new one- or two-bedroom apartment home, then you can complement with your personal décor style and homemaking skills.

  • Premium plank flooring
  • Designer kitchen with stainless steel appliances
  • Bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • Walk-in closets – plus a washer and dryer
  • Spacious living areas with natural light

How to personalize your apartment to suit your style.

Whether you’d like to emulate your previous home or enjoy a fresh start, there are plenty of ways to reach your design preference goals. Do you need some senior living apartment decor ideas? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips to make your new living spaces shine!

Bring items you love.

One of the best ways to showcase who you are and the experiences you’ve enjoyed is by bringing favorite items from home. Many senior living residents decorate their apartments by:

  • Hanging up photographs of friends and family
  • Displaying family heirlooms and unique pieces of furniture
  • Setting their favorite books on the coffee table
  • Putting travel souvenirs on shelves

Or, find new ways to dress up your walls. Maybe one of these ideas from HGTV will be perfect for you – especially if you’re making a space for the grandkids!

Embrace the beauty of nature.

There’s nothing quite like bringing the outdoors in. If you’ve always loved your garden and being in nature, try making that a focal point of your space.

In the dining room, place fresh flowers on your dining table. Keep herbs you’re growing in the kitchen. Put some plants or potted trees in the living room. Place calming lavender on your bedside table. Make yourself a tabletop garden and place it on your balcony.

Make use of extra rooms.

At Waterstone of Westchester, we offer one-bedroom apartments with a den, or two-bedroom apartments – some of which feature a patio or balcony. This provides even more opportunity to make your space your own.

If you find yourself with extra space, consider making it a spare bedroom, a home office, or a quiet reading room. Your patio or balcony provides the chance to create your own outdoor oasis.

Make small spaces functional.

Don’t discount the use of smaller spaces within your apartment home. There are plenty of creative ways to use them.

  • Do you have space in your entryway? It’s the perfect spot for a small stand to house your keys, extra decor, or a plantstand.  
  • Would you prefer to stow away your clothes that aren’t in season? Purchase rolling containers to place underneath the bed.
  • Do you find yourself with space in the bottom of your closet but nowhere to go with your favorite craft materials? Consider placing them on a three-tier rolling cart so you can roll them around as needed while maximizing your space.
  • Are you having trouble finding somewhere to put your favorite decorative platter? Display it on a stand in your kitchen!
  • Don’t forget about the backs of doors, too! You may just find the perfect space for items you need to store with over-the-door solutions.

Just have fun.

Creating a new living space is meant to be fun, so embrace the journey and aim to showcase your personality, what you love, and what makes you unique. Not only will this serve you well when hosting visitors, but it’s sure to make you feel right at home.

Let’s get started.

If you’re interested in getting a closer look at how you can make your space your own at Waterstone of Westchester, schedule a visit! During your tour, you can experience our lifestyle, view our model apartments, and talk with our team and residents. To schedule your visit, contact us today.


Waterstone of Westchester is a brand-new, premier independent senior living community in White Plains, NY. We’re close to exquisite shopping, fine dining, and cultural attractions. Come visit our beautiful location and see how Waterstone puts wellness at the heart of our community.

As older adults age, they may begin to wonder about senior living and consider the benefits that an independent living community might bring to their lifestyle.

For many seniors, a retirement living community is often the best choice – where they are surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals with the same freedom, interests and experiences. They may also appreciate the peace of mind of living where they can receive additional levels of care if it ever becomes necessary.

No matter the reason for the move, a senior living community comes with a lot of benefits, so if you or a loved one have been considering independent living, there’s no better time than now to learn more and evaluate your options.

Signs It’s Time to Begin Considering Independent Living

Are you or a loved one considering independent living at a premier community like Waterstone of Westchester? While the decision to move is personal to everyone, there are some signs that a move to independent living may be ideal.

You or a loved one would like an engaging lifestyle full of things to do.

When older adults live at home, they may not see friends as often, may find themselves feeling bored, or may even become depressed due to a lack of enriching opportunities.

In independent living communities, older adults have access to a range of activities to help keep them engaged. From live entertainment and engaging programs to special interest groups and trips to local attractions, there’s always something for them to enjoy.

At Waterstone of Westchester, residents have access to countless possibilities. Here, they can participate in:

  • Continuing education
  • Cultural, social and recreational programs
  • Scheduled programs
  • Lecture series events
  • Trips and outings
  • Clubs and classes

That’s only some of the fun, however. Read more about our programs by visiting our website.

A focus on wellness would be beneficial.

Many independent living communities focus on health and wellness to enhance the lifestyle of seniors for years to come. This is now an aspect of retirement living that many seniors are actively looking for as well. With fitness center programs, classes and education, independent living can help you improve and maintain your health while providing an active lifestyle.

At Waterstone of Westchester, wellness is a large part of what we do. We strive to put older adults on a path to better health, no matter their goals, routine or level of commitment with:

  • One-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer
  • Mind-body studio
  • Indoor heated pool
  • Group fitness classes

If you or a loved one are looking to enhance your wellness by being pampered, look no further than our full-service salon.

Days would be more fun without needing to plan, cook and clean.

Are activities like housekeeping, yardwork, preparing meals and maintenance becoming painstaking and more of a hassle than they should be? Independent living communities remedy this by taking care of all of it for you; but at Waterstone of Westchester, we take it a few steps further with:

  • Concierge services
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Anytime dining in our restaurant dining room
  • Heated underground parking and covered parking
  • Freedom from maintenance and yardwork

All of these aspects combine to create worry-free living, allowing you or your loved one to simply enjoy your lifestyle.

The company of friends would enrich your or your loved one’s days.

Did you know social isolation can be detrimental to health? What’s more is that as seniors age, it becomes more likely for them to feel isolated or lonely. Whether this is because they live far away from friends and family, live alone, or simply aren’t in the right location to easily make friends or socialize, independent living communities can help.

At independent living communities like Waterstone of Westchester, friends are always nearby – as are opportunities to make new friends – because of all the programs, activities and more just outside you or your loved one’s door.

A plan for senior care would bring peace of mind.

Did you know that independent living communities, although drastically different from a nursing home or long-term care facility, typically offer supportive services if health needs change? These services can be provided by their own care team or a trusted outside provider and may include support with activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing or medication management, and other personalized care plans tailored to individual needs.

At Waterstone of Westchester, our independent living community offers on-site supportive care services through our partnership with VNS Westchester. Some of the services and support provided may include:

  • Personalized care consultations, daily planning and routine wellness visits
  • Home health coordination, providing daily living support in their apartment home, and care as needed
  • Medication management
  • Primary and specialty care on site

Our experienced staff is trained to navigate healthcare needs. Overnight support staff is also available.


Located in White Plains, NY, Waterstone of Westchester is the area’s premier independent living community. We’re close to exquisite shopping, fine dining, volunteer opportunities – and close to your heart. Come visit our beautiful location and see what Waterstone can offer you.

The United States is full of great things to see and do, but sometimes, it’s great to just be a tourist in your hometown – or, in our residents’ case – in the location of their ideally situated retirement community. In the heart of White Plains, New York, Waterstone of Westchester’s senior living residents enjoy a range of fine retailers, dining venues, cultural events, and attractions. What makes it even better, though, is the ability to explore with grandchildren of all ages.

Whether your grandchildren live nearby and visit frequently or are coming from afar to visit you at your senior living community, you can be prepared for a summer packed with fun by checking out some of the many things to do in White Plains!

The Best Places in White Plains to Check Out with Your Grandkids

When it comes to White Plains in Westchester County, kids and adults alike can enjoy a world of entertainment. With activities for those who are younger, older – and young at heart – there’s something for everyone.

Visit World-Class Shopping Centers and Stores

When your grandchildren visit, you can all get started on this season’s shopping – or plan for next school year’s wardrobe! Located close to the flagship Bloomingdales and a range of other shopping venues in downtown White Plains, your grandkids can be set in style.

If shopping is not hands-on enough for them, or if they are just a little too young to delight in an afternoon of shopping, they may enjoy a chance to make fun memories by visiting the LEGO® Store at The Westchester, or by making a furry friend at Build-a-Bear Workshop®.

Sample of Some of Your Favorite Dining Venues Together

Want to spice up your dining adventures and give your grandkids a well-rounded taste of the city you love? Take a progressive tour of your favorite restaurants and dining venues! Begin by stopping at one location for appetizers, then visit another restaurant for entrées, and finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with dessert at your go-to spot.

If that’s too much food to handle or if you’re looking for something more casual, visit your favorite brunch spot or share your favorite coffee shop with your teenage grandchildren. If they are 21 or over, show them your favorite place to stop for drinks with friends.

Visit the Farmers Market

From fresh produce to a fun time out, your grandkids can relish a taste of homegrown goodness at the local White Plains’ farmers market. Pick up some fruits and vegetables and get inspired to make a meal together at home. It’s a great way to savor quality time while cooking up some new favorite recipes.

Revel in Music, Stories and Performing Arts

Known as one of White Plains’ favorite outdoor activities, indulge in a range of outdoor concerts, stories and history shared by various artists. If you would rather sit down for a show or a theater production, the White Plains Performing Arts Center is certainly the place to go. Before establishing your plans, be sure to check out the calendar to see what’s going on or if any events have been added or changed.

Attend an Art Exhibition, Workshop or Event at ArtsWestchester

From art classes and festivals to workshops and lectures, those who love music, art and all things theater will love ArtsWestchester. Check out their events calendar for details about upcoming events, classes, educational opportunities and more.

Explore Nature or Get Outside and Get Active

Strap on your boots and navigate the hiking trails at Silver Lake Preserve or one of White Plains’ many other nature preserves. If your grandchildren are more into immersing themselves in the experience, stop at Cranberry Lake Preserve. At Cranberry Lake Preserve, they can participate in a nature program, explore interactive, educational displays, and see live animals.

Alternatively, release some energy and get some exercise by taking your grandkids to Saxon Woods Park. Here, there are plenty of activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. Hit the playground, play a couple rounds of golf, or cool off and make a splash at the Saxon Woods splash pad.

Tips for Setting Off on Your Adventures

While it’s certainly fun to be spontaneous, planning can make your pursuits even more full of family fun. For a season of successful visits, try these tips.

Plan Out the Stops You’ll Be Visiting Together

One of the best parts of planning a trip is the excitement of knowing you’re visiting a place you’ve always wanted to experience. When planning places to visit and things to do together, make sure to consider their interests. Remember to try to find an activity that fits everyone’s preferences and abilities.

Dress for the Event and Plan for Bad Weather – Especially Outdoors

There is nothing worse than when the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you know you’ll be attending an outdoor event, be sure to pack essential items like sunscreen in case of high UV rays and an umbrella so you’re prepared in the event of rain. If you’re going to a park, make sure you are dressed to play!

Don’t Let Hunger Put a Stop to Your Fun

A trip can be quickly derailed by hunger, so it’s crucial to schedule time for meals or to pack various snacks and drinks.

Capture Plenty of Photographs

These memories with grandkids are precious, so it’s always a great idea to take as many pictures as possible. Make sure you don’t forget to be present in the photographs with your grandkids, too – even if they are just selfies!

Discover the Fun Beyond White Plains

Waterstone of Westchester is located near many great daytrip locations. With destinations like New York City, attractions in New England, surrounding amusement parks and more, it’s easy to simply get on a train and enjoy a new experience.

Plan Your Visit

For more information on planning a visit with your grandkids or to learn about some more fun places to visit in White Plains, contact our team. We’d be happy to share more about the great things our location offers seniors and their families!

If you are interested in a senior housing option that puts you close to all the action of White Plains and Westchester County, we can help. Schedule your visit for an inside look today.

Waterstone of Westchester. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone of Westchester is a brand-new, premier independent living community in White Plains, NY. We’re close to exquisite shopping, fine dining and cultural attractions. Come visit our beautiful location and see how Waterstone puts wellness at the heart of our community.

When older adults move into a retirement community, they often find they have a renewed passion for creating a lasting impact. Whether through social activities or giving back, there are many ways for seniors to spend their new-found free time in a way that suits their passions. In fact, many find that volunteer work and community service are the perfect choice.

Benefits of Volunteering for Older Adults

Whether your volunteer pursuits are ongoing, or you simply want to embrace opportunities as they arise, there are many advantages that seniors who volunteer during their retirement can enjoy. The Mayo Clinic shares that improved physical and mental health, a sense of purpose, and nurtured relationships are some of the advantages you may experience when you volunteer.

Increased Satisfaction and Joy

When you’re volunteering, it’s hard not to feel a little spark of happiness in doing something good for others. The reality is that giving back to those in need isn’t just beneficial for the recipient, but it is also a fulfilling experience for the volunteer themselves. Giving back can:

  • Increase relaxation
  • Enhance happiness
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Lessen the effects of stress
  • Provide a renewed sense of purpose
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Positively impact confidence
  • Strengthen an older adult’s independence

Enhanced Physical Activity

Did you know that volunteering also helps seniors stay active? It’s true, according to the Mayo Clinic; volunteers often report better physical health than non-volunteers! So, if fitness is one of your goals during retirement, finding a volunteer opportunity that also keeps you active is a bonus.

A Decreased Risk of Social Isolation

Volunteering gives seniors the opportunity to be actively engaged with others for a common purpose. It allows them to meet new, interesting people and feel more connected to their community. The more involved a person is, the less likely they will have feelings of isolation and depression. In other words, more volunteering often equates to more socializing, which can sharpen cognitive skills, increase happiness and may even help seniors living longer!

Ways Seniors Are Volunteering

If you have a passion for helping others, giving back or simply caring, options abound! No matter your interests, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available for you to try out.

  • Volunteer at a pet or homeless shelter
  • Read to kindergarten classes or tutor high school students
  • Spend time with those who are home-bound or are in skilled nursing
  • Begin volunteering with a local health care service
  • Educate other older adults about their senior care and living options
  • Share your talents by teaching a class or organizing activities
  • Host monthly dinners for new senior living community residents
  • Show prospective residents around your community
  • Donate clothing to local shelters or churches
  • Volunteer your time at a local food bank
  • Ask your local place of worship what their biggest needs are for volunteers

Local Volunteer Opportunities in Westchester County

For those interested in volunteering locally, there are many opportunities close to White Plains and in the greater Westchester area. Check out some of these organizations that may offer a good fit for your volunteer interests and talents.

Lifting Up Westchester

This organization strives to restore hope to Westchester County’s homeless individuals and families by providing food, shelter and support – and in turn creating a stronger society. Volunteers are needed for after-school mentoring, summer camps, outreach programs, maintenance projects, administrative tasks and more.

Humane Society of Westchester

Those who love animals can find volunteer opportunities at this local shelter.

United Way of Westchester and Putnam

The goal of the United Way is to help residents in Westchester and Putnam become more self-sufficient and thrive in a stronger local community. Learn more about volunteer opportunities on their website.

Feeding Westchester

At Feeding Westchester, the mission is to bring healthy meals to those in Westchester County who don’t have access to the food they need to thrive. Volunteers play an important role in the fight against hunger – from raising funds to packing food and more.


DOROT is a non-profit organization that is focused on making a positive impact on the lives of older adults in Westchester. They offer one-time, periodic and weekly volunteer opportunities that range from visitation to teaching classes to office work and more.

My Sister’s Place

This non-profit organization located in White Plains is committed to ending domestic violence and human trafficking. Volunteers are invited to participate in fundraisers or to send handmade notes, pictures, poems, etc. to share with the women and families they are supporting. Learn more about the organization and available volunteer opportunities online.

Do you have any additional ideas for ways to volunteer locally? If you’d like to share them with us or learn how our own residents are getting involved, contact us today. We’d love to show you around and give you an inside look at our lifestyle!


Waterstone of Westchester is the area’s premier independent living community. We’re close to exquisite shopping, close to fine dining, close to volunteer opportunities and close to your heart. Come visit our beautiful location and see what Waterstone can offer you.


Top Benefits of Independent Living

For active seniors looking for a carefree environment, an independent living community provides the life-enriching amenities and convenient services needed to help them live life to the fullest. Premier senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester offer the perfect setting for an exciting, wellness-focused lifestyle – complete with fun activities, socializing with friends and exploring new interests. All of this without the hassles that come along with homeownership.

Are you in the search for a retirement community that fits your lifestyle and preferences? Keep reading to explore some of the greatest benefits that independent living has to offer, including why retiring in White Plains, NY might be the move for you.

Top Benefits of Senior Independent Living

1. Maintenance-Free

Home maintenance is no longer a worry for seniors who reside in a senior living community. The outside of your new home is well-maintained by the team at your retirement community – from snow and leaf removal to mowing grass and pruning trees. Within your luxury independent living apartment, you never have to worry about broken appliances or a leaky faucet. We’ve got you covered. Plus, many senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester offer regular housekeeping services to help your home continue to look its best.

2. Simplified Finances

You can say goodbye to keeping track of household bills if you move into an independent living community. At Waterstone of Westchester, your monthly fee covers utilities, weekly housekeeping, gourmet meals, access to the fitness center and indoor pool – as well as all other community programs, events and five-star amenities and services.

3. Nutrition

High-quality, forward-thinking senior living dining programs are on the rise in the United States. Communities like Waterstone of Westchester offer an exquisite culinary experience, featuring freshly prepared, seasonal selections served with impeccable hospitality within our multiple dining venues. For those with special dietary needs, accommodations can be made by the chef.

4. Physical Fitness

It is common knowledge that physical health and fitness are key components to living a happy life. Physical fitness is often a focus for independent senior living communities, offering activities such as tai chi, walking clubs, yoga, stretching, strength training and more. At Waterstone of Westchester, wellness is our cornerstone. We offer a state-of-the-art fitness center, heated indoor pool and a mind-body studio staffed by personal trainers.

5. Scheduled Activities

Independent living communities are designed to provide an enriching lifestyle full of opportunities that appeal to a variety of interests. At Waterstone of Westchester, there is something for everyone – from lifelong learning and art classes to chef demonstrations and cultural programs. We also plan trips to local attractions and fun destinations.

6. Socialization

Whether it is scheduled games, book clubs or social hours, independent living offers the ideal setting and a wide range of opportunities to engage and connect with friends. Within a senior living community, new friendships wait just outside your door. Explore a new hobby. Take a yoga class. Go shopping with a friend. Enjoy a gourmet meal in the dining room. Join the conversation by the fire pit. It all awaits you at a luxury senior living community like Waterstone of Westchester.

7. Safety and Security

Not only does a senior living community provide you with security in terms of a plan for the future, but it also provides a range of other benefits such as 24-hour concierge services and safety measures throughout the community.

Waterstone of Westchester. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone of Westchester is a brand-new, premier independent living community in White Plains, NY. We’re close to exquisite shopping, fine dining and cultural attractions. Come visit our beautiful location and see how Waterstone puts wellness at the heart of our community.


Why White Plains Offers an Ideal Retirement Location

Making the decision on where to retire is one of life’s most significant choices. Friends and places that are important to you can be tough to leave behind. But rather than packing up and shipping out to balmy Florida, consider the benefits of moving to senior living in historic White Plains, which is situated in Westchester County.

Retirees living in Westchester County have the advantage of a quieter and calmer lifestyle – but with easy access to the hustle and bustle of New York City’s attractions, restaurants and shopping.

With all of the amenities Westchester County offers, retiring today is easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Keep reading to discover the five best perks to retirement living in White Plains, NY.

1. The finest things can be found right here in Westchester County.

Families often come here for the purpose of raising their children and never want to leave! The neighborhoods are filled with shops, restaurants, and fine arts establishments. Westchester County is home to parks and nature preserves, golfing and respected universities.

2. Westchester County offers a wide range of activities.

In addition to museums, theaters, historic sites, and other areas of interest, Westchester County boasts dozens of other attractions such as Kykuit, home to the expansive gardens and galleries of John D. Rockefeller’s former estate. Specifically in White Plains, residents at Waterstone of Westchester are just a short walk from world-class shops, including the flagship Bloomingdale’s and many other fine retailers and restaurants.

3. New York City is just a short train ride away.

With an express train ride, New York City is less than an hour from White Plains. Waterstone of Westchester is conveniently located, making it easy for residents to access New York City’s events, shows, theaters and shops.

4. You’ll have the access to the healthcare you need.

With 18 hospitals in the county, including White Plains Hospital just minutes from Waterstone of Westchester, it’s peace of mind with quality healthcare facilities and services nearby.

5. The natural world is always close by.

There are more than 50 county parks in Westchester County! Beaches, pools, hiking paths, and beautiful golf courses are easily accessible. You’ll be hard-pressed to run out of outdoor activities. Residents at Waterstone of Westchester will love exploring some of the nearby outdoor activities such as the Saxon Woods Park, Rockefeller State Park Preserve, Friends of Read Wildlife Sanctuary and the Lasdon Park and Arboretum.

Waterstone of Westchester. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone of Westchester is the area’s premier independent living community. We’re close to exquisite shopping, close to fine dining and close to your heart. Come visit our beautiful location and see what Waterstone can offer you.

As you’re working on retirement planning and researching your options for independent living, you’ve probably started to notice that senior living communities are not all cut from the same cloth. From the size and style of apartments to the dining options to the types of programs and services offered, the differences between communities can be vast.

At Waterstone of Westchester, we understand that the wide range of options can sometimes make the process of planning and researching the community that’s right for you seem like an overwhelming task. To help check something off your list, we’ve put together a list of premier features that you may want to look for that can really elevate the senior living experience. If you want the best out of your retirement lifestyle, then be sure to visit a community like Waterstone of Westchester that offers the refined comforts and extra amenities to make life truly inspiring and carefree.

Fine Dining

Dining with ambiance and attention to detail is the pride of many retirement communities. Contrary to the idea of ‘cafeteria food’ offered at regimented times throughout the day, luxury senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester hire highly trained chefs that create exceptional menus featuring fresh, seasonal favorites. They design their offerings not only with health and nutrition in mind but also a rich dining experience.

As you compare retirement communities, ask questions about the dining options available – and ask to sample a taste of what the residents enjoy every day. At Waterstone of Westchester, our culinary experience will rival the area’s best restaurants.

A Variety of Health and Wellness Programs

Among the services and amenities that you might look for in an independent living community are those that can support your health goals and commitment to wellness. As we age, our health needs may change, and it’s important to look for new, fresh ways to exercise our bodies and our minds.

At Waterstone of Westchester, you will have variety. Work out or relax in the heated indoor pool. Utilize our fully equipped fitness center to meet your personal goals with our experienced trainers. Attend a group fitness class with new friends. Lower your stress with a relaxing yoga session in the mind-body studio. Regardless of your current ability levels, the personal trainers at Waterstone will work with you toward success.

Outdoor Amenities

Perhaps overlooked features of premier senior living communities are the amenities that encourage spending time outdoors. Studies have linked outdoor recreation to decreased anxiety and depression. There are also benefits to physical health, like increased vitamin D intake.

At Waterstone of Westchester, fresh air can come in the form of a walk on local hiking paths, dining outdoors, sharing stories around the fire pit or having a quiet moment to yourself on the outdoor terrace.

Stimulating Programs and Activities

Retirement communities have often been compared to college campuses for seniors. One reason this is an apt comparison is because of the multitude of recreational and educational options available to you as a resident. Modern senior living offers you opportunities to discover new interests, continue pursuing passions, participate in cultural activities, and even go on trips to area attractions.

Your retirement should be what you want it to be and allow you to thrive while engaging in stimulating activities focused on your personal growth, happiness and fulfillment.

Community-Centered Events

Along with a diversity of activities, senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester also provide opportunities to make meaningful connections with other residents. Having your social and emotional needs met is integral to your overall health. When you visit a community, ask about their programming and regularly scheduled cultural and recreational activities.

At Waterstone of Westchester, you will find that great care will be taken to provide residents with opportunities to connect with one another over meaningful topics, lively events or interesting experiences. We all find meaning in our relationships, so whether you are introverted or extroverted, these offerings will be important. At your leisure, you’ll be able to partake in the events that interest you most.

Concierge Services

Often, one of the motivating reasons that older adults transition into an independent living community is because they are tired of keeping up with the maintenance of their homes.

At senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester, you will benefit not only from weekly housekeeping and apartment maintenance, but you will no longer need to worry about raking leaves or shoveling snow. Plus, our dedicated concierge services and black car transportation add an extra layer of convenience.

Bright and Inviting Spaces

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of architecture and design. Spaces where we feel comfortable or that enhance our experiences add quality to our lives. Before making any decisions about where to spend your retirement, make sure you visit the community and check out the living accommodations and community spaces firsthand.

The spacious floor plans and unique details of the apartments at Waterstone of Westchester were designed for luxury, style and the ultimate in convenience. Each apartment features abundant natural light, a designer kitchen, open spaces and exceptional finishes. They offer the perfect retreat from your active, on-the-go retirement lifestyle.

Come Home to Waterstone of Westchester

Among your choices for the ultimate senior living experience is the curated elegance you’ll find at Waterstone of Westchester in White Plains, NY. To see what awaits you, contact our Senior Advisor and schedule your personal visit today.