Tech Talk: Amazon Echo for Seniors

These days, you hear about smart homes and smart devices everywhere. Amazon Echo devices and Amazon’s Alexa are no exception. There is a good reason that many people, older adults included, can identify Alexa’s voice or know what smart speakers are – and that’s because they are becoming increasingly useful in everyday life.

If you don’t know what these devices are, or if you’ve been considering getting one, read on to discover what you need to know.

What is an Amazon Echo and what is Alexa?

Echo devices are Amazon’s hand-free devices that can be controlled through your voice. Amazon Echo devices come in many different forms. Some of these include:

  • Echo Show and Echo Spot smart displays
  • Echo Dot smart speakers
  • Echo Buds earbuds for music and audiobooks
  • Echo Auto, a hands-free car accessory

Without Alexa, however, these smart device’s functions would be, well, less smart. This is because Echo and Alexa work hand in hand, according to Amazon.

So who or what is Alexa, and what does it do? To put it simply, Alexa is Amazon’s voice artificial intelligence (AI) system that can help anytime there is internet access to a device that can connect to the service. Amazon states this can be an Echo device, phone app, or even a third party that lets you access the Alexa voice service.

How can an Amazon Echo help seniors?

While the product line is increasing all the time, many seniors – who are becoming increasing tech savvy – find that smart speakers like the Echo Dot or the Echo Show and Echo Spot smart displays are the right tools for them.

They make tasks easier for seniors.

How simple would it be to tell Alexa anything you need and have her keep a log for you? Those who have an Echo device know firsthand that it’s super helpful. Check out some of the things that Amazon’s Echo and Alexa can assist with.

  • Adding items to shopping lists
  • Providing a business’ hours, locations or phone number
  • Keeping up with doctors appointments
  • Setting reminders or a timer
  • Looking up recipes
  • Checking the weather
  • Turning off the lights or adjusting the thermostat
  • Setting medication reminders
  • Answering questions or getting sports stats

Echo and Alexa are easy to use.

Because it’s a hands-free, voice-controlled device, it’s super simple to use.

  • You can use it from a distance away
  • It can be used with minimal physical activity
  • It’s voice activated, limiting the need to press buttons (though with the Show and Spot you can if you’d like to)
  • Echo speakers’ volume can be adjusted for those with trouble hearing

These devices keep seniors connected.

One thing we’ve been shown recently is that technology helps us remain closer than ever. Alexa can help you achieve greater connectivity by:

  • Making phone calls hands-free
  • Starting a video call, no buttons needed
  • Allowing family members to put family photos on the slideshow background
  • Making sure you’re safe and cared for through Alexa Together, allowing family to connect with you remotely

They enhance safety.

It should come as no surprise that Echo devices come with safety features through Alexa. Check out some of the ways it can enhance security and safety.

  • It can serve as a form of home security
  • You can connect to a smart doorbell
  • Alexa can call family and friends when needed
  • With Alexa Together, Alexa can call for help
  • With certain Echo devices, caregivers can “drop in” with a video call to check in

They are just plain fun!

From game nights and cozy evenings to a midday pick-me-up, Echo devices can bring a lot of fun to you. Many find that they love asking Alexa to:

  • Play music
  • Tell a joke
  • Share tips
  • Read audiobooks
  • Stream TV shows
  • Begin a game or trivia session

They also make great gifts, so if you are considering an Echo or Alexa for a senior in your life, it might be a great choice.

One thing to keep in mind.

Each Alexa-enabled Echo device is different, and some services may require a subscription, so be sure to do some research beforehand if there are certain features you’re searching for.

Discover carefree living at Waterstone of Westchester.

Those living at Waterstone of Westchester can definitely benefit from an Echo device and Alexa, but there are additional benefits to living here that you can’t get from an interactive device.

An engaging lifestyle designed for your enjoyment

Waterstone of Westchester provides a dynamic, carefree lifestyle for seniors 62 and over, including cultural programs, activities, and lifelong learning opportunities. Beyond trivia and online games, residents compete against one another, make new friends, and learn new things each day.

On-site supportive care services to meet your needs

Through our partnership with VNS Westchester, we’re able to provide care services right on site, including:

  • Personalized support
  • Home health coordination
  • Medication management
  • Geriatric primary and specialty care
  • Routine wellness visits

Delicious and nutritious meals prepared for your tastes

Instead of thinking about what to make for dinner or looking up a recipe that might be more difficult than it sounds, we make dining easy. With fresh, locally sourced gourmet dining, you can savor delicious meals with none of the mess and none of the hassle.

A highly trained team at your service, whenever you need it

From our experienced staff trained to navigate your healthcare needs to on-site concierge services and weekly housekeeping services, there’s always someone at your service.

In-person social events and opportunities

Socializing is our specialty. We love providing opportunities for residents to connect. Through cocktail hours and dinner events, residents can make new friends. At outings and trips, residents can explore with like-minded residents.

With social clubs and special interest groups, new friends are around every corner. No matter what you find yourself enjoying, there’s sure to be someone to enjoy it with.

Ready to experience it for yourself?

See how Waterstone of Westchester makes life simpler and more carefree for seniors – in all aspects of life. Join us for an upcoming open house.


With an array of activities and events, a focus on a robust lifestyle, and a commitment to wellness, life at Waterstone of Westchester takes the idea of home to an entirely new level.

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