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Exercise Programs That Promote Senior Fitness

Regular exercise and physical activity are important for older adults, but which exercise programs promote senior fitness the best? This may seem like a trick question because any exercise is good exercise; however, some may provide greater health benefits for older adults than others.

According to the World Health Organization, when it comes to exercises for seniors, they should partake in weekly physical activity. The article states that those aged 65 and older should do “varied multicomponent physical activity that emphasizes functional balance and strength training at moderate or greater intensity.”

This should be done three days a week while also maintaining 150–300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity or at least 75–150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, according to the article.

If you or a loved one want to increase your fitness levels, try some of these fitness programs.

Tai Chi

Tai chi helps with strength, flexibility, and the overall ability to do everyday tasks. This is because of the slow, controlled movements that are practiced. Often, these movements are not painful because individuals choose just how far they push themselves or stretch.

Many seniors find this form of exercise appealing because they don’t break much of a sweat and don’t need to get down on the floor and then back up again repeatedly. Another benefit that many seniors love is that it allows them to be more mindful and present.

Water Aerobics

As one of the best low-impact exercises, water aerobics can allow seniors to exercise while:

  • Putting less pressure on their joints
  • Decreasing the wear and tear on their muscles
  • Providing fewer opportunities for injury
  • Making it easier to move
  • Adding just the right amount of resistance

Try to start slow, and remember that just because you’re exercising in the water and it doesn’t feel like you’re working hard, you can still get sore.

Chair Yoga

If you’re an older adult who is a little more unsteady on your feet, consider choosing chair yoga over traditional yoga. This form of exercise can provide many of the benefits of yoga – like improved flexibility and strength as well as better balance – but allows for the safety and comfort of a seated position, making it easier to exercise.

Like tai chi, this can clear your mind and bring many mental health benefits. It’s also lower impact, allowing you to do movements you’re comfortable with while not pushing yourself too hard.


One of the best ways to exercise is by taking a walk. Consider adding a walk with your friends to your daily routine. Even 30 minutes will give you an extra boost of exercise that barely feels like a workout while giving you a chance to catch up with your friends.

If you’d like to join something a little more formal, seek a walking club where a group of older adults meets to exercise and chat. Some groups like to go on walks outdoors, and some prefer to walk indoors – either way is great as long as you’re moving!

Strength Training

From wall pushups and situps to overhead presses and arm rows, strength training is essential for maintaining and building muscles. Add strength training to your weekly routine to increase strength, improve bone health, and keep your joints flexible.

You can also try adding additional weight or a resistance band to increase the difficulty of the routine while working up to even greater benefits.

Opportunities To Enhance Activity Levels Abound at The Circle

Residents at The Circle love to focus on their health and wellness. With a range of programs, amenities and activities that work in concert to increase their well-being, we can see why.

  • Indoor heated pool
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Team of certified Train Boston® fitness and aquatic instructors
  • Wellness classes
  • Tai chi and yoga
  • Aqua aerobics and hydro fit
  • Stretch & smile classes
  • Walks in the park

Even better, our partnership with Train Boston® allows them to work with a personal trainer to achieve their goals, whether they’d like to enhance their muscle strength, improve their balance and flexibility, or increase their range of motion.

For more information on Waterstone at the Circle’s fitness programs and exercise programs, visit our website.


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