Active senior people practicing yoga during yoga class on chairs in yoga studio

Yoga isn’t just for the young and flexible—it’s an adaptable practice that can suit individuals of all ages and abilities. For seniors, yoga offers a gentle yet effective way to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and overall well-being.

Whether practiced on a mat or with the support of a chair, yoga can help seniors maintain mobility, reduce stress, and enhance their quality of life. In this blog, we’ll explore the myriad benefits that yoga offers for health and vitality, along with nine basic yoga poses for seniors.

The Benefits of Yoga for Health

Before we dive into the poses, let’s take a moment to highlight the numerous benefits that yoga provides for health and wellness. Yoga is not just a physical practice; it’s a holistic approach that integrates the body, mind, and spirit. Regular practice of yoga has been shown to:

Improve Flexibility

Yoga poses gently stretch and lengthen muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion, which is especially beneficial for seniors in maintaining mobility and preventing injury.

Enhance Strength

Many yoga poses require the engagement of muscles to support and stabilize the body, helping to build strength and improve overall muscle tone.

Promote Balance and Stability

Yoga poses that focus on balance help seniors improve their stability and reduce the risk of falls, which is particularly important as we age.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The mindful breathing and meditation practices incorporated into yoga help seniors relax and reduce stress, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

Support Mental Health

Yoga has been shown to have positive effects on mental health, including reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety and enhancing mood and overall mental well-being.

Enhance Respiratory Function

The focus on deep, diaphragmatic breathing in yoga helps improve respiratory function and lung capacity, which is beneficial for seniors’ overall health and vitality.

Now that we’ve explored the benefits, let’s move on to nine gentle yoga poses that seniors can incorporate into their practice, either on a mat or with the support of a chair.

Yoga Poses for Seniors

Yoga is a practice renowned for its ability to promote flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Let’s take a look at a collection of gentle yoga poses specifically tailored for seniors, offering adaptations that accommodate varying levels of mobility and flexibility.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, these poses provide an opportunity to reap the numerous benefits of yoga, fostering physical well-being, mental clarity, and a sense of inner peace.

So, unroll your mat or find a comfortable chair, and embark on a journey of gentle movement and rejuvenation designed to support your health and vitality in the golden years.

1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Stand tall with feet hip-width apart, arms by your sides, palms facing forward for Mountain Pose.

Chair Adaptation: Rest your hands gently on your thighs while in your chair. Lengthen the spine, imagining yourself rooted like a mountain. Lift arms overhead, palms facing each other.

2. Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Stand with your feet together, bend your knees, and lower your hips as if sitting in an invisible chair. Arms reach overhead.

Chair Adaptation: Begin seated in a chair, feet flat on the floor, knees aligned with hips. Inhale, then raise your arms overhead. Exhale, engage the core and sit back slightly into the chair, keeping knees aligned over ankles.

3. Cat-Cow Stretch

Start on hands and knees. Inhale, arch the back and lift the head (Cow Pose). Exhale, then round the spine, tucking chin to chest (Cat Pose).

Chair Adaptation: Place hands on thighs while in a seated position for Cat-Cow Stretch. Inhale, arch the back and lift the chest. Exhale, then round the spine, bringing the chin toward the chest.

4. Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Stand with feet hip-width apart, hinge at hips, and fold forward, reaching hands toward the floor or shins.

Chair Adaptation: A seated Forward Fold is called Paschimottanasana. Sit tall in the chair with feet hip-width apart. Inhale, exhale, and hinge at hips and fold forward, allowing the chest to come toward the thighs. Hands can rest on the thighs or reach toward the floor.

5. Seated Twist

Sit cross-legged on the floor, inhale to lengthen the spine, exhale to twist, placing a hand on the opposite knee and the other hand behind.

Chair Adaptation: Inhale while sitting in your chair to sit tall. Exhale, twist to the right, placing the left hand on the right knee and the right hand on the back of the chair.

6. Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

From standing, step one foot back, bend the front knee, reach arms overhead, and gaze up.

Chair Adaptation: While sitting in your chair, step one foot back, toes pointing forward. Inhale, raise arms overhead, and square hips forward. Gaze up if comfortable.

7. Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Stand on one leg, the other foot placed on the inner thigh or calf, hands in prayer position.

Chair Adaptation: Start with sitting in your chair with your weight equally distributed to each foot on the ground. Shift weight onto one foot, placing the other foot on the inner thigh or calf for Tree Pose. Bring hands to the heart center.

8. Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Start on hands and knees, lift your hips toward the ceiling, forming an inverted V shape with the body.

Chair Adaptation: Stand behind the chair and hold onto the back for support. Step back until your body forms an inverted V shape. Press palms into the chair and heels toward the floor.

9. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Lie flat on the back, arms by the sides, palms facing up, eyes closed, and focus on deep, slow breaths.

Chair Adaptation: For Corpse Pose, sit comfortably in the chair with feet flat on the floor and hands resting on thighs. Close your eyes, relax your body, and focus on deep, slow breaths, allowing muscles to soften and release tension.

Yoga is a beautiful practice that offers numerous benefits for seniors, both physically and mentally. Whether practiced on a mat or with the support of a chair, these gentle yoga poses can help seniors maintain mobility, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.

Remember to listen to your body and modify poses as needed to suit your individual needs and abilities. With regular practice, yoga can become a source of joy, relaxation, and vitality in your daily life.

senior woman and daughter doing yoga exercise together at home

Waterstone: Elevating Wellness in Senior Living

Waterstone stands at the forefront of senior living communities, offering a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and holistic wellness amenities tailored to enhance the lives of residents at every stage of retirement.

With several senior living communities across the country, Waterstone prides itself on providing a vibrant and enriching environment where seniors can thrive physically, mentally, and socially.

Central to the Waterstone experience is a commitment to wellness that goes beyond mere amenities—it’s a way of life. At each Waterstone community, residents have access to a comprehensive range of wellness amenities and programs designed to support their health and vitality. Waterstone ensures that residents have everything they need to maintain their wellness routine throughout retirement.

At the heart of Waterstone’s wellness offerings are professional trainers and instructors who are dedicated to helping residents achieve their fitness goals and lead active, fulfilling lives.

Whether it’s participating in gentle yoga classes to improve flexibility and balance or engaging in invigorating fitness programs to boost strength and endurance, residents can find the support and guidance they need to stay active and healthy.

But wellness at Waterstone extends beyond physical fitness. With a focus on holistic well-being, Waterstone also offers a variety of social events and activities designed to nourish the mind and spirit.

From educational seminars and cultural outings to social gatherings and community events, residents have ample opportunities to connect with others, pursue their passions, and enrich their lives in meaningful ways.

Unroll Your Mat (or Grab a Chair) at Waterstone!

Ready for a community that moves you? Join Waterstone and discover a world of wellness possibilities tailored just for you.

Experience our gentle yoga classes, invigorating fitness programs, and engaging social events, all designed to keep you moving, connected, and feeling your best. Contact our team online to schedule a tour to learn which of our communities is right for you.

Remember the days of dial-up and chat rooms? Online communities have come a long way and now offer incredible opportunities for connection, learning, and shared interests, especially for older adults.

From lively forums buzzing with discussions to niche groups dedicated to specific passions, we’ve curated a list of our favorite online social groups for seniors, where you can connect with like-minded individuals, expand your interests, and find support. So grab your device, and let’s explore!

1. AARP Online Community

The AARP Online Community is a valuable resource for people over 50 who want to connect with others, learn new things, and stay active and engaged. With its diverse forums, events, and supportive community, it’s a great fit for any senior.

2. Senior Planet from AARP

Senior Planet from AARP is a fantastic resource for people over 55 who are looking to stay connected, involved in the world around them. It offers a variety of online courses, workshops, exercise classes, and social discussion groups specifically created for older adults.

3. Silversurfers

Silversurfers is a UK-based website and online community specifically designed for people over 50. Discuss diverse topics like current events, hobbies, travel, health, relationships, and more, with a strong focus on UK-specific issues and interests. There isn’t a requirement to be British to join or participate. The platform welcomes users from all backgrounds and locations.

4. Goodreads

Goodreads is a fantastic website for book lovers, offering a variety of features to connect with other readers, discuss books, and find recommendations. Share your thoughts and opinions on books with others who understand your passion, and take part in discussions and reviews to help authors connect with readers and gain exposure.

5. Ravelry

Ravelry is a haven for knitters, crocheters, and yarn enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of social interaction, resource hub, and organizational tool. Find endless patterns, yarns, and project ideas to spark your creativity, and share your own knowledge to inspire others.

6. Cruise Critic

Cruise Critic, a Tripadvisor Company, is a popular online forum specifically geared toward cruise enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. It offers a wealth of information, resources, and opportunities to connect with fellow cruise lovers, making it an excellent platform to explore if you’re passionate about cruising the high seas.

7. American Heart Association Online Community

The American Heart Association (AHA) Online Community is a supportive and informative platform for people managing stroke and heart conditions. Share experiences, ask questions, and attend virtual webinars and events hosted by AHA experts on various topics related to heart health.

8. Parkinson’s Foundation Online Community

Parkinson’s Foundation’s online community connects you with other individuals with Parkinson’s disease through forums, discussion boards, and online support groups. Share experiences, ask questions, offer encouragement, and build meaningful connections with people who understand what you’re going through.

9. GardenWeb

GardenWeb from houzz boasts forums on virtually every gardening topic imaginable. These include growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, houseplants, trees, and more. There are also forums dedicated to specific regions, climates, and gardening methods.

10. Woodworking Talk

Woodworking Talk is a popular online forum dedicated to all aspects of woodworking, making it a great resource for hobbyists and professionals alike. Showcase your completed projects, find inspiration from others, and get feedback and advice on your work-in-progress.

11. BirdForum

BirdForum is an online community, boasting forums, a gallery, reviews, and a wiki. Connect with thousands of birders worldwide, post pictures, and engage in lively discussions. Dive into diverse bird-related topics across various sub-forums, covering birding experiences, tips, and equipment reviews.

12. Ceramic Arts Network

The Ceramic Arts Network (CAN) is a vibrant online community dedicated to all things ceramics, catering to both novice and experienced potters. Engage in diverse discussions across various topics, showcase your ceramic creations, and explore a vast collection of work from other potters, drawing inspiration and discovering new techniques.

13. BoardGameGeek

BoardGameGeek is an invaluable platform for anyone who loves board games. With its comprehensive database, active community, and diverse features, it’s a one-stop shop for discovering new games, learning strategies, connecting with others, and staying informed about the hobby.

14. Etsy Teams

Etsy Teams offers a valuable platform for small artisans to connect, learn, share, and grow together. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out with selling your creations, you can find a team that provides support, inspiration, and a sense of belonging within the Etsy community.

The Benefits of In-Person Experiences

While online social groups for seniors offer fantastic opportunities for connection and learning, in-person experiences remain crucial for a balanced and fulfilling life. Here’s why:

  • Deeper connection: Meeting people face-to-face allows for richer social bonds, fostering empathy, trust, and nonverbal communication that’s difficult online.
  • Physical and mental well-being: Engaging in physical activities and social interactions outdoors can improve mood, reduce stress, and boost physical health.
  • Sense of belonging: Participating in local events and activities can strengthen your connection to your community and foster a sense of belonging.

Finding In-Person Experiences in Your Community

Finding in-person experiences involves a little exploration and tapping into different resources. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Community centers: Many offer classes, workshops, events, and support groups for various interests and needs.
  • Parks and recreation departments: Look for organized activities, sports leagues, or fitness programs.
  • Libraries: Join book clubs, attend author talks, or take part in learning workshops.
  • Volunteer organizations: Give back to your community and connect with others who share your values.
  • Religious organizations: Participate in services, events, or social groups affiliated with your faith.

Thriving in a Senior Living Community

Waterstone Senior Living’s driving philosophy is to create more than just beautiful living spaces for seniors; it’s about fostering a sense of home and community. Waterstone’s premier communities feature stunning architecture and design complemented by convenient amenities, concierge services, exquisite dining experiences, and dedicated teams ready to serve. Best of all, Waterstone senior living communities offer a unique blend of social interaction, cultural programs, intellectual seminars, wellness programs, live entertainment and more that keep residents active and engaged in community life.

With a strong commitment to health and wellness, Waterstone provides luxurious communities where seniors age 62 can better thrive. Contact us today to schedule a tour of one of our Waterstone communities, located in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

As active older adults transition into retirement, searching for a premier senior living community becomes a pivotal decision. The right community can elevate their retirement living experience by ensuring a vibrant and engaging environment, offering a maintenance-free lifestyle, and providing security for the future. Because of this, it’s crucial to consider numerous factors to ensure the chosen community aligns with specific needs and preferences.

We’ll dive into the key categories of what you or a loved one should look for in a senior living community to help guide your search.


The location of a senior living community is more than just a geographical aspect; it’s about creating an environment that suits your lifestyle. Look for communities that offer proximity to healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and cultural attractions. Access to nature, parks, and recreational areas can contribute to a better quality of life, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

At Waterstone, each community features a prime location with a range of features, amenities, and options to meet your or your loved one’s needs and preferences.

Waterstone at the Circle

Located in Boston at the foot of Chestnut Hill, Waterstone at the Circle puts you close to the city’s retailers, restaurants, and area attractions.

Waterstone on High Ridge

Close to downtown Stamford, CT, Waterstone on High Ridge offers a continuum of care with a beautiful hillside location near a conservation area.

Waterstone of Lexington

The first thing you’ll notice about Waterstone of Lexington is its stunning mid-century design, situated among the quiet beauty of a wooded conservation area in Lexington, MA.

Waterstone at Wellesley

If you or a loved one are looking for luxury senior living in the Wellesley area, you’ll find it along the banks of the Charles River at Waterstone at Wellesley.

Waterstone of Westchester

Curated style, fulfilling lifestyle, and a beautiful location near fine shops and restaurants in White Plains, NY? You’ll find it all with Waterstone of Westchester.

Levels of Care

Understanding the level of care and living options provided in each retirement community you are considering is paramount in selecting the right location for yourself or a loved one.

Some communities specialize in independent living, while others offer various levels of support, accommodating potential changes in health and wellness over time. At Waterstone, you can often find all of the above, with offerings including:

Independent Living

Enjoy an active lifestyle supported by attentive services and distinctive amenities. If needed, on-site supportive care services are available through valued healthcare providers.

Assisted Living

Communities offering assisted living services feature dedicated support without compromising your or your loved one’s lifestyle. Continue living carefree and enjoying life maintenance-free all while having access to 24-hour personal care.

Memory Care

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with dementia, it’s possible to be supported by Bridges® by EPOCH, which provides world-class memory care services for those within or adjacent to select Waterstone communities.

Active, Wellness-Focused Lifestyle

An active lifestyle is essential for maintaining physical and mental health in older adults. Premier senior living communities will emphasize programs, activities and events that promote socialization, physical fitness, and mental stimulation.

Look for communities that offer fitness centers and indoor pools, walking trails, group exercises classes, and other wellness programs. A robust activity calendar ensures there are ample opportunities for residents to participate in events that align with their interests and hobbies. Within Waterstone communities, you can expect all of this and more.

Engaging Programming

An enriching and diverse range of programs is a hallmark of premier senior living communities. From educational seminars and cultural events to hobby clubs and wellness classes, engaging programming fosters a sense of community and purpose. Evaluate the community’s commitment to providing a stimulating and fulfilling lifestyle through well-planned activities.

At Waterstone Senior Living communities, residents enjoy programs like:

  • Creative art classes
  • Aquatics classes
  • Tai chi and yoga
  • Lifelong learning seminars
  • Book clubs and meet-the-author events
  • Social hours and live entertainment
  • Movie nights
  • Chef demonstrations
  • Competitive card or board games

Premier Amenities

Amenities contribute significantly to the overall lifestyle experience in senior living communities. Look for features that Waterstone Senior Living communities offer, such as:

  • Various dining venues from formal to casual – and even catering
  • Chic and cozy lounges, bistros and bar areas
  • Fitness centers with indoor heated pools
  • Libraries, movie theaters, and card rooms
  • Media and arts centers
  • Outdoor spaces, gardens, and recreational areas
Waterstone on High Ridge model kitchen

Well-Appointed Apartments

One of the best ways to distinguish a premier senior living community is with its apartment features. Most communities offer several floor plan options in a variety of sizes to meet individual preferences, but the style and finishes of an apartment can make all the difference.

Waterstone Senior Living communities feature spacious, pet-friendly apartments with elevated details that make residents feel right at home. Each bright, stylish apartment includes a designer kitchen, luxurious bathroom with walk-in shower, spacious living areas, walk-in closet, washer and dryer, and abundant natural light.

Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

One of the key attractions of senior living communities is the promise of a maintenance-free lifestyle. Premier communities like Waterstone manage tasks such as housekeeping, landscaping, home maintenance, and repairs, allowing residents to enjoy their time without the burden of household chores.

Gourmet Culinary Experience

When searching for a premier senior living community, you can expect the dining experience to stand out from the crowd. At Waterstone communities, the culinary teams create seasonal menus featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Creative dishes that are not only nutritious but please the palate (and are customized to dietary restrictions) are served with hospitality and ambiance in beautiful dining spaces.

The Perfect Option for Premier Senior Living Awaits at Waterstone

For New England seniors, there’s no better place to choose for your retirement than Waterstone Senior Living. To explore our communities, visit our website or contact us today.

Waterstone Senior Living’s driving philosophy is to create more than just beautiful living spaces for seniors; it’s about fostering a sense of home. Waterstone’s premier communities feature stunning architecture and design complemented by convenient amenities, concierge services, exquisite dining experiences, dynamic programs, and dedicated teams ready to serve. With a strong commitment to health and wellness, Waterstone provides luxurious communities where seniors aged 62 and over thrive. Contact us today to schedule a tour to one of our Waterstone communities, located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

What are you looking for in your ideal senior living community? Is it location, style, services, amenities, programs, or fine dining? If you’re like many Waterstone residents, your answer is likely “all of the above.”

This desire for an elevated lifestyle leads so many older adults to our premier communities – but don’t take it only from us. In this blog, we’ll share more about what Waterstone residents love most about our senior living communities.

Upscale Atmosphere

After a long hunt for a senior living community in the Boston area, I was thrilled to find the Waterstone of Lexington. This place is 5-star in every way – the staff, the building, the food, the residents, the activities. It is vibrant, very social, and always a treat to visit. I didn’t think luxury and senior living were possible until I found the Waterstone of Lexington – there is nothing like it!

– Jeanna, Daughter of Waterstone of Lexington Resident

Waterstone Senior Living communities are designed with the utmost consideration for the comfort and convenience of residents. From thoughtfully crafted living spaces to common areas that encourage socialization, our communities are built to enhance the overall quality of life for older adults.

Our attention to detail, luxurious amenities, and environment create a community where residents can truly relax, continue learning, nurture their passions, and live as they please.

Maintenance-Free Living

“Instead of worrying about what to cook for dinner every night or the household tasks like changing the sheets every week, we get to enjoy the fitness center daily, attend vibrant programs, and make incredible new friendships.

– Theresa and Frank, Waterstone on High Ridge Residents

Waterstone relieves residents of the burdens associated with homeownership, including housekeeping, home maintenance, and general upkeep. The beauty of maintenance-free living in a luxury apartment allows residents to focus on enjoying their interests and hobbies without worrying about household chores or necessary repairs. Our carefree Waterstone lifestyle helps them to live bigger in a smaller space.

lobster meal on a modern white plate

Exquisite Dining

“I have been to some of the best restaurants in Massachusetts, and I just can’t think of any changes I would make to the menu at Waterstone. Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegan – they’ve got it. And they’ve got it just right.”

– Morris, Waterstone at the Circle Resident

At our Waterstone Senior Living communities, skilled chefs curate menus that meet the nutritional needs of older adults and offer a culinary journey filled with diverse flavors and options.

Residents can savor delicious meals in elegant dining rooms, fostering a sense of community and making every meal a delightful occasion. And, if they choose, they can cook within their own apartment, sharpening their culinary skills and sharing their own creations with new friends.

Active Social Life

waterstone senior living lounge

“After living in two other senior communities, Waterstone of Westchester is quite unique and a delight to live in. It’s great to be back in Westchester and reconnecting with old friends. The staff here really does a fantastic job engaging the residents with many different programs.”

– Muriel, Waterstone of Westchester Resident

Waterstone Senior Living communities are bustling with social activities, events, and clubs tailored to the varied interests of residents. We encourage residents to take part in an active social life, from art classes and fitness programs to book clubs and cultural events.

Enriching Programs

Life at Waterstone has opened a wonderful new chapter of my life filled with laughter, new friendships, and more activities than my favorite cruise!

– Alissa, Waterstone on High Ridge Resident

Residents have access to educational programs, workshops, and lectures catering to diverse interests. This commitment to intellectual engagement keeps the mind sharp and curiosity alive.

Opportunities to Enhance Wellness

Waterstone on High Ridge Pool

I chose Waterstone because it is gorgeous, and everybody is friendly. The exercise programs and instructors are fantastic!”

– Hazel, Waterstone of Westchester Resident

Our holistic approach to wellness sets us apart. From personal training and wellness classes staffed by professional instructors to state-of-the-art fitness centers and tailored wellness programs, older adults can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Concierge Services

Elevating the experience, our concierge services add an extra layer of luxury and convenience. From organizing transportation to coordinating appointments, handling reservations, and providing assistance, concierge services are dedicated to making life seamless for residents.

waterstone senior living exterior

Worry-Free Lifestyle

“Waterstone has not only been a tremendous gift in my life in independent living, but the greatest gift was how happy my husband was in memory care. The warm, friendly staff and residents make the community a place where people truly care about each other! I just love it here!”

– Mary S., Waterstone on High Ridge Resident

Recognizing the evolving needs of older adults, many of our communities offer access to supportive care services or even higher levels of care, such as assisted living or memory care. Residents can live fully knowing support is available if health needs change over time.

Ready to Experience Waterstone Communities for Yourself?

We’d love to have you come visit one of our welcoming communities! Contact the community nearest you today.

Explore Waterstone Senior Living

Waterstone Senior Living’s driving philosophy is to create more than just beautiful living spaces for seniors; it’s about fostering a sense of home. Waterstone’s premier communities feature stunning architecture and design complemented by convenient amenities, concierge services, exquisite dining experiences, dynamic programs, and dedicated teams ready to serve. With a strong commitment to health and wellness, Waterstone provides luxurious communities where seniors aged 62 and over thrive. Contact us today to schedule a tour to one of our Waterstone communities, located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

Retirement marks a significant chapter in one’s life, a time for relaxation, self-discovery, and perhaps a bit of adventure. For older adults and their adult children, watching movies that depict the various facets of retirement can be both entertaining and enlightening. Below, we’re listing our favorite movies about retirement.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Starring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy, and Dev Patel, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel highlights a group of British retirees who decide to retire to a newly renovated hotel in India. This decision leads to a series of heartwarming and comedic adventures, sure to delight.

As a bonus, check out The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, with Richard Gere joining the cast.


A group of residents in a retirement community discover a pool with mysterious powers that rejuvenate them. The science fiction comedy/drama film explores themes of aging, friendship, and the desire for a second chance.


This documentary follows a group of older women who form a cheerleading squad, challenging stereotypes about age and proving that life can be exciting at any stage.


Directed by Dustin Hoffman, this film is set in a retirement home for musicians and follows the rekindling of past relationships and passions as residents prepare for a concert.

Comedies About Retirement

Ready for a good laugh? These movies will have your stomach muscles working, your eyes watering, and the good times rolling.

Going in Style

This comedy, starring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin, follows three retirees who rob a bank after their pensions are canceled.

Grumpy Old Men

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau star in this comedy revolving around the lifelong rivalry and pranks between two senior neighbors.

Last Vegas

Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline join together in a comedy where old friends reunite in Las Vegas for a bachelor party.

Romance Movies About Seniors

Everyone loves a love story! Fall in love with some of these romantic movies.

The Leisure Seeker

Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland star in this film about a couple who embark on a road trip in their vintage RV, rediscovering love and memories along the way.

It’s Complicated

This romantic comedy features Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin as divorced spouses who rekindle a romantic relationship later in life.

Grumpier Old Men

Grumpy Old Men’s sequel, Grumpier Old Men, continues the comedic and romantic adventures of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau’s characters.

Queen Bees

A romantic comedy-drama featuring Ellen Burstyn as a woman who reluctantly enters a retirement community and discovers unexpected friendships and romance.

Adventure Movies About Retired People

In the mood for some excitement and adventure? Add these movies to your “To Watch” list.

The Bucket List

Two terminally ill men, played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, meet in a hospital and decide to fulfill their bucket lists. Along the way, they realize it’s never too late to live life to the fullest.


Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren star in this action-packed comedy, which follows a group of retired CIA agents who reassemble to uncover a conspiracy.

Stand Up Guys

Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin are retired gangsters who reunite for one last night of adventure and reflection.

The Straight Story

Based on a true story, this drama follows a senior who embarks on a journey to visit his estranged brother on a lawnmower.


This film follows a father and son on a road trip to claim a million-dollar prize, and they encounter relatives in the father’s old hometown.

Dramas About Seniors

A little action, some mystery and history, and a captivating time. These dramas are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat or put a lump in your throat.

Space Cowboys

Four retired Air Force test pilots, played by Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, and James Garner, are sent into space to repair an old satellite.

A Man Called Otto

Based on the bestselling novel, A Man Called Ove, this movie stars Tom Hanks as a grumpy old man who finds a new purpose in his retirement.

King of Thieves

Based on a true story, this crime-comedy features a group of senior men who plan and execute a heist in London’s jewelry district.

Gran Torino

A Korean War veteran and retired auto worker, portrayed by Clint Eastwood, forms an unlikely friendship with a young Hmong boy, addressing issues of race and generational gaps.

Not a movie watcher?

TV shows can still be a great way to bond with family and friends while getting a look at the experiences many older people have in real life. Try:

  • Grace and Frankie
  • Golden Girls
  • Hot in Cleveland

Plan your picture-perfect retirement with us.

At Waterstone Senior Living, we bring older adults opportunities to engage, socialize, continue their pursuit of lifelong learning, and live to the fullest. Learn more about our communities today.

Discover Waterstone Senior Living

Waterstone Senior Living’s driving philosophy is to create more than just beautiful living spaces for seniors; it’s about fostering a sense of home. Waterstone’s premier communities feature stunning architecture and design complemented by convenient amenities, concierge services, exquisite dining experiences, dynamic programs, and dedicated teams ready to serve. With a strong commitment to health and wellness, Waterstone provides luxurious communities where seniors aged 62 and over thrive. Contact us today to schedule a tour to one of our Waterstone communities, located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

Is holiday loneliness making your season feel less than spirited? Fortunately, there are many ways to keep the holiday blues at bay. Getting involved during the holidays is one of the best ways to beat the blues and give a boost to your holiday spirit. Check out these tips on ways to get involved and stay social during the season.

Get Creative

Crafty holiday activities for seniors don’t just bring the fun; they can also help you get involved while interacting with others. Try some of these ideas to lessen your holiday blues.

  • Inspire your creative side with wreath-making or painting with friends
  • Make decorations and ornaments
  • Bake and decorate holiday cookies with grandchildren
  • Try out new holiday recipes before friends and family arrive
  • Journal about all the things you’re grateful for this season
  • Write a seasonal tale with your grandchildren as the main characters (this would also make a great gift!)

Be a Host or Hostess

Holiday-themed parties, clubs and get-togethers are some of the best ways to connect with friends and family during the season. Get inspired with these ideas.

  • Start a seasonal book club
  • Host a cookie or ornament swap
  • Start a weekly holiday movie night
  • Host a holiday cocktail hour
  • Make plans to have a celebration with family

Join a Social Group

There are many opportunities to get social during the holidays, but joining a social group can be a great way to jump-start the creation of your social circle for years to come. Try choosing a group that interests you so you can befriend other older adults with similar interests.

  • Join a holiday choir or a Christmas caroling group
  • Try out a bell group for a holiday performance
  • Begin attending a woodworking class that makes gifts for area children

Stay In Touch

Keeping in contact with those you love can help prevent feelings of loneliness during the holidays. If you begin to feel isolated, try some of these ideas to add a little seasonal cheer. You never know – one of these options could become a new holiday tradition!

  • Call friends you haven’t seen in awhile
  • Video chat with family members
  • Send greeting cards to those you love
  • Write letters to out-of-town family
  • Make an effort to visit those you love, or ask them to come to you

Give Back to the Community

Do you know an adult in your life who needs some extra support? Do you have a passion for helping animals and pets? Do you want to lessen someone else’s holiday stress? Giving back can be a great way to do just that while also giving yourself a motivational boost. Here are some ways that older adults can help other seniors or those going through tough times.

  • Make meals for those in a homeless shelter
  • Donate gifts to a family in need
  • Spend time serving others in a soup kitchen
  • Have a food drive or a coat drive
  • Send packages overseas to soldiers
  • Pack up pet presents for area furry friends in animal shelters
  • Donate and decorate a Christmas tree for a fellow older adult who doesn’t have family nearby to help
  • Knit hats, gloves, scarves and other cold-weather items to be donated to those in need

Discover the gift of Waterstone at Wellesley and say goodbye to holidays full of bah humbugs.

Seniors who live alone often deal with increased holiday depression and feel lonely during the holidays. This is because it can be harder for seniors to maintain connections, especially if no friends or family are nearby. However, if you’re lucky enough to live in a senior living community like Waterstone at Wellesley, you know all the fun things there are to do that make combating loneliness easy. 

With engaging programs and events, life enrichment opportunities, social groups, maintenance-free living and more, the holidays can become merry and bright again.

If you are looking to reduce loneliness for either yourself or a loved one, contact the team at Waterstone at Wellesley. We can help with additional advice on how to get involved while sharing how you can make this season more joyful with a move.


Waterstone at Wellesley offers independent living and assisted living options in Wellesley along the banks of the Charles River. Schedule a visit today to experience our lifestyle and learn how we help seniors thrive.

When older adults and their family members begin their search for senior living options, they may have a list of what they are looking for in mind. For many, that list consists of great food, fun things to do, opportunities to socialize, and dedicated support and programs to enhance health. Many also consider where the community is situated as a key consideration – but there’s many factors that go into an ideal location.

When aging parents and families think about the location of senior living communities, they think about how close they are to shopping, dining and attractions. While these are all great things to look for, it’s also important to consider the proximity to family members.

Why Living Close to Family Is Beneficial

There are many reasons why being close to family is important – and not just to make sure seniors stay close to the grandkids! If you’re just beginning your search for a retirement community or are seeking senior care for a loved one, check out why living close to family is advantageous.

It provides independence – and closeness.

Some older adults want nothing more than to be close to their family members – but not so close that they aren’t enjoying their own independent lifestyle! This is one of the reasons that older adults choose to move to a senior living community. It’s a place where they can still enjoy frequent visits and activities with family, but where they’re also benefitting from:

  • Social opportunities and events
  • Engaging activities and programming
  • Freedom from housekeeping and home maintenance
  • Meals prepared for them
  • Exciting outings and planned trips

Living close – but not too close – allows for a healthy balance of pursuing new possibilities while still allowing seniors to be present for all of their loved one’s precious moments, both big and small.

Family support and involvement can continue.

One of the best parts about family is that they are always there for each other. Whether times are great or a little tougher, being close can make all the difference in someone’s day. Living close by allows for support and involvement such as:

  • Quick assistance watching grandchildren
  • The ability to be near in case of emergency
  • Special deliveries of grandparents’ secret recipes that heal the soul
  • Visits from grandkids and adult children for fun community activities
  • Surprise plans for fun days out
  • Delivery of homemade meals and groceries
  • Attendance at sporting events or award ceremonies
  • Continuation of family movie or game nights

These activities not only strengthen bonds and establish closer relationships, but also allow for more carefree living and joy knowing the best of both worlds is possible.

A move can mean peace of mind with planned-for care.

A move to a senior living community like Waterstone of Lexington offers access to future care services, along with the opportunities for socialization. This allows seniors to receive care and support if needed, without putting stress onto their adult children. They have access to everything they need in one convenient location – gourmet dining, housekeeping, maintenance services, lifelong learning and more. This allows adult children to rest easy and focus on spending meaningful time together – instead of having to focus solely on all the tasks and support their loved one may need assistance with each day.

In short, senior living communities like Waterstone of Lexington provide everything seniors need to age well in the active, engaging environment they love – and close to those they love.

And yes, it keeps you close to grandchildren.

We know we said this wasn’t the only reason to move to a senior living community near your family members, but it definitely doesn’t hurt! Living closer means establishing close, healthy relationships with grandkids while getting to spend more time with them!

If you’d ask any grandparent if spending more time with their grandchildren is something they would want, we’re fairly certain they’d answer with an ecstatic “Yes!” It’s important to make sure, though, that this community offers everything that you or your loved one will need in the future, ensuring:

  • The ability to remain close to family without needing to make another move to receive assistance with activities of daily living
  • Peace of mind knowing loved ones are always close by and just a phone call away

Waterstone of Lexington: Putting Seniors Close to Family and Fun

Offering independent living, assisted living and memory care on campus from the experts at Bridges® by EPOCH, Waterstone of Lexington will offer an active retirement lifestyle, supportive living services and peace of mind in a location families love. Situated right off of Route 2, with easy access to Boston and surrounding areas, you’ll find the perfect senior living community for enjoying family and fun. Come see how we redefine independent living and assisted living with a visit to our Welcome Center in Belmont. Waterstone of Lexington will open in fall 2022.

As we reach retirement age, we may start to hear a range of senior living terms thrown around. From retirement and independent living communities to nursing homes and home care, senior housing and care options can confuse anyone. This is especially true when you’re searching for a lifestyle that fits your needs and preferences – and provides a solid plan for the future.

Fortunately, some senior living communities like Waterstone on High Ridge offer a continuum of care. This means our community features a range of care services and living options – ranging from independent living to dedicated memory care – to meet the needs of aging older adults. Not only does this make choosing a community easier, but it helps provide peace of mind while removing care type confusion.

Are you or a loved one considering your senior living community options? Check out our senior care guide to learn the differences for yourself.

Senior Living: Types of Housing and Care

Independent Living

Independent living communities provide an active and engaging lifestyle for seniors. With freedom from the hassles and burdens of homeownership like maintenance, housekeeping and daily cooking, residents can enjoy days as they choose. Here are just some of the many amenities, services, and activities that independent living communities such as Waterstone on High Ridge offer seniors:

  • Social activities with friends and active involvement in community life
  • Gourmet, chef-prepared meals
  • Health and wellness programs by trained professionals
  • A full calendar of lectures, concerts and other cultural programs and events
  • Group classes and special interest clubs
  • Convenient on-site amenities such as a swimming pool, library, bistro, movie theater and art studio

For those who require some assistance to remain living independently, there may be supportive services available within their private apartments. These services are usually supplied through partnerships with trusted third-party healthcare providers.

At Waterstone on High Ridge, our on-site care services allow older adults to enjoy their independent living lifestyle with confidence. With just the right amount of added support, they can remain in their luxury independent living apartment, with world-class amenities, programs, and services just outside their door.

Assisted Living

For seniors who need more regular assistance with activities of daily living – like dressing, bathing, and eating – typically choose an assisted living community. In many communities, residents live in private apartments and receive 24-hour monitoring and support. Most assisted living lifestyles include:

  • Personal care assistance
  • Medication management
  • Three meals served daily
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Social events and programs
  • Activities and entertainment
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Regularly scheduled transportation

Residents in assisted living at Waterstone on High Ridge enjoy all these benefits while receiving the care they need to live their best life. Within private assisted living apartments, we personalize care and wellness plans for each resident. We also coordinate with ancillary providers if needed.

Memory Care

Those living with memory loss can benefit from living in a specialized environment created for their specific needs. With the support of a specially trained team, memory care residences offer:

  • 24-hour supervised care and personal assistance
  • Assistance with meals
  • Medication management
  • Specialized activities, events, and programs
  • Exercise and wellness classes
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Access to services and amenities tailored to individual needs and abilities

At Waterstone on High Ridge, our dedicated Bridges® memory care neighborhood is supported by the experts at Bridges® by EPOCH. Created exclusively for those with memory loss, residents benefit from a research-based, thoughtfully designed environment. With uplifting spaces, creative programming, and compassionate caregivers, we inspire joy, connection, and peace in daily life.

Additional Types of Care

While there are other types of care available, independent living, assisted living and memory care are typically the most sought-after senior housing and care types.

For seniors who require 24-hour care for a medical condition, skilled nursing may be necessary. If short-term support, therapy services or restoration are needed after illness or injury, a senior may look for a rehabilitation center.

To learn more about the care types at Waterstone on High Ridge and see how it can fit with your needs, reach out to our Senior Advisor today. We are here to help.

Enjoy the Lifestyle You Love with Three Levels of Care

Waterstone on High Ridge is proud to offer three levels of support to meet the needs of older adults. Situated on a beautiful hillside setting, residents love living here. Are you ready to learn more about our engaging, supportive lifestyle? To attend an open house or join us for an upcoming event, register on our website today.


Waterstone on High Ridge offers a modern approach to senior living in a beautiful hilltop setting. Come see how we redefine independent living, assisted living and memory care in Fairfield County, just minutes away from fine restaurants, retail stores and cultural venues in Stamford and Greenwich.

Sunshine, fresh air, green grass, flowers, trees – isn’t nature a wonderful thing? As we get full-swing into the summer season, nature is at her finest, which means all sorts of fun outdoor activities and opportunities to soak up the sun. It’s the quintessential summer enjoyment, but not only that, it can actually boost a lot more than just your disposition.

“Studies have shown that being outside and, more specifically, in a natural setting has incredible healing powers,” says Kevin Defayette, Executive Director of Waterstone at the Circle. “Mother Nature helps boost the immune system, improves mental health, and can even help reduce some forms of cancer. Whether you’re at a park, in the garden, by the ocean or wherever else, being in nature is something that should definitely be part of your health and wellness routine.”

Kevin says that since COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted and outdoor events are beginning to pick up, it’s even easier to get back into nature and enjoy all its benefits. This is especially great for older adults who are itching to get outside after a long winter filled with cabin fever.

“This summer can be a great re-start of your health and wellness plan,” Kevin says. “Going outside is one of the easiest ways to get a health boost because it doesn’t require any sort of special equipment, fitness level or even location. Though, Waterstone at the Circle has an exceptional one – situated next to Cassidy Park and close to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. Simply walk out your front door to enjoy the community around you, and in Boston’s Chestnut Hill neighborhood, there are plenty of things to delight, entertain and fulfill you.”

The Health Benefits of Being in Nature

1. Increased physical activity.
Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of getting outside is the exercise you get. From simply walking around the park to cycling along the river, being in nature usually means some form of physical activity.

2. Reduced stress.
Spending time in nature, whether you’re walking or simply looking at the beauty around you, instantly lowers blood pressure and reduces the amounts of adrenaline and cortisol in your body. This results in lowered stress, which leads to better moods, a better cardiovascular system and better overall well-being.

3. Improved immune system.
A number of studies have found that fresh air really is good for you – in fact, it has antibacterial properties. Although science doesn’t know exactly why that is, it has shown that the combination of fresh air and sunshine kills bacteria, which is part of the reason why laundry dried outside often seems so fresh. Being outside also boosts your production of white blood cells, which results in a better overall immune system.

4. Better healing.
An improved immune system is only one aspect of quicker healing. Being outside also has a certain je ne sais quoi that helps people with injuries or illness heal more quickly. Studies report that patients who spend time outside report requiring fewer painkillers, experiencing fewer complications and having a quicker recovery time.

5. Higher energy levels.
Vitamin D and fresh air results in a “reset” of sorts for our circadian rhythm, which is the inner clock that tells us when to sleep and when to get up. Everyone knows that being outside helps you feel more alert and energetic – and conversely helps “wear you out” and allows you to sleep better at night. The boost of energy plus the ability to fall into a soothing, deep sleep results in improved energy levels. Having more energy makes it easier to get more exercise, which means better health, better moods … as you can see, being in nature really is a positive feedback loop.

6. Improved relationships.
Being in nature can help nurture and improve our personal relationships because it’s a great place to spend time together. Nature gives us an excellent opportunity to connect with friends and deepen existing relationships while also doing something beneficial for our bodies.

7. Graceful aging.
A study in the Journal of Aging and Health reports that seniors over the age of 70 who spend time outside have fewer sleep issues, fewer aches and pains, and better mobility. In short, being outside makes seniors feel better, which results in better overall health, which then results in happier, healthier and more graceful aging.

Fun Outdoor Activities Near Chestnut Hill

In the spirit of getting out in nature, we’ve put together a list of activities to do in nature near the heart of Cleveland Circle – where Waterstone at the Circle is located. Whether you’re a resident at our community, are visiting a loved one, or simply want to know what there is to do in the area, here are our favorite outdoor activities and destinations for summer 2021.

Cassidy Playground – Conveniently located in Cleveland Circle across from the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, Cassidy Playground is a nice bit of greenspace with fields for people to enjoy the active life. Recently renovated, the park features a baseball diamond, two tennis courts and two softball fields, along with many benches, picnic tables and Adirondack chairs for relaxing.

Chestnut Hill Reservoir – This picturesque destination was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted’s son and constructed in the late 1860s to give Boston clean drinking water and a rural park. Today, it features a popular 1.5-mile circular path with pleasant vistas of Back Bay skyscrapers. The paths around the reservoir and through the woods are open for public use.

Hammond Pond Reservation – Located in Newton, Hammond Pond is a protected woodland park that features dozens of hiking trails, rock formations that are popular for rock climbing, and fishing opportunities. For those who love the water, canoeing and kayaking are permitted. The reservation is part of the Metropolitan Park System of Greater Boston.

The Street – Inspired by the best retail streets in the world, The Street is a unique destination offering generous green space, a tranquil pond, and a variety of local shops and eateries. It’s the ideal place to take in nature while checking out the charm of 16 independently owned boutiques. Plus, don’t forget to bring your furry friend along to explore with you. Dogs are welcome in the green space, common areas, and even many of the shops and restaurants.

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University – Whether you’re looking for a lovely place for a stroll, searching for wildlife, or are interested in learning more about the science behind the plants, Arnold Arboretum is home to 281 landscaped acres with over 16,000 plants! Operating under the Olmstedian principle that everyone is entitled to open space, the arboretum is open every day, free of charge. The Arnold Arboretum offers a variety of exploration opportunities, guided tours, and self-guided activities.

The Brookline Farmers’ Market – Running for over 40 years, The Brookline Farmers’ Market hosts a variety of vendors on Thursdays from June through November in Coolidge Corner at the Centre Street West Parking Lot in Brookline. Proud to support local growers, producers, and artisans, The Brookline Farmers’ Market offers a diverse range of products – most of which are produced in Massachusetts or elsewhere in New England.

Luxury Senior Living in Boston

Waterstone at the Circle, located in Boston’s historic Cleveland Circle neighborhood, is more than just independent living in Boston … it’s a sophisticated urban setting for today’s active seniors. Enjoy best-in-class service and an urban lifestyle with arts and cultural, and historical attractions right outside your front door. From high-end amenities to gourmet dining and more, experience the best of city and suburban life at our upscale senior living community located on the crossroads of Brookline and Chestnut Hill.

Elegant Independent Living Apartments

Each of our 92 independent living apartments is the height of luxury and modernity, with sophisticated design, upscale features and stunning views of the city. Create the urban senior living experience you want with one- or two-bedroom apartments, a variety of floor plans and monthly rentals.

Senior Living Supportive Services

As an over-62 community, residents may require support from time to time. That’s why we’ve developed an on-site coordinated care program, in cooperation with our premier community partners, that allows our independent living residents to receive the assistance they need.

The best part? Residents don’t have to leave our senior living community – or even their apartment – to receive high-quality support. They can receive the services they need, when they need it, in the comfort of their own homes or in our on-site therapy gym.

Waterstone at the Circle is the opposite of retiring . . . it’s a place to enhance your active, on-the-go lifestyle. Call 617.431.1880 for more information or to schedule a visit to our premier Boston independent living community and discover The Circle lifestyle today!

Moving into senior living is a major life change. But when you’re moving as a couple, the decision and the transition can be smoother and a little easier, especially if one spouse or the other needs assisted living services.

“When we get married, we promise to stay together for better or for worse, in sickness or in health,” says Devon Sicard, Executive Director of Waterstone at Wellesley. “This can become more and more difficult in our later years, especially if one or both spouses need a little extra assistance in order to live safely and securely.”

Devon says that one reason why many couples hesitate to move into senior living is because they don’t want to be separated if one spouse requires additional assistance. “It makes complete sense, since as spouses you want to ensure you remain together, especially in your golden years,” she explains. “Fortunately, there are senior living communities like Waterstone at Wellesley that are set up to assist individuals whether only one person needs assisted living or both do. In other words, we make it easy for couples to remain together no matter what level of care needs they require.”

It should come as no surprise that staying together in old age is incredibly beneficial to couples, especially when they make the move to a senior living community. “We’ve seen from many experts how maintaining deep, meaningful relationships ensures a high quality of life as we age,” she says. “Providing solutions that allow couples to remain together means that they both have better health and happiness during their senior years – which is what we’re all about.”

A large benefit to moving into a place where both individual’s needs can be cared for helps reduce the stress for aging couples, says Devon. “Look at it this way,” she says. “If an aging couple waits to move into assisted living until there’s an event that requires them to take action, this can be hugely detrimental to their relationship and cause a lot of stress. At that time, it’s possible that one or the other has been shouldering the caregiving burden for some time, which has already added lots of anxiety, stress and frustration.”

“Moving into senior living that provides a spectrum of assistance means that both parties in a couple can relax because they know the other person is being cared for properly,” says Devon. “You’ll be surprised at how much independence both you and your partner gain back – as well as peace of mind. While moving into assisted living means a bit of change and rethinking some things, it can also be a great new start to a new chapter of life for you or your loved one.”

Tips for Moving to Assisted Living with Your Spouse

If you or your partner are considering assisted living as a potential solution to help make your life more stress-free and carefree, here are some tips from Waterstone at Wellesley to help you find the community that’s right for you:

Choose a community that provides a wide variety of health services.

“Assisted living” is a spectrum and can extend from the almost-completely independent to those who require a more significant amount of help to live safely. For couples moving into assisted living, you’ll want to do your research and make sure that the needs and abilities of both spouses are evaluated. It’s very rare that a couple requires the same amount of assistance to live safely. Make sure that whatever community you choose, the staff does a full personalized assessment for both of you to ensure the health and well-being of each individual.

Ask about care policies.

Different communities may have very different living situations for couples who require different levels of care. As you’re touring different communities, be sure to ask what happens if one individual requires no – or very little – assistance while the other needs more extensive help. Can you or your loved one be cared for adequately in independent living with supportive services? Is it necessary for you and your partner to move directly into an assisted living apartment on campus? While there is no right or wrong answer, you will have options, and the decision is based on your situation and comfort level.

Understand your needs as a couple.

Caring for health needs is essential as we age. That’s why it’s so important to find a place that cares for you and your spouse’s physical needs. However, you also need to make sure that whatever community you choose meets you and your spouse’s needs for emotional, social and recreational wellness. After all, living in a place means more than just caring for physical needs – it also means making sure you have everything you need to enjoy life. As you’re researching assisted living, make sure you’re also looking into the benefits that will make your life enjoyable, no matter what your health needs may be.

Ask about “personal time.”

All couples need “alone time,” which can be a little bit delicate when one spouse needs very little assistance but the other requires more. Before moving into a community, ask about the privacy rules with regards to couples, especially if one spouse needs more help than the other. Hopefully, this won’t be an issue, but it is a possibility depending on the couples’ needs.
“At Waterstone at Wellesley, we want to make sure couples have the opportunity to enjoy life the fullest as individuals and as couples,” Devon explains. “We do our best to handle the delicate balance of privacy and assistance, especially for couples who don’t have the same level of care needs. Our goal is always to help couples live their best possible lives with minimal interference – basically, giving them back the privacy and quality of life they have been seeking.”

Allow yourself (and your spouse) the chance to relax.

Moving from a private home into a senior living community is a big shift – not just from the living situation, but from the ownership situation. When you’re no longer the person who is primarily responsible for the immediate health and well-being of your spouse, this can be a bit of a jolt. Many residents experience a sense of loss and burden when they move into senior living because they are no longer handling that aspect of daily life. However, this is your and your spouse’s opportunity to relax and let someone else handle all the details. In fact, many couples who’ve moved to assisted living have reported that they’re able to reclaim their relationship with their spouse and have more free time than ever before.

“Moving into assisted living with your spouse is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a bad one,” says Devon. “With time, understanding and a firm foundation of what you’re getting into, you and your spouse can make the most out of this time of your life.”

Beautiful Riverfront Community

Located on the banks of the Charles River, Waterstone is Wellesley’s only senior living community, offering premier independent and assisted living. But that’s only the first of many differences that sets Waterstone above and beyond other communities.

Celebrating Dynamic Living

Here our residents live independently in their own private, spacious apartments – but without any of the worries or concerns of homeownership or living alone. All meals are expertly prepared. There aren’t any chores to be concerned with. No home maintenance or repairs to worry about. Just opportunities around every corner and time to spend as they choose – in the company of new friends.

Our vibrant community encourages residents to engage in a variety of recreational, cultural and social programs and activities. Enjoy a fitness class. Swim in the sunny indoor pool. Take a stroll on a walking path. Partake in a favorite hobby or pastime. Discover a new interest. With Waterstone at Wellesley, there’s a world of opportunity waiting right outside our residents’ doors.

Confidence of Care

The hallmark of Waterstone assisted living is the peace of mind we provide both our residents and their families. Knowing that care and support is available right on site instills a sense of confidence and calm one can’t find living alone.

For prospective residents or their families interested in residing at Waterstone at Wellesley, please contact us at 781.591.7113.