Ways to Prevent Cognitive Decline and Improve Brain Health

As an older adult, whether you worry about the possible onset of dementia or have noticed a decline in your memory or recall, it is likely that you have thought about ways to keep your mind sharp as you age. Continue reading to learn five concrete ways you can stimulate your brain and ward off cognitive decline. 

Engage in Stimulating Activities

There are many pastimes that older adults can take up that can increase intellectual acumen. With relative ease, you can do any of the following:

  • Challenge your cognitive skills with brain games like Lumosity or brainHQ.
  • Visit your community library and check out books on new and nuanced subjects.
  • Work on the crossword puzzle in your local or national newspaper.
  • Journal about your day or anything else that grabs your attention.
  • Listen to podcasts about material or news that interest you.

Expose Yourself to New Learning

While learning a new language is a well-established way of improving neuroplasticity, stretching yourself to learn anything new can be good for your brain. Think of it this way: If you are challenging your brain to solve problems it has never solved before, you are traversing new terrain and creating new pathways in your brain.

When Waterstone of Lexington opens this fall, you’ll find unique programming that can be tailored to your needs and interests, including craft workshops, lecture series, fitness classes, and so much more. A full calendar of events and social opportunities will provide you with mentally stimulating opportunities for personal growth.

Enjoy Ample Time Outdoors

Almost everyone can attest to the relief and uplift that can come from time spent outdoors. Whether it is a hike through the woods or a quiet evening on your patio, there is scientific evidence that demonstrates that this is time well spent. In fact, it can improve one’s mood and brain structure, which in turn can positively affect memory and concentration.

Future residents will be able to stimulate these mental processes by utilizing our walking paths, dining in our outdoor venue, or practicing your golf skills at our putting green at Waterstone of Lexington. Consider taking up outdoor hobbies like bird watching, fishing or plein air painting. Take an outdoor yoga class or reacquaint yourself with your bike. This outdoor activity could be beneficial to both your body and your brain.

Foster Community and Connection

Intellectual wellness is closely associated with mental health, and sustaining healthy connections with old family and friends and new community members can assist with both. Traditional care plans may not explicitly address this need, but senior living communities across the nation offer an abundance of possible ways to maintain and create relationships.

Interactions don’t have to be complicated. The mere act of holding a conversation can keep your brain alert, attentive, and engaged. You can join a book club, establish recurring coffee dates or dinner parties or volunteer your time to a particular community. And if you are a resident of Waterstone of Lexington, you can attend the regularly scheduled social and cultural events that we host.

Increase Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Your Diet

When it comes to your intellectual health, everything matters, including your diet. Doctors and professional caregivers recommend that older adults boost their intake of omega-3 fats to support brain health.

Many seniors take a fish oil supplement to receive the recommended dosage, but some studies suggest that your body absorbs the nutrients better when you instead include fish in your diet. Fish like barramundi, salmon, trout or sardines are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids that can contribute to your cognitive health.

We Care at Waterstone of Lexington

Wellness has dimensions, and we care about every facet of your health here at Waterstone of Lexington. Let us help you create a plan to maintain your mental and intellectual health while taking advantage of the programming and possibilities we will offer each day when we open in the fall of 2022. Contact us at 781.728.3037 to schedule your personal visit to our Welcome Center.