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An Emphasis on Wellness in Senior Living Communities

According to a survey by the International Council on Active Aging, senior living industry leaders are embracing a new model that emphasizes wellness. While older approaches are care-based with options for wellness, these new methods are wellness-based opportunities in daily life with options for care.

Out of all respondents to the survey, 72% rated wellness/lifestyle as high priority, and 64% of participants classified wellness across all dimensions as a ‘must-have.’ A focus on the seven dimensions of wellness – physical, spiritual, emotional, vocational, environmental, social and intellectual – represents a paradigm shift.

Waterstone at the Circle, along with other leading senior living communities across the country, are proud to take a multifaceted approach to create a culture of wellness for residents through its programs, amenities and services.

Utilizing Technological Advances for Health

Today’s senior living communities are challenging the notion that older adults are not open to technological advances. In fact, older adults are just as enthusiastic about how technology can streamline and enhance their lifestyle as the next person!

Technology like smartwatches or specialized phone apps can help monitor and track vitals, such as oxygen levels, heart rate or rhythm, sleep, nutrition, glucose and even stress levels. This real-time information not only can be shared with doctors but can also help seniors make daily lifestyle changes every day to improve their overall health. Senior living communities like Waterstone at the Circle are also encouraging the use of telehealth services to provide convenient care to their residents.

Focusing on Healthy Living

While senior living traditionally makes a fitness center available to residents to improve health outcomes and overall well-being, it is increasingly popular to offer additional amenities and programs to promote wellness in body, mind and spirit. Waterstone at the Circle offers a modern fitness center with senior-friendly exercise equipment and a heated indoor pool, as well as a full-service salon. To promote cognitive wellness, Waterstone hosts a variety of guest lectures and cultural programs for lifelong learning.

Waterstone at the Circle is proud to partner with Train Boston® – the area’s premier training and physical therapy center – to bring professional-level, medically based fitness and wellness opportunities to our residents. Train Boston helps Waterstone at the Circle residents create personalized fitness plans based on their current ability levels and fitness goals. Private workout sessions and group exercise classes, including MovementX, Hydro Fit and Rise Up, are led by certified fitness and aquatic instructors.

Utilizing Design To Promote Mental Health

There really is something about a well-designed room, a clean space, and a well-lit home that is uplifting. Research supports this anecdotal evidence: Homes impact our emotional state.

Senior living communities, therefore, are on the right track when they prioritize the aesthetics of senior housing, allow for choice when setting up personal spaces, and offer maintenance services to help older adults with upkeep. Waterstone at the Circle puts all of this at the forefront with their bright, stylish apartment living. Apartments offer premier finishes and fine details that welcome residents home to style and convenience – complete with stunning views of the Boston skyline or Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

Recognizing the Importance of Dining

Perhaps the enjoyment of quality food with a variety of choices is not among the first variables you list when you consider wellness. We tend to think about nutrition first. But the overall dining experience represents a much more dynamic influence on our health and wellness.

Senior living communities, more and more, are recognizing the benefit of offering resident-centered meal service. At Waterstone at the Circle, this takes the form of multiple dining options with diverse menus featuring seasonal, freshly prepared meals – at flexible mealtimes. Perhaps even more importantly, the dining room environment offers the ideal opportunity for connection to help enhance social and emotional wellness.

Expanding the Possibility of New Experiences

A key to living a life well, for many, is to be offered a lifestyle with options. Especially for older adults who have lived a rich life full of possibilities, the transition into a senior living community should present them with choices to grow, learn and discover new things.

Across the county, you might notice events and activities at retirement communities that facilitate the acquisition of new skills or unlock the freedom to experiment with new forms of self-expression. Maybe there are excursions into the larger community, community service projects or trips planned with brand-new sites to explore, or maybe experts are brought in as guest speakers.

At Waterstone at the Circle, a dedicated life enrichment team explores new, creative ways to engage residents in programs, culture, education and events that spark their interest and improve their health. Each day is an opportunity to make life tailored just the way you like it.

Finding Your Best Life at Waterstone at the Circle

All these offerings represent this new movement to emphasize the less obvious aspects of wellness and the impact they have on one another. Promoting an experience that encourages purpose and connection can ultimately lead to improved physical health – and offer a higher quality of life.

At Waterstone at the Circle, you will feel our dedication to whole-person wellness. Contact us at 617.431.1880 to learn how a move to The Circle can help you reach your health and wellness goals in retirement.