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Keys to Embracing the Aging Process

As we age, life brings with it a number of changes – both positive and negative. You may be just starting out your new retirement lifestyle or enjoying the excitement of welcoming a new grandchild into the world.

As we age, life brings with it a number of changes – both positive and negative. You may be just starting out your new retirement lifestyle or enjoying the excitement of welcoming a new grandchild into the world. Perhaps you are selling your family home and moving into a senior living community. Or, maybe you are facing the challenges that come along with a change in your or your loved one’s health.

These times of transition can feel overwhelming, especially for those who are not keen on the idea of change. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help embrace the changes that come along with the aging process. Continue reading to learn five ways to protect your peace of mind during this stage of life and keep a positive perspective, even when times get tough.

Waterstone on High Ridge offers an enriching lifestyle that focuses on helping residents build and maintain wellness and positivity in daily life. From engaging activities and wellness programs to lifelong learning and dedicated concierge services, residents have access to the support and convenience that makes the aging process as smooth as possible.

1. Practice Gratitude.

In some ways, finding peace during this phase is no different than in other phases of life. For instance, studies have shown that no matter when intentional gratitude is practiced, it can have long-lasting effects on the brain. Whether you start a gratitude journal, engage with the Five Minute Journal app on your device, or send messages of appreciation to the people in your life, these practices can help you boost your mental health.

2. Choose a Senior Living Community with Various Levels of Care.

One major impediment to finding peace of mind is anxiety, and it is common for older people to have anxiety about declining health, even if they haven’t experienced it yet. Whether you are facing a chronic condition, worsening memory problems, or just the possibility of a life-altering event, it is likely that you feel this.

One solution to this problem lies in your choice of senior living. Communities like Waterstone on High Ridge offer a continuum of care that offers various levels of assistance with dynamic independent living, supportive assisted living, and dedicated memory care from the experts at Bridges® by EPOCH. When you join a community that offers various care options featuring highly individualized and flexible care plans, you can relax knowing that you’ll receive the support you need without having to face another difficult transition. 

3. Make Conscious Decisions for a Healthy Life.

Choices about diet and exercise are integral to managing certain health conditions, staying limber and mobile, and treating mental health conditions. As we age, older adults are more likely to experience these three issues, and a healthy diet and exercise program can help you stay more comfortable and at peace with the aging process.

At Waterstone on High Ridge, our highly trained culinary staff will get to know each of our residents and their unique dietary preferences. The health and wellness of residents is always top of mind – which includes creating an exceptional dining experience that inspires healthy living and socialization with friends.

The wellness experience at Waterstone can also be enhanced by a fully equipped fitness center, heated indoor pool. Whether your goal is to lose weight, calm your mind, or stay agile, you can find the personal training or group class that suits your needs.

4. Take Up New Hobbies and Expand Your Interests.

Wellness is a term that encompasses seven dimensions of well-being, and intellectual and emotional wellness are often overlooked. These are connected to having a purpose, utilizing your strengths, and staying in touch with yourself. When these are your pursuits, you can find greater peace with the inevitable changes associated with aging.

A great way to cultivate wellness in these areas is to explore your interests, skills and modes of self-expression. There is an abundance of opportunities at Waterstone on High Ridge to continue your journey into personal growth and fulfillment. Whether you want to learn a new craft, go on an outing, or engage in a cultural experience, we have you covered.

5. Foster Community with Friends and Family.

Of course, another aspect of health and wellness is staying connected to your community and fostering relationships. Whether you have weekly meetups with a family member or spend more time with your new neighbors, this sort of socialization can help you process the changes you might be enduring. With a peer, you may find some camaraderie and be less likely to feel alone in your experience.

Waterstone on High Ridge: Now Open

Waterstone on High Ridge is open and welcoming new residents! Call 203.361.9717 to schedule a visit to learn how our premier senior living community in Stamford, CT can help you embrace the aging process.