Satisfy every craving when you dine at Waterstone of Lexington. 

Enjoy impeccable service, robust menus and an uplifting atmosphere at our on-site restaurant. A talented culinary staff is committed to indulging you with the highest quality of delectable cuisine. Our dining offers a seasonal menu of distinctive meals, providing a plethora of options to suit even the most stubborn palates. With anytime dining, your meals never have to follow a rigid schedule. Whether you’re joining friends for a traditional breakfast, dining with family for lunch or treating yourself to a night in, there’s always a spot open for you at our table.

Looking for a quick refresher? Quench yourself at our juice bar. Choose from an assortment of fresh juices customized to your preference for a quick pick-me-up between meals.

Experience at-home dining in a way you never thought possible.


Find out more about what living at Waterstone of Lexington is like. Our welcome center for sales and information is now open. We’d be happy to answer your questions and arrange an in-person or virtual personalized meeting.