At Waterstone of Lexington, there’s never a dull moment. Pursue your passions and discover life the way you always wanted. We offer a myriad of programs and amenities promoting your personal growth, entertainment and cultural fulfillment. Take part in craft workshops. Head to a local concert. Listen in on a stimulating lecture. Take charge of your health with yoga, fitness classes or swimming. There’s an abundance of daily programming to keep you active and engaged.

When you discover a new hobby, you discover a little more about yourself. We understand the interests of our residents may differ, which is why our calendar allows us to tailor every event and program to meet your needs. No matter the case, when you call Waterstone of Lexington home, inspiration is never in short supply.


Find out more about what living at Waterstone of Lexington is like. Our welcome center for sales and information is now open. We’d be happy to answer your questions and arrange an in-person or virtual personalized meeting.