As you’re working on retirement planning and researching your options for independent living, you’ve probably started to notice that senior living communities are not all cut from the same cloth. From the size and style of apartments to the dining options to the types of programs and services offered, the differences between communities can be vast.

At Waterstone of Westchester, we understand that the wide range of options can sometimes make the process of planning and researching the community that’s right for you seem like an overwhelming task. To help check something off your list, we’ve put together a list of premier features that you may want to look for that can really elevate the senior living experience. If you want the best out of your retirement lifestyle, then be sure to visit a community like Waterstone of Westchester that offers the refined comforts and extra amenities to make life truly inspiring and carefree.

Fine Dining

Dining with ambiance and attention to detail is the pride of many retirement communities. Contrary to the idea of ‘cafeteria food’ offered at regimented times throughout the day, luxury senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester hire highly trained chefs that create exceptional menus featuring fresh, seasonal favorites. They design their offerings not only with health and nutrition in mind but also a rich dining experience.

As you compare retirement communities, ask questions about the dining options available – and ask to sample a taste of what the residents enjoy every day. At Waterstone of Westchester, our culinary experience will rival the area’s best restaurants.

A Variety of Health and Wellness Programs

Among the services and amenities that you might look for in an independent living community are those that can support your health goals and commitment to wellness. As we age, our health needs may change, and it’s important to look for new, fresh ways to exercise our bodies and our minds.

At Waterstone of Westchester, you will have variety. Work out or relax in the heated indoor pool. Utilize our fully equipped fitness center to meet your personal goals with our experienced trainers. Attend a group fitness class with new friends. Lower your stress with a relaxing yoga session in the mind-body studio. Regardless of your current ability levels, the personal trainers at Waterstone will work with you toward success.

Outdoor Amenities

Perhaps overlooked features of premier senior living communities are the amenities that encourage spending time outdoors. Studies have linked outdoor recreation to decreased anxiety and depression. There are also benefits to physical health, like increased vitamin D intake.

At Waterstone of Westchester, fresh air can come in the form of a walk on local hiking paths, dining outdoors, sharing stories around the fire pit or having a quiet moment to yourself on the outdoor terrace.

Stimulating Programs and Activities

Retirement communities have often been compared to college campuses for seniors. One reason this is an apt comparison is because of the multitude of recreational and educational options available to you as a resident. Modern senior living offers you opportunities to discover new interests, continue pursuing passions, participate in cultural activities, and even go on trips to area attractions.

Your retirement should be what you want it to be and allow you to thrive while engaging in stimulating activities focused on your personal growth, happiness and fulfillment.

Community-Centered Events

Along with a diversity of activities, senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester also provide opportunities to make meaningful connections with other residents. Having your social and emotional needs met is integral to your overall health. When you visit a community, ask about their programming and regularly scheduled cultural and recreational activities.

At Waterstone of Westchester, you will find that great care will be taken to provide residents with opportunities to connect with one another over meaningful topics, lively events or interesting experiences. We all find meaning in our relationships, so whether you are introverted or extroverted, these offerings will be important. At your leisure, you’ll be able to partake in the events that interest you most.

Concierge Services

Often, one of the motivating reasons that older adults transition into an independent living community is because they are tired of keeping up with the maintenance of their homes.

At senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester, you will benefit not only from weekly housekeeping and apartment maintenance, but you will no longer need to worry about raking leaves or shoveling snow. Plus, our dedicated concierge services and black car transportation add an extra layer of convenience.

Bright and Inviting Spaces

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of architecture and design. Spaces where we feel comfortable or that enhance our experiences add quality to our lives. Before making any decisions about where to spend your retirement, make sure you visit the community and check out the living accommodations and community spaces firsthand.

The spacious floor plans and unique details of the apartments at Waterstone of Westchester were designed for luxury, style and the ultimate in convenience. Each apartment features abundant natural light, a designer kitchen, open spaces and exceptional finishes. They offer the perfect retreat from your active, on-the-go retirement lifestyle.

Come Home to Waterstone of Westchester

Among your choices for the ultimate senior living experience is the curated elegance you’ll find at Waterstone of Westchester in White Plains, NY. To see what awaits you, contact our Senior Advisor and schedule your personal visit today.


5 Simple Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Sometimes, the prospect of a move to senior living can give you ‘option paralysis’ – in other words, there’s so many choices that it’s too difficult to determine what is best for your specific circumstances.

Finding the right assisted living community requires time, effort and patience. In your search for a place to call home for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to focus your attention on a handful of key factors. These boil down to services, location, size, cost and overall culture.

Here are the five areas to explore when choosing the right assisted living community for your loved one.

The 5 Factors to Consider When Looking for an Assisted Living Community

Before transitioning to an assisted living community, you have to be sure it’s a good fit for yourself or a loved one.

It’s estimated that by 2023, 60% of senior living communities will offer wellness lifestyles, according to data from the International Council on Active Aging. This is a clear sign of an upward trend in senior living, where a holistic approach is favored. Waterstone at Wellesley is ahead of the curve, offering an enriching lifestyle that emphasizes all aspects of wellness – body, mind and spirit.

Realistically, any community that places emphasis on quality of life, compassion and personal care will likely offer the services you need. With this philosophy in mind, it’s important that you look for a community that meets your individual needs and preferences in each of the following five areas.

  1. Services Offered
    Explore the services offered by the community. Come to your research process prepared by knowing the level of care you or your loved one may need. For example, if your loved one will require medication management, double-check that the service is provided. If you have special dietary requirements, ask if the dining service team will be able to accommodate them.
  2. Location of the Community
    Do you want a place near where you live, near where your loved one currently lives, or something in between? The answer to this question will be personal. Maybe there are other reasons you’re going for a specific location.If possible, it’s a good idea to travel to the community with a family member to see it for yourself. Though it may add more work to the search process for the ideal assisted living community, visiting a community and seeing all that it has to offer will tell you more than anything on the internet ever could.
  3. Size and Style of the Community
    Senior care is a community endeavor, as much about building intentional neighborhoods as it is living a lifestyle focused on wellness. Be sure that the community is the right size – and style – for you. Does the community feel right to you and offer the amenities you’re looking for to promote an active, healthy lifestyle? Does it offer the atmosphere that you are accustomed to and that makes you or your loved one feel at home?
  4. Cost of Living
    Depending on the community, older adults will have a variety of ways to pay for assisted living services. Go over care and housing options with the community’s Senior Advisor and/or your own personal financial advisor before coming to a decision. Look at the type of community in question, the spectrum of care and contract type. Consider everything that is included at each community you visit to be sure you’re comparing “apples to apples.”
  5. Community Culture
    Arguably the most important aspect of any community is its culture. For assisted living residents, community culture can be elements big or small. When you visit, get a feel for the environment and people. Watch how residents interact with team members. Check out the lifestyle and how engaging the programs are. Does the community’s overall feel and culture align with what you envisioned for your or your loved one’s new home?

Ensure the community offers everything needed to encourage the lifestyle you desire. Maybe your loved one likes the theater or spending a quiet afternoon in the library. Perhaps they enjoy a little personal training or a tai chi session. How about a game night or art class? Look for a place that will help you or your loved one feel comfortable and at home – and possibly help you step slightly out of your comfort zone to experience new, exciting things.

Waterstone at Wellesley: Now This Is Home.

Waterstone at Wellesley offers premier independent living and supportive assisted living options in the heart of Wellesley in beautiful Massachusetts. Contact us to schedule a personal visit and explore our dynamic senior living community.

High Ridge

Keys to Embracing the Aging Process

As we age, life brings with it a number of changes – both positive and negative. You may be just starting out your new retirement lifestyle or enjoying the excitement of welcoming a new grandchild into the world. Perhaps you are selling your family home and moving into a senior living community. Or, maybe you are facing the challenges that come along with a change in your or your loved one’s health.

These times of transition can feel overwhelming, especially for those who are not keen on the idea of change. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help embrace the changes that come along with the aging process. Continue reading to learn five ways to protect your peace of mind during this stage of life and keep a positive perspective, even when times get tough.

Waterstone on High Ridge offers an enriching lifestyle that focuses on helping residents build and maintain wellness and positivity in daily life. From engaging activities and wellness programs to lifelong learning and dedicated concierge services, residents have access to the support and convenience that makes the aging process as smooth as possible.

1. Practice Gratitude.

In some ways, finding peace during this phase is no different than in other phases of life. For instance, studies have shown that no matter when intentional gratitude is practiced, it can have long-lasting effects on the brain. Whether you start a gratitude journal, engage with the Five Minute Journal app on your device, or send messages of appreciation to the people in your life, these practices can help you boost your mental health.

2. Choose a Senior Living Community with Various Levels of Care.

One major impediment to finding peace of mind is anxiety, and it is common for older people to have anxiety about declining health, even if they haven’t experienced it yet. Whether you are facing a chronic condition, worsening memory problems, or just the possibility of a life-altering event, it is likely that you feel this.

One solution to this problem lies in your choice of senior living. Communities like Waterstone on High Ridge offer a continuum of care that offers various levels of assistance with dynamic independent living, supportive assisted living, and dedicated memory care from the experts at Bridges® by EPOCH. When you join a community that offers various care options featuring highly individualized and flexible care plans, you can relax knowing that you’ll receive the support you need without having to face another difficult transition. 

3. Make Conscious Decisions for a Healthy Life.

Choices about diet and exercise are integral to managing certain health conditions, staying limber and mobile, and treating mental health conditions. As we age, older adults are more likely to experience these three issues, and a healthy diet and exercise program can help you stay more comfortable and at peace with the aging process.

At Waterstone on High Ridge, our highly trained culinary staff will get to know each of our residents and their unique dietary preferences. The health and wellness of residents is always top of mind – which includes creating an exceptional dining experience that inspires healthy living and socialization with friends.

The wellness experience at Waterstone can also be enhanced by a fully equipped fitness center, heated indoor pool. Whether your goal is to lose weight, calm your mind, or stay agile, you can find the personal training or group class that suits your needs.

4. Take Up New Hobbies and Expand Your Interests.

Wellness is a term that encompasses seven dimensions of well-being, and intellectual and emotional wellness are often overlooked. These are connected to having a purpose, utilizing your strengths, and staying in touch with yourself. When these are your pursuits, you can find greater peace with the inevitable changes associated with aging.

A great way to cultivate wellness in these areas is to explore your interests, skills and modes of self-expression. There is an abundance of opportunities at Waterstone on High Ridge to continue your journey into personal growth and fulfillment. Whether you want to learn a new craft, go on an outing, or engage in a cultural experience, we have you covered.

5. Foster Community with Friends and Family.

Of course, another aspect of health and wellness is staying connected to your community and fostering relationships. Whether you have weekly meetups with a family member or spend more time with your new neighbors, this sort of socialization can help you process the changes you might be enduring. With a peer, you may find some camaraderie and be less likely to feel alone in your experience.

Waterstone on High Ridge: Now Open

Waterstone on High Ridge is open and welcoming new residents! Call 203.361.9717 to schedule a visit to learn how our premier senior living community in Stamford, CT can help you embrace the aging process.


The Benefits of Moving to Senior Living Sooner

Conventional wisdom says you’re as young as you feel.

It’s no secret that seniors sometimes feel they are too young to join a senior living community. But the truth is, if you meet the minimum age requirement, which is often 62, you’re likely to love your new lifestyle. Senior living communities are seeing younger and younger residents moving in – and there’s a reason. Today’s communities, like Waterstone of Westchester, are places for older adults to thrive – with unmatched opportunities for expanded social life, lifelong learning, fitness programs, exposure to new interests and hobbies, and so much more.

Choosing an age to move often has more to do with what the community offers than your stage of life. Maybe you’re ready to be done with the hassle of home maintenance. Or it could be that living at home has left you seeking more social activity.

Whatever your reason, keep reading to learn about some of the top benefits of moving into independent living sooner rather than later.

Smoothing the Transition

When moving to a retirement community, the younger you are, the easier the process will be. As we age, the moving process can pose unforeseen challenges, both emotionally and physically. Moving when you are younger means you’ll likely have a stronger interest in building connections to your community – and finding new things to learn, explore and do every day. Moving to independent living also means being settled and feeling right at home if or when you do need some extra support.

New Friendships

Our retirement years mean new experiences as well as new acquaintances. In a tight-knit senior living community, new friendships are bound to blossom. Moving to independent living guarantees you’ll be around fun and interesting people that you can relate to – with so many activities to enjoy together.

Get a Wellness Boost

Senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester have a strong emphasis on residents’ health and wellness. Wellness programs are a key benefit that you’ll enjoy to the fullest and will keep you feeling young! Choose from pampering yourself at the salon, getting a lesson from the personal trainer or swimming in the heated pool.

Amenities and Services

Moving in sooner might also help you to enjoy more fully the amenities and services each community has to offer. Waterstone of Westchester features a wide array of five-star amenities and programs designed to help residents fully engage in community life. Older adults who enjoy exercise and adventure, take note.

Enjoying an Independent Lifestyle

In your standard independent living community, life would be good. At Waterstone of Westchester, our community will offer a premium lifestyle with unmatched style, service and convenience. Here, your retirement life will be full of possibilities. Shop downtown, enjoy a movie in the theater, enjoy gourmet dining in our restaurant, or be creative in the art studio. No matter your interests, we have something for you.

Waterstone of Westchester. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone of Westchester is the area’s premier independent senior living community. We’re close to exquisite shopping, close to fine dining and close to your heart. Come visit our beautiful location and see what Waterstone can offer you.


Our Dining Experience: Everything You Need To Know

Food is an integral part of our lives. From holidays to birthday parties to summertime barbeques, gathering with friends and family around a meal is a given. Enjoying a meal together allows for a shared experience and opens up an opportunity to touch base with one other.

The dining experience offered at a senior living community impacts your quality of life in a way that almost nothing else does. The quality of food and the opportunity to socialize with friends can influence your physical, mental and social well-being.

At Waterstone at Wellesley, we curate a dynamic and diverse dining experience for you. Keep reading to learn about the world-class dining you can expect as an independent or assisted living resident.

Gourmet Dining at Your Convenience

Our restaurant at Waterstone at Wellesley offers fine dining with a seasonal menu. We use locally grown and sourced ingredients in our chef-prepared meals to create an exciting blend of new flavors – and old favorites. Our menu evolves regularly and is served with exceptional hospitality and ambiance in a variety of dining venues.

Truly, our cuisine is only rivaled by the finest restaurants in Wellesley and beyond. Our tableside service and unique demonstration space provide a culinary experience that goes beyond just the food. Grab a quick breakfast at Alex’s Pub. Enjoy a five-star dinner expertly prepared by our chef. Or, if you are interested, catch a front-seat view of the skill and creativity of our chefs at our demonstration kitchen.

At Waterstone at Wellesley, there is no set meal schedule, so you can have this fine dining experience whenever works best for your own personal schedule. And no matter what, you’ll receive excellent service from our wait staff.

We also offer our private dining room for special occasions and would be happy to cater your event. We want nothing more than to give you the opportunity to engage socially while experiencing an excellent, nutritionally balanced cuisine.

Casual Dining, Afternoon Tea and Continental Breakfast

Alex’s Pub is a great venue where you’ll find a lively atmosphere where you can catch up with friends – or meet new people – while enjoying some of your favorite meals. Here, we regularly host Afternoon Tea and Cocktail Hour for our residents. You can also partake in our continental breakfast Monday through Friday with muffins, coffee, juice and fruit.

Convenient Catering to Your Home or Private Dining Room

Whether you are planning an event, celebrating a special occasion, or just want a hassle-free dinner at home, we will cater to you. Let us handle the cuisine. All you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy!

Come Experience Why Residents Praise Our Fine Dining

We would love to demonstrate what your life could be like with a move to Waterstone at Wellesley. Come for a tour and a meal on us – our gourmet, chef-prepared dining will not disappoint! Contact us today at 781.591.7113 to schedule your visit.

The Circle

Looking Forward to a New Year in Senior Living

We all know the fun of donning party hats and staying up until midnight to celebrate the new year, but if you’re considering a move to senior living, you might wonder what the coming year will bring.

The truth is that carefree living is even closer than you might think.

Many senior living communities provide amenities and services that let you explore the possibilities of what each day has to offer. From gourmet dining to fitness centers to maintenance-free living, there are many exceptional benefits to consider when moving to a senior living community like Waterstone at the Circle.

Keep reading to learn more about the reasons you can look forward to a move to senior living in the new year! Additionally, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite ways for older adults to ring in the new year.

Senior Living Amenities in an Independent Setting

When you’re looking into senior living options, it’s important to find a community that aligns with your lifestyle. As an active senior, you need a setting that meets all your wellness needs, provides delicious meals and embodies the carefree ideal.

At Waterstone at the Circle, we offer all these and more. While not all independent living settings offer the same amenities, most provide specialized dining, robust wellness programs and maintenance services.

For meals, take the hands-off approach and stop into our anytime-dining restaurant. Enjoy seasonal menus with a regional flair that are sure to delight your taste buds. Follow up by enrolling in a wellness program at our fitness center or getting involved in community life with daily activities and programming.

Take a dip in the community swimming pool to cool off and return for a rest in your apartment, freshly cleaned by our weekly housekeeping service. Many senior living communities like Waterstone at the Circle also feature daily life-enrichment programs, lifelong learning lectures, trips to local attractions and other community outings.

Be sure you visit every senior living community on your list and explore their apartments, programs and amenities before deciding on the option that is best suited to your desired lifestyle. We hope to welcome you soon for your tour of Waterstone at the Circle!

How Our Residents Toast the Year Ahead

In refined urban settings, today’s independent older adults can find what they need to enjoy all that independent living has to offer. Sometimes the warmth of a tradition is all that’s needed to toast the year ahead.

New Year’s Resolutions
A classic and inspiring tradition, resolutions are a great way to check in on your goals and keep track of personal growth from the previous year. Our residents enjoy writing down their resolutions and sharing them with friends and family to stay motivated throughout the year!

Friends, Games and Champagne
Our residents love to spend time together – and what better way than with some friendly competition? Whether it’s board games or checkers, cards or Jenga, it’s the perfect opportunity to pop a bottle of champagne and kick back for a fun night in at Waterstone.

New Year’s Eve Meal at Our Restaurant
One of Waterstone’s many wonderful amenities is its fine dining. There’s nothing better than starting off festivities with a gourmet, chef-prepared meal in the Reservoir Room before the countdown to the new year begins.

Countdown to Midnight – or Noon

Some residents are night owls and enjoy the anticipation of the classic midnight countdown, but for those who like to retire a bit earlier, we suggest hosting a New Year’s Eve Countdown to Noon! This sort of daytime get-together allows for all the fun – without all the drowsiness.

Waterstone at the Circle. Now This Is Home.

Waterstone at the Circle offers a modern approach to luxury senior living in a historical setting in Boston. Come see how we redefine independent living in the heart of the Cleveland Circle neighborhood.

You shouldn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to choosing a senior living community that’s perfect for your lifestyle, needs and goals for the future.

“Choosing a floor plan for your senior living apartment is so important,”saysWendy Kaufman, Executive Director at Waterstone on High Ridge. “Whether you are looking for an independent living community for yourself or assisted living for a loved one, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs.”

Read on to see how we can help you live life to the fullest with our ideal floor plan options.

Independent Living Apartment Plans

All variations of our independent living floor plans feature designer kitchens with stainless steel appliances, bathrooms with walk-in showers and spacious living areas. Also included are walk-in closets and premium plank flooring, and our open concept design ensures abundant natural lighting.

Waterstone on High Ridge features a total of 88 bright and spacious apartments for independent living. Each premier apartment also includes a washer and dryer and weekly housekeeping services.

Our four different apartment styles can help older adults live the independent life they want. Choose from one-bedroom apartments, with or without a den. For something roomier, you can decide between two different two-bedroom models, each with two bathrooms and an optional den for the fourth apartment style.

Assisted Living Apartment Plans

Waterstone on High Ridge boasts 36 one-bedroom assisted living apartments with ample living space and thoughtful layouts. Residents receive supportive assistance around the clock along with housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services.

The layout of our assisted living apartments resembles that of our independent living units – with spacious, bright living spaces and luxurious finishes.

Memory Care Suite Plans

For loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, consider Bridges® at Waterstone, home to 22 dedicated memory care suites. Our memory care household and suites are designed specifically to support the unique needs of those with memory loss. Best of all, our specially trained team will provide supportive assistance around the clock, and our life enrichment team will create daily programs and activities that inspire and engage those with memory loss.

Support When You Need It. Home the Way You Like It.

Waterstone on High Ridge offers a modern approach to retirement living in a historical setting. Additional apartment options and configurations may be available. Come see how we redefine senior living at our Welcome Center in Stamford.


Downsizing and Decluttering for a Move to Senior Living

Downsizing doesn’t have to be about moving to a smaller space. It can also be about decluttering and rightsizing to meet your exact lifestyle needs.

If you’re considering moving into a senior living community during the upcoming year, let us help with ideas for getting your things prepared. There are a handful of easy ways that older adults can save time when preparing for a move to a retirement community.

Keep reading to explore some of the best ways to scale down in the new year and make resolutions for a smooth move to senior living. We’ll also offer insight into how decluttering and downsizing can streamline the moving process.

Start Downsizing Early

Preparing for a move into a senior living community involves decisions, organization, sorting, packing and, finally, the actual move itself. Through all this, it’s important to prioritize your own wellness and have a clear idea of what kind of space you need.

A key idea that’s gaining momentum is smart sizing, which emphasizes moving to the right-sized space for your lifestyle. Waterstone of Lexington’s premier independent living units provide such a space – with spacious floor plans offering just what you need and want – and access to the enriching lifestyle you desire.

Start Small

You should start the process small by organizing, sorting and labeling items.

Begin with the very small, such as heirlooms or accessories, then move on to the very large, such as art or furniture. Box up what needs to be padded and label other items with painter’s tape for their future location. Ideally, if you organize thoroughly, the moving company can start loading their truck within minutes of arriving at your home. You might also want to contact a Senior Move Manager® to get help with what to prioritize.

Donate, Gift or Sell Items

One of the absolute best ways to declutter is to assess what’s in your home and how often you use it. If you don’t use it regularly and it doesn’t serve your immediate needs, consider donating, gifting, or selling such items.

For any possessions that you don’t want, label or place them in a ‘To Be Donated’ box. Gift these items to those in need or to local shelters or centers.

Pass on cherished items to friends, families, or neighbors who can use them. You can also organize a garage, yard or sidewalk sale and price things fairly to quickly find them good homes.

Focus on Just One Room at a Time

A good practice is to focus on one room at a time. You might experience emotional attachment while working through a lifetime of memories. It’s important to give time enough to sort through those memories. You never know what you might find or how it will impact you.

You may want to try moving clockwise through your home, spending the same amount of time on the downsizing in each area, every day. Before you know it, your home will be packed, and you’ll be on your way to a brand-new space – one where you will have an engaging lifestyle right at your fingertips and where your family members can gather to make brand-new memories.

Waterstone of Lexington: Your New Forwarding Address

Waterstone of Lexington offers a modern approach to retirement living in a historical setting with full amenities and services. Come see how we redefine independent living, assisted living and memory care at our Welcome Center in Belmont. The community will open in late summer 2022.


Differences Between Independent and Assisted Living

Have you been wondering what the difference is between independent living and assisted living? The differences are subtle but can result in differing care, differing options and additional costs, depending on your situation. Even if you haven’t done much research into senior living options, it’s important to know the similarities and differences in order to understand what will work best for you.

Independent and assisted living can mean multiple things to different people, which is why it’s so important to do your research. Both the independent and assisted living lifestyles at Waterstone of Lexington provide peace of mind for older adults.

As you’re searching for the right option for yourself or a senior loved one, here are the differences to take notice of:

Levels of care.

Assisted living facilities offer higher care levels than independent living communities. This can be very beneficial, particularly because some older adults often require higher levels of medical care than active, independent seniors. It also provides peace of mind for those active adults, giving them the confidence of additional care being available to them should it be needed in the future.

Amenities and services.

In an assisted living community, team members are available to provide support to older adults 24/7, no matter when or where they need it. Individuals can receive help with basic life tasks such as:

  • Home cleaning
  • Medication management
  • Bathing, grooming and other activities of daily living
  • Support to help maintain an independent lifestyle

In independent living, seniors don’t receive care services but instead benefit from concierge-style services that provide an active lifestyle with convenience. At Waterstone of Lexington, residents in both independent living and assisted living enjoy access to the community’s enriching amenities.

Contact with team members.

In assisted living, residents receive the daily caring assistance needed to help them enjoy an active lifestyle. For those in independent living, the amount of contact residents have with team members is truly up to them. Privacy is respected, but team members are always available and ready to assist. Team members also encourage residents – in any level of care – to enjoy the variety of dynamic lifestyle programs and events held at the community, but participation is never required.


Independent senior living communities are, by nature, “independent” – providing a lifestyle, not senior care. Assisted living, on the other hand, involves personal care services, which can range from very minimal care to more extensive. This higher level of care and involvement means that assisted living is usually more expensive than independent living. Assisted living costs can sometimes be covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, which can help offset the higher costs.

At Waterstone of Lexington, we will offer both independent and assisted living options, as well as memory care available at our sister community, Bridges® by EPOCH, located across our campus. This is very important for an older adult’s quality of life, happiness and well-being. Having all care services available on-site means that our future residents will never need to leave the community they love in order to receive the support they require to live well.

Become One of Our First Residents Today!

We look forward to introducing you to the definitive, distinctive lifestyle at Waterstone of Lexington and welcoming you as a charter member of our community. For more information, please call ​781.728.3037 and discover how you can help shape the future of our premier rental community for seniors 62 and over.

Welcome Home to Waterstone of Lexington. Opening Late Summer 2022.

For seniors in Middlesex County who desire a luxurious lifestyle, we welcome you to Waterstone of Lexington. The mid-century style of this dynamic community was inspired by the nearby Gropius House and the area’s tradition of innovative, modern architecture. In this classic, beautiful new community, you’ll be inspired by all the amenities and programs to take up a new hobby, exercise in our fitness center and indoor pool, and make new friends while dining and enjoying social events.

Offering independent living and assisted living, Waterstone of Lexington provides myriad ways for seniors 62+ to enjoy their retirement to the fullest. Our rental community draws influence from Lexington, MA’s tradition of innovative, modern architecture and the open, natural environment around it.

Step inside and experience the calming yet engaging atmosphere that our talented architects and designers have so beautifully crafted. Waterstone of Lexington is filled with energizing and convenient amenities such as an indoor pool, fitness center, salon, underground parking and more. Then, enjoy your elegant living space – a large, sunlit apartment complete with a full-size designer kitchen, well-appointed bathroom, walk-in closet and more.

Our rental apartment community means no steep entrance fees, providing greater financial flexibility. Everything at Waterstone of Lexington was all created with you in mind, where our attentive team members, extensive programs and luxury amenities give you the ability to make life your own – how you like it.

Welcome to Waterstone of Lexington. Join the experience of what life is like at this premier senior living community by calling ​781.728.3037.

High Ridge

Current Wellness Trends in Senior Living

What trends do you think about when you consider senior living? Do you think about care options? Entertainment options? Living options? Or, perhaps, do you think about wellness options?

“These days, senior living isn’t a place where older adults go to just exist – they go there to thrive,” says Wendy Kaufman, Executive Director of Waterstone on High Ridge. “Today’s retirement living is focused on an engaged and vibrant lifestyle rather than a place where older adults go to simply spend the rest of their days. Instead, it’s quickly becoming a place younger adults look forward to – a lifestyle rich in wellness options that make retirement the best stage of life ever!”

Wendy explains that today’s seniors are living healthier, longer and more engaged lives in their older years than previous generations, and they’re actively seeking lifestyles that help them continue that trend. “Health and wellness are a priority like never before for today’s older adults, and senior living communities are rising to the challenge,” she says. “Those who will win in the current landscape will be communities who maximize wellness as a priority for whole-body health and engagement.”

But what does that look like? Here are some examples of today’s current trends in senior living and how they translate to an engaged, enriched and fulfilled lifestyle for today’s older adults.

Integrated technology.

The technology sector has expanded rapidly over the past few years, and senior living communities are eagerly adopting technologies that help older adults live well for as long as possible. This includes things like fall-prevention tools, integrated exercise equipment, telehealth options and other groundbreaking possibilities.

Stress reduction.

Stress is a daily factor of life for many Americans, no matter their age. However, stress affects older adults disproportionately due to the many lifestyle and living changes that occur once one reaches a certain age. Long-term stress is a huge detriment to one’s health, which is why so many senior living communities are adopting an approach of stress elimination and reduction. How is this accomplished? Though a maintenance-free lifestyle that includes dining, housekeeping, overall maintenance, wellness programs, lifelong learning opportunities and so much more.

Whole-body health.

Today, health means more than just eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. It also includes whole-body options like massage, yoga, meditation and other practices that bring mind and body together to improve quality of life. Current senior living trends include practices like yoga and tai chi to help bring whole-body wellness to an individual’s daily routine to elevate health and improve lifestyle like nothing else. Waterstone on High Ridge will feature a dedicated Mind/Body Studio for residents to engage in these wellness practices.

Continuous learning.

Learning doesn’t stop when we leave school. In fact, learning new things becomes more important than ever as we age, helping us keep our minds nimble and our curiosity at the forefront of our existence. Today’s senior living communities are always actively searching options to help their residents expand their minds and explore the world around them, whether that’s learning a new skill, picking up an old hobby or exploring new horizons.

Nutritious diets.

Food is an integral part of all our lives, and senior living communities are making sure that well-balanced diets have an important place at today’s tables. Senior living communities understand that meals should be fresh and delicious – as well as nutritious, so on-staff chefs and nutritionists work together to make sure that bon appétit is a phrase that’s lived as much as it’s uttered.

“Today’s senior living trends don’t just help seniors live a healthy life – they help them live the best life possible,” says Wendy. “By staying abreast of the latest wellness and health trends, today’s communities are developing engaging, healthy and balanced lifestyles that help older adults live their best lives today and in the future.”

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We look forward to introducing you to the definitive, distinctive lifestyle at Waterstone on High Ridge and welcoming you as one of the first residents of our community. For more information, please call 203.361.9717 and discover how you can help shape the future of our premier rental community for seniors 62 and over.

The Height of Senior Living: Opening Early 2022

Discerning seniors in Fairfield County who desire a luxurious retirement lifestyle will find exactly what they’ve been seeking at Waterstone on High Ridge.

Located on a beautifully landscaped hill above High Ridge Road, Waterstone on High Ridge is an experience like no other. You’ll live on a verdant campus neighboring quiet conservation land, with easy access to the shopping, dining and cultural opportunities in nearby downtown Stamford, CT. Once you step into our sophisticated, approachable common areas brimming with extensive amenities, attentive team members, engaging programs and thoughtful care, you’ll know that Waterstone on High Ridge is the place to call home.

Offering independent living, assisted living and memory care, Waterstone on High Ridge provides countless ways for seniors 62+ to enjoy their retirement to the fullest. In this classic, beautiful new community, you’ll be inspired by all the amenities and programs to take up a new hobby, exercise in our fitness center and indoor pool, and make new friends while dining and enjoying social events.

Waterstone on High Ridge is filled with energizing and convenient amenities such as an indoor pool, fitness center, salon, parking and more. Enjoy your elegant living space – a large, sunlit apartment complete with a full-size designer kitchen, well-appointed bathroom, walk-in closet and more.

Our rental apartment community means no steep entrance fees, providing greater financial flexibility. Everything at Waterstone on High Ridge was created with you in mind, where our attentive team members, extensive programs and luxury amenities give you the ability to make life your own– how you like it.

Welcome to Waterstone on High Ridge. Welcome home! Join the experience of what life is like at this premier senior living community by calling 203.361.9717.