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Current Wellness Trends in Senior Living

What trends do you think about when you consider senior living? Do you think about care options? Entertainment options? Living options? Or, perhaps, do you think about wellness options?

What trends do you think about when you consider senior living? Do you think about care options? Entertainment options? Living options? Or, perhaps, do you think about wellness options?

“These days, senior living isn’t a place where older adults go to just exist – they go there to thrive,” says Wendy Kaufman, Executive Director of Waterstone on High Ridge. “Today’s retirement living is focused on an engaged and vibrant lifestyle rather than a place where older adults go to simply spend the rest of their days. Instead, it’s quickly becoming a place younger adults look forward to – a lifestyle rich in wellness options that make retirement the best stage of life ever!”

Wendy explains that today’s seniors are living healthier, longer and more engaged lives in their older years than previous generations, and they’re actively seeking lifestyles that help them continue that trend. “Health and wellness are a priority like never before for today’s older adults, and senior living communities are rising to the challenge,” she says. “Those who will win in the current landscape will be communities who maximize wellness as a priority for whole-body health and engagement.”

But what does that look like? Here are some examples of today’s current trends in senior living and how they translate to an engaged, enriched and fulfilled lifestyle for today’s older adults.

Integrated technology.

The technology sector has expanded rapidly over the past few years, and senior living communities are eagerly adopting technologies that help older adults live well for as long as possible. This includes things like fall-prevention tools, integrated exercise equipment, telehealth options and other groundbreaking possibilities.

Stress reduction.

Stress is a daily factor of life for many Americans, no matter their age. However, stress affects older adults disproportionately due to the many lifestyle and living changes that occur once one reaches a certain age. Long-term stress is a huge detriment to one’s health, which is why so many senior living communities are adopting an approach of stress elimination and reduction. How is this accomplished? Though a maintenance-free lifestyle that includes dining, housekeeping, overall maintenance, wellness programs, lifelong learning opportunities and so much more.

Whole-body health.

Today, health means more than just eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. It also includes whole-body options like massage, yoga, meditation and other practices that bring mind and body together to improve quality of life. Current senior living trends include practices like yoga and tai chi to help bring whole-body wellness to an individual’s daily routine to elevate health and improve lifestyle like nothing else. Waterstone on High Ridge will feature a dedicated Mind/Body Studio for residents to engage in these wellness practices.

Continuous learning.

Learning doesn’t stop when we leave school. In fact, learning new things becomes more important than ever as we age, helping us keep our minds nimble and our curiosity at the forefront of our existence. Today’s senior living communities are always actively searching options to help their residents expand their minds and explore the world around them, whether that’s learning a new skill, picking up an old hobby or exploring new horizons.

Nutritious diets.

Food is an integral part of all our lives, and senior living communities are making sure that well-balanced diets have an important place at today’s tables. Senior living communities understand that meals should be fresh and delicious – as well as nutritious, so on-staff chefs and nutritionists work together to make sure that bon appétit is a phrase that’s lived as much as it’s uttered.

“Today’s senior living trends don’t just help seniors live a healthy life – they help them live the best life possible,” says Wendy. “By staying abreast of the latest wellness and health trends, today’s communities are developing engaging, healthy and balanced lifestyles that help older adults live their best lives today and in the future.”

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