Why Seniors Prefer Assisted Living Rather Than Moving In with Family

A recent article in Senior Housing News reported that while many older adults see themselves remaining at home as they age, they viewed moving to an assisted living community as a better option than moving in with family members.

A recent article in Senior Housing News reported that while many older adults see themselves remaining at home as they age, they viewed moving to an assisted living community as a better option than moving in with family members.

This was one of the key findings in a recent survey by Retirement Living Information Center. The online retirement resource website surveyed over 2,300 seniors. Thirty percent of respondents said if they became unable to live on their own, they preferred assisted living communities over living with family.

The Challenges of Multigenerational Living

“Deciding whether to stay at home or move in with an adult child or family member can be a tricky one,” says Devon Sicard, Executive Director at Waterstone at Wellesley. “Before making any decisions, it’s important to consider the emotional, financial and logistical aspects of it.”

The Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) warns that seniors who move in with family members often struggle with the inevitable change in familial roles. “Adult children have to accept they may have to parent their parents while the older adult still feels authoritative despite his or her health condition,” says Devon.

Devon emphasizes the importance of having a frank discussion with the aging parents before making the arrangement. “Lay some ground rules and talk about how it’s all going to work,” Devon says. “Talk about mealtimes, bedtimes, household responsibilities, how guests will be handled and how much time should be set aside for socialization. The need for care services provided by home healthcare organizations should also be assessed.”

Families must also make sure they have the physical – and financial – means to provide a home for their loved ones. Some may have to adapt or expand their home to make it more comfortable or senior-ready.

MarketWatch points out that there are a host of legal and financial matters to sort out before a move takes place. The news source suggests figuring out whether the parent will be contributing to household costs and, if so, how much? Can the caregiver claim the parent as a dependent? In addition, families should have a will in place to protect their parents’ legal rights.

Many seniors fear losing their independence should they move in with a loved one. Retaining as much independence as possible is one of the main reasons why so many seniors think moving to an independent living community or assisted living facility may be a better choice. 

Senior living communities – whether they offer independent living, assisted living or both – are becoming the go-to for seniors who find they need a little support to live their best lives. Devon says that most residents who move to Waterstone at Wellesley need some level of support or assistance with the activities of daily living, personal care and medication reminders.

“The truth is that when seniors move into a community, they find they enjoy the active, vibrant lifestyle very much,” says Devon. “They love having access to community amenities that make such a difference in overall well-being and quality of life. Living at home doesn’t include built-in amenities like fitness and wellness centers, indoor swimming pools, gourmet dining in multiple venues, indoor and outdoor community gathering spaces, putting greens, spas and much more.”

Senior living communities can be a happy solution for seniors and their families. Below are a few reasons why seniors say they prefer a senior living community over living with their families: 

Maintenance and worry-free living – The everyday chores that come with owning a home are all completely taken care of. 

Live social – Senior living communities offer countless daily activities, entertainment and social opportunities. There’s never a dull moment (unless you want there to be), and there are always new friends and neighbors around to ensure you are never alone (unless you want to be).

Good nutrition and great food – In assisted living or other senior living communities, there is no shortage of healthy, delicious foods. Families can rest assured that their loved ones have well-balanced meals that provide the right nutritional support.

One monthly payment – One monthly payment includes everything residents need to thrive. You don’t have to worry about paying utility bills, taxes, phone, etc. It’s all included in your monthly bill.

Transportation – Forget navigating traffic and icy roads during the winter months! Communities like Waterstone offer complimentary transportation to and from doctor appointments, errands and more.

Confidence of care – Adult children enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved ones are enjoying a full life and that support and assistance are available if they’re needed. 

Beautiful Riverfront Community

Located on the banks of the Charles River, Waterstone is Wellesley’s only senior living community, offering premier independent and assisted living. But that’s only the first of many differences that sets Waterstone above and beyond other communities.

Celebrating Dynamic Living

Here, our residents live independently in their own private, spacious apartments – but without any worries or concerns about homeownership or living alone. All meals are expertly prepared. There aren’t any chores to be concerned with. No home maintenance or repairs to worry about. Just opportunities around every corner and time to spend as they choose – in the company of new friends.

Our vibrant community encourages residents to engage in a variety of recreational, cultural and social programs and activities. Enjoy a fitness class. Swim in the sunny indoor pool. Take a stroll on a walking path. Partake in a favorite hobby or pastime. Discover a new interest. With Waterstone at Wellesley, there’s a world of opportunity waiting right outside our residents’ doors.

Future Peace of Mind

The hallmark of Waterstone assisted living is the peace of mind we provide both our residents and their families. Knowing that care and support are available right on site instills a sense of confidence and calm one can’t find living alone.

For prospective residents or their families interested in residing at Waterstone at Wellesley, please contact us at ​781.591.7113.