Turning Your Independent Living Apartment into Home

Senior living communities like Waterstone of Westchester can provide luxury apartment features and beautiful open space, but it’s still a clean, blank slate to make your own. With some fun inspiration and design ideas, you can personalize your new home as you choose. It will make your independent living apartment feel just like home – but better, without any of the hassles that come along with homeownership!

What can you expect from independent living apartments at Waterstone of Westchester?

Many residents search for independent living to maintain their active lifestyle, but one of the added benefits is having the freedom, time and creativity to redefine your own style. To start you off, we provide some of these stunning features in your new one- or two-bedroom apartment home, then you can complement with your personal décor style and homemaking skills.

  • Premium plank flooring
  • Designer kitchen with stainless steel appliances
  • Bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • Walk-in closets – plus a washer and dryer
  • Spacious living areas with natural light

How to personalize your apartment to suit your style.

Whether you’d like to emulate your previous home or enjoy a fresh start, there are plenty of ways to reach your design preference goals. Do you need some senior living apartment decor ideas? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips to make your new living spaces shine!

Bring items you love.

One of the best ways to showcase who you are and the experiences you’ve enjoyed is by bringing favorite items from home. Many senior living residents decorate their apartments by:

  • Hanging up photographs of friends and family
  • Displaying family heirlooms and unique pieces of furniture
  • Setting their favorite books on the coffee table
  • Putting travel souvenirs on shelves

Or, find new ways to dress up your walls. Maybe one of these ideas from HGTV will be perfect for you – especially if you’re making a space for the grandkids!

Embrace the beauty of nature.

There’s nothing quite like bringing the outdoors in. If you’ve always loved your garden and being in nature, try making that a focal point of your space.

In the dining room, place fresh flowers on your dining table. Keep herbs you’re growing in the kitchen. Put some plants or potted trees in the living room. Place calming lavender on your bedside table. Make yourself a tabletop garden and place it on your balcony.

Make use of extra rooms.

At Waterstone of Westchester, we offer one-bedroom apartments with a den, or two-bedroom apartments – some of which feature a patio or balcony. This provides even more opportunity to make your space your own.

If you find yourself with extra space, consider making it a spare bedroom, a home office, or a quiet reading room. Your patio or balcony provides the chance to create your own outdoor oasis.

Make small spaces functional.

Don’t discount the use of smaller spaces within your apartment home. There are plenty of creative ways to use them.

  • Do you have space in your entryway? It’s the perfect spot for a small stand to house your keys, extra decor, or a plantstand.  
  • Would you prefer to stow away your clothes that aren’t in season? Purchase rolling containers to place underneath the bed.
  • Do you find yourself with space in the bottom of your closet but nowhere to go with your favorite craft materials? Consider placing them on a three-tier rolling cart so you can roll them around as needed while maximizing your space.
  • Are you having trouble finding somewhere to put your favorite decorative platter? Display it on a stand in your kitchen!
  • Don’t forget about the backs of doors, too! You may just find the perfect space for items you need to store with over-the-door solutions.

Just have fun.

Creating a new living space is meant to be fun, so embrace the journey and aim to showcase your personality, what you love, and what makes you unique. Not only will this serve you well when hosting visitors, but it’s sure to make you feel right at home.

Let’s get started.

If you’re interested in getting a closer look at how you can make your space your own at Waterstone of Westchester, schedule a visit! During your tour, you can experience our lifestyle, view our model apartments, and talk with our team and residents. To schedule your visit, contact us today.


Waterstone of Westchester is a brand-new, premier independent senior living community in White Plains, NY. We’re close to exquisite shopping, fine dining, and cultural attractions. Come visit our beautiful location and see how Waterstone puts wellness at the heart of our community.