Why Single Seniors Thrive in Senior Living Communities

As seniors age, many consider moving to a senior living community like Waterstone at Wellesley. What’s more is that many of these seniors happen to be single. Why are so many of these single seniors choosing senior living communities? Join us as we take a deep dive into the decision-making process and how a move to senior living provides them with abundant opportunities to thrive!

Today’s Senior Living Experience

There was once a time when many Baby Boomers believed retirement communities were like nursing homes; and now, those days are long gone! Instead, many single older adults have tossed those old views away and are making informed decisions about their futures based on what senior living is like now – and what it will be in the future.

With all the perks, amenities and lifestyle of senior living communities like Waterstone at Wellesley, it’s certainly easy to see why!

How Senior Living Helps Single Seniors Thrive

Many single seniors look forward to a move for the same reasons that those who aren’t single do. From the lifestyle and amenities to gourmet dining and maintenance-free living, there is often so much to look forward to. However, there are definitely some ways that single seniors benefit even more from senior living.

Senior living provides social connections.

We’re going to kick off this list of benefits with one of the most important: social opportunities. Within senior living communities, older adults are able to meet new people, find new hobbies, bond with others over shared interests, and enjoy a range of programs to keep them engaged.

At Waterstone at Wellesley, we offer a variety of programs, special interest clubs, group fitness classes, and more to meet varying interests, enhance involvement, and prevent isolation.

They can say goodbye to the hassles of homeownership.

In senior living communities like Waterstone at Wellesley, home maintenance, housekeeping and yardwork are taken care of for residents.

This ensures that if they don’t know how to fix something, they won’t need to learn or pay an outside company to come fix it for them! If they have always had trouble keeping up with the lawn, watering plants or trimming up the hedges, they won’t need to worry about it. If they have always had someone come to their home to tidy up, they won’t need to worry about doing it themselves after a move either.

Instead, they give their to-do list to us so they can enjoy their lifestyle with peace of mind.

Meals are prepared for them.

Cooking for one can be fun and may lead to some creative recipes, but often, it can lead to making quick meals – and an increase in unhealthy dietary choices. At communities like Waterstone at Wellesley, chef-prepared meals are provided.

Instead of single older adults being the sole person doing meal prep, cooking and cleanup, we take the hassle out of it. Residents can simply be our guests while dining with friends or family and savoring everything we offer.

Care services are available if or when it’s needed.

When single seniors remain at home, they may not have support if health challenges arise. The search for care at home can be challenging and difficult to acquire. Ultimately, a health crisis is often what drives a move for some seniors, especially when they are single.

By making a move before care is required, however, single seniors can get to know the team, make new friends, and enjoy the programs and events that communities have to offer. Then, when they need care, it will be available to them from a community they trust. Best of all, they’ll continue enjoying the current lifestyle they love.

Providing Opportunities for Single Older Adults To Thrive

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of retirement communities and independent living for single seniors? The team at Waterstone at Wellesley would love to chat with you. Schedule a visit to learn more about our lifestyle and experience how we keep all seniors engaged and active.


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