Upsize Your Lifestyle – Make a Move This Spring

Spring has sprung, and with it, a renewed sense of purpose and joy for many people. Kevin Defayette, Executive Director of Waterstone at the Circle, says that after the events of 2020, this spring is the perfect opportunity for urban seniors to upsize their lifestyle by making a move.

Spring has sprung, and with it, a renewed sense of purpose and joy for many people. Kevin Defayette, Executive Director of Waterstone at the Circle, says that after the events of 2020, this spring is the perfect opportunity for urban seniors to upsize their lifestyle by making a move.

“Spring is a great time to ‘spring ahead’ into a new chapter of your retirement lifestyle,” he says. “Moving into a retirement community like Waterstone at the Circle pairs a carefree lifestyle with an upscale, downtown aesthetic. No matter when you choose to move into a community, it’s a great opportunity – but spring is an especially fantastic time.”

One of the obvious reasons, Kevin says, is because of the weather. “The temperature is warm enough that you won’t have to deal with chilly wind and snow, but it’s also not so hot that you’ll be melting,” he says.

Spring is also one of the best times of the year to put a home on the market. “The housing market has been incredibly hot over the past few years – not even COVID-19 could slow it down,” he says. “Families will be looking for a new place that they can move into before summer, and the housing inventory is low right now. If you put your house on the market this spring, you’ll more than likely find yourself with multiple bids in a very short amount of time.”

Another great reason to move in spring is because you can get settled into your new location just in time to enjoy the summer concerts, festivals and other events that take place. “We’re anticipating lots of outdoor events this summertime,” says Kevin. “COVID-19 vaccines have rolled out, and all of us are ready to get out and safely enjoy everything our community has to offer. And wouldn’t you rather enjoy a relaxing summer doing the things you love instead of dealing with the hassles of homeownership?”

If making a move to carefree senior living is on your spring to-do list, here are some things that can make the process as streamlined and as organized as possible.

Start early and plan ahead.

Unsurprisingly, spring is one of the busiest times for moving companies, which means that they can be booked months in advance. As soon as you have a move-in date for your new senior living apartment, connect with moving companies to see when you can get scheduled. You’ll want to have enough time to get everything organized, but you also don’t want it to drag on for months.

Downsize and declutter.

Moving from a family home into an urban retirement apartment means going through years of “stuff” and getting rid of things – probably lots of things. This is another reason why it’s important to plan ahead – going through your belongings will likely take more time than you expect. However, it can also be quite therapeutic and fun. Start by going through each room and singling out what items you absolutely must take with you to your new space. (It helps to have a floor plan and measurements of the apartment you’re moving into.) Then, go through each room and decide for each item whether to keep, donate or throw away. Helpful hint: this is a great time to pass on heirlooms or extra furniture to adult children, grandchildren and friends. Another helpful hint: consider hiring a senior move expert who can help coordinate the whole thing from downsizing to packing to even selling your home for you.

Find the fix-up spots.

As you’re paring down your items, make a list of everything you’ll need to do in order to get your home ready to list. Chipped paint, squeaky doors, leaky faucets and drafty windows are all small things that are easy to fix and make a big impact for buyers. Be sure to also see if there are any larger issues that you’ll need to document and perhaps improve before listing as well.

Clean as you go.

It’s no surprise that a clean house sells more quickly than a house that needs some TLC, and since you’re pulling everything out of the corners and the closets, this is the perfect opportunity to do a thorough spring cleaning. Shampoo the carpets, wash the drapes, clean off the baseboards and get into every nook and cranny. Our mothers once told us that it’s “easier to clean an already-clean house,” so doing this work now will make it easier if you have to straighten up for a last-minute house showing.

Pack as you go, too.

Start setting your home staging by packing away all your extra items and belongings. Pack away personal things like expensive heirlooms, personal photos and extra end tables (among other things). Take out-of-season clothes out of your closets, including winter boots, scarves and mittens. Anything you can get packed up now will make your upcoming move that much easier.

Enlist help.

Moving is a big undertaking no matter how big or little your home. That’s where friends and family can come in handy. Perhaps your kids will let you store some boxes at their house, or perhaps your friend can help shuttle donation items to the charity of your choice. This can be great bonding time and an opportunity for your children and grandchildren to reminisce about their favorite memories of a certain item or a time at your home.

“Moving to Waterstone at the Circle this spring is one of the best decisions urban seniors can make,” says Kevin. “Boston has so much to offer in the spring and summer months and moving to historic Cleveland Circle means you’ll be in the center of everything. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite festivals, events, activities and more along with the maintenance-free retirement lifestyle you deserve.”

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