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Settling In After a Move to Senior Living

Moving to a senior living community is a time of joy for many older adults, but it can also come with some anxiety. From questions like, “How will I fill my days?” and “How will I make friends?” to “What if I don’t feel at home?” and “How long will it take me to feel comfortable?”, a move can be fraught with ‘what-ifs’ and ‘hows’.

The good news is that settling in after a move is often easier than you imagine. This is especially true at Waterstone at the Circle. Check out our top tips that help new residents at The Circle adjust quickly and take advantage of all our active lifestyle has to offer right away.

Getting into the Groove of Senior Living | Tips To Help You Settle In

1 | Make your space feel like home.

Moving to a new space is an opportunity to showcase who you are. Make your new home a reflection of you by highlighting your interests, showing who is important to you with photographs and keepsakes, and decorating with items that bring you joy. The more it feels like home, the sooner you’ll feel settled in.

2 | Introduce yourself to new neighbors.

Make it a point to say hello and introduce yourself to those around you. This can open up opportunities to get involved, make new friends, and learn more about the community. At Waterstone at the Circle, you’ll quickly find our community is filled with a sense of community and camaraderie.

3 | Invite friends and family members over.

Share your new home with your friends and family by hosting a housewarming party or maybe even a weekly movie night. This can help you make new memories with those you love in your beautiful new home.

4| Create a routine and goals.

While many seniors look forward to retirement and having endless free time to do as they please, some may worry that a lack of structure will make them feel bored or even overwhelmed. Instead, create your own schedule and routine and stick to it.

If your goal is to get fit, pencil in time for physical activity with one of our personal trainers. If you want to get involved with the local community, ask our life enrichment team about opportunities to volunteer or give back. If you still want to work, you can do that, too! Here, the choices are all yours.

5 | Try out new activities, attend programs you’re interested in, or join a club.

Activities for seniors in independent living communities like Waterstone at the Circle are endless. From book clubs, art classes, and fitness groups to social hours, cooking demonstrations, and game nights, you’re likely to find there’s more to enjoy than can be done on any given day.

Don’t let yourself get so caught up in your routine that you stop pursuing new activities, passions and hobbies. Engage in lifelong learning, attend lectures, take advantage of new volunteer opportunities, and try out a new skill. Not only will you enhance your brain power and skill set, but you’re also likely to make new friends and connect with others with similar interests. Ask our life enrichment team to introduce you to activities and programs you might enjoy.

6 | Explore the community and your surrounding area.

Waterstone at the Circle is ideally located at the foot of Chestnut Hill in Boston, putting you near a variety of things to do. From cultural events and museums to shopping and delicious dining, there’s plenty to explore once you arrive at our community. Our concierge would be more than happy to assist you with purchasing tickets or arranging transportation to area attractions and events.

7 | Get to know team members.

At Waterstone at the Circle, we work hard to ensure the premier senior living experience you expect! Our dedicated team members are ready to lend a hand if or when it’s needed. Whatever your need, we are at your service and ready to assist!

8 | Give yourself time to adjust.

It might take some time to get used to your new retirement community. Some residents feel at home right away, while it takes others some time to adjust, and that’s normal. Lean on team members, get involved in the community as you feel comfortable, stay in touch with family and friends, and simply enjoy your new, carefree life.

Making the Transition Easy at Waterstone

At Waterstone at the Circle, we’re here to help you settle in from the moment you walk in the door. Our expert team gets to know your preferences, likes and dislikes, and we share our social calendars, highlighting opportunities to get involved.

Even our residents welcome you with open arms, with invitations to join them for dinner, activities and more. Everything you need to make the transition easy is right here for you.


Schedule a visit today to learn more about our premier independent living community designed to enrich life for seniors 62 and over. Waterstone at the Circle offers beautiful rental apartments as well as access to supportive care services on site.