Debunking the Myths of Senior Living

Have you ever played the game of “telephone,” where one person starts out saying a phrase and then it gets passed down the line of people until it turns into a completely different phrase? This is often what happens with perception of senior living communities.

One person gives their opinion, whether true or untrue, and it gets passed down until myths form. This makes it important to figure out the facts for yourself, especially if you’re considering what senior living can offer you or a loved one. Fortunately, the team at Waterstone at Wellesley is here to help you tell fact from fiction.

Debunking Senior Living Myths

Myth | Senior living is too expensive and full of hidden fees.

Fact | Older adults living in senior retirement communities like Waterstone at Wellesley know that our convenient monthly rental apartments help them maintain control of their assets with no large financial commitment. They can enjoy everything our lifestyle offers for a simple monthly fee.

Myth | Residents lose their independence.

Fact | Many residents move to increase their independence while enhancing their lifestyle and quality of life. Without worries over maintenance, housekeeping and other chores, residents embrace a full life of their own design.

If you want to continue working, there are no restrictions. Simply work, enjoy life, and let us take care of everything here for you. If support is required to live independently, residents can receive it in their own private apartment while remaining active and engaged in community life.

Myth | There’s nothing to do.

Fact | Those who move to a senior living community often find themselves spending their time enjoying everything they never had time for before! From engaging in hobbies and uncovering passions to making friends and taking part in fitness classes, there is always something to do. Waterstone at Wellesley offers a full calendar of social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs designed to pique a diverse range of interests.

Myth | There is no privacy.

Fact | Senior living offers the best of both worlds. Spend as much, or as little, time alone as you please within the comfort and privacy of your luxurious apartment. When you want to socialize, opportunities await just outside your door.

Myth | The food isn’t good.

Fact | Our chefs create seasonal, gourmet meals freshly and creatively prepared every day. With anytime dining and impeccable ambiance, our dining experience is something our residents at Waterstone at Wellesley truly savor. If you want to cook for yourself or your guests, our beautiful independent living apartments offer full-size kitchens.

Myth | Senior living offers hospital-like spaces.

Fact | At Waterstone at Wellesley, our independent living and assisted living community offers spacious residences with all the comforts of home. Our community is stylish, sophisticated and closely resembles a resort hotel.

Myth | Pets are not allowed.

Fact | While some senior living communities don’t allow pets, Waterstone at Wellesley does! We know pets are an important part of your family, so we welcome them at our senior living community.

Dispel the Myths and Discover the Facts

To learn more about senior living and to debunk the myths for yourself, schedule a visit to Waterstone at Wellesley today.


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