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Living in a Community vs. Staying at Home

There comes a time in many seniors’ lives when they consider whether or not they’d like to make a move to senior living or stay at home. If you’re finding yourself in this position currently, you aren’t alone.

Although this decision is a very personal one, with some seniors preferring one option over another for any number of reasons, some of the most common explanations we hear are that:

  • They fear a loss of independence
  • The process of moving appears complicated
  • They don’t feel as though they currently need support
  • All their best memories happened at home
  • Their own preference is to remain there until they need extensive medical care or home healthcare needs to be brought in

While all these reasons are understandable, it’s important to consider how this decision can affect your life as you age. In fact, when most older people and family members consider the advantages that senior living communities offer, they change their minds. Then begins their journey of moving to a senior community.

5 Reasons Senior Living Is Better Than Remaining at Home

If you’re on the fence about moving to a senior living or retirement community, consider some of the benefits many older adults enjoy there that you simply won’t get at home.

Social Opportunities

Senior living communities are full of programs, social events, clubs, classes, new friends and camaraderie. Even better, you never have to leave your home to take advantage of it all.

At home, seniors may become more isolated as it may be more difficult to see friends, drive during bad weather, and more. In fact, nearly one quarter of those 65 and older are said to be socially isolated, according to a study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Those problems are a thing of the past here at Waterstone at the Circle, with on-site programs, scheduled transportation, and endless opportunities to connect outside our community – thanks to our prime location in Boston.


Who takes care of your daily responsibilities at home? Is it you who completes these tasks? Or do you hire someone to take care of housework, home maintenance and yard work for you?

If you take care of these things yourself, you may be wasting time you could be spending on doing what you want to do. Even if you outsource these tasks, you still need to search for a service, write out their checks, and ensure their quality of work is up to your standard.

At a community like Waterstone at the Circle, we take care of all these things for you so you can simply enjoy a carefree lifestyle each day while participating in any activity you choose.


When it comes to what amenities your home offers versus what senior living communities provide, the differences are clear.

  • Does your home include a fitness center? If not, you’ll have to pay for a membership or purchase the equipment.
  • Do you regularly host guests for book clubs or social events? If not, you’ll likely travel to them.
  • Do you need a new hairdo? You can do it yourself or go to a salon, but at Waterstone, you just have to walk out your door and go to our full-service salon.

At Waterstone at the Circle, all this and more are covered. At your home, everything is extra – or, even worse, not available.


Even if you like to cook, grocery shopping and cleanup can be time consuming. Say goodbye to these hassles with an exceptional dining experience at Waterstone at the Circle. Here, we do the shopping, preparing, cooking and cleaning so you can simply savor each meal with new friends or your family.

Is your schedule always packed full? Don’t worry about fitting your schedule around our dining times. With anytime dining, you can dine when you choose.

At home, you still need to take care of all of these things yourself, unless you dine out, order in, or use a meal delivery service.

Access to Support

Communities like Waterstone at the Circle offer support on site – enhancing confidence if a change in health occurs. This allows you to remain in the community you love.

When you live at home, you may need to hire in-home care to provide support for you. Or your children may be required to plan a move to an assisted living community if you’re no longer able to decide on your own.

This leads many to choose senior living communities that offer a continuum of care or health services, bringing peace of mind.

Discover the Best of Senior Living at Waterstone at the Circle

Waterstone at the Circle is the perfect place to enjoy all the benefits senior living can offer. To experience our lifestyle and learn more about why you should move to senior living rather than remain at home, schedule a visit or join us for an upcoming open house.


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