It’s Never Too Late To Find a New Path in Life

Here are a few ideas to help you discover a new, meaningful path for you in your golden years.

There’s a new trend with today’s seniors taking a new path in life. You can thank the Baby Boomers for that – they’re reinventing what “retired” or “seniorhood” means just as much as they redefined society during their youth. You probably know someone – or perhaps are that someone – who’s decided to pursue a new path exploring their interests in their older years.

“These days, we’re discovering that it’s never too late to find a meaningful path for your life,” says Devon Sicard, Executive Director of Waterstone at Wellesley. “Considering how our interests and desires change throughout the course of our lives, that’s a good thing. Your path at 20 is probably a lot different than your path at 50 or your path at 70. One of the great joys of retirement is that people are discovering they can try new things. For perhaps the first time in their lives, they don’t need to worry or care for the needs of others, only themselves.”

Devon says that some older adults who want to find their “path” but require additional assistance or have health concerns, they should explore assisted living services. “Assisted living services at Waterstone at Wellesley are designed so we can help our residents find their path while also receiving the supportive, dignified care they require,” she says. “We don’t believe that needing help should keep you from discovering your purpose and finding fulfilling pursuits. It’s our goal to get to know each of our residents and discover not just their needs, but their desires, so we can help them find their path in a meaningful, healthy and supportive way.”

“To deliver the most appropriate care and to help support independence, we develop customized care plans for each resident. We provide support with activities of daily living and assistance with medication management. This degree of personalized care allows us to provide close observation of any change in support or health needs, as well as quick intervention to address those changes. At the same time, we provide amenities, activities and events that offer everything our residents need to live active, engaged lives that promote complete health, wellness and fulfillment.”

What’s Your Path?

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, pursue or discover? Have you always secretly or not-so-secretly wanted to learn to play guitar? Sculpt? Speak a new language? Your path can be as big and grand or as small and individualized as you want. Finding a passion and a purpose provide a wide variety of health benefits, and it doesn’t matter what your purpose is as long as you have one. Here are a few ideas of things to think about to help you discover what path sounds right and meaningful for you in your retirement years. The nice thing is that you don’t have to choose a path and stick with it forever. If you find out it’s not quite as meaningful or interesting as you thought, you can always try something different – that’s your choice!

A new career.

If you’ve spent decades in the workforce, the idea of working again in retirement may sound like the last thing you want to do. But many retirees find themselves going back to work after several years “off” because they miss having that purpose. While some retirees choose to work on a part-time or contract basis in a similar role (maybe even for their old company), others choose to launch new businesses or start completely different careers in other fields. Maybe you were a successful lawyer in your past, but you’ve always enjoyed helping people put their taxes together. Or perhaps you were a marketing professional who deep down wanted to open a restaurant. Or maybe you want a customer-facing role in a small business. Going back into the workforce is a great way to keep your skills sharp, interact with others and use your extensive knowledge to give back in some way shape or form.


There are a lot of similarities to going back into the workforce and becoming a volunteer. Many seniors end up becoming very devoted volunteers for worthy organizations because they have the time and financial resources to donate their time without worrying about making a paycheck. Most volunteers would say that this type of work is the most meaningful, as it allows them to make a difference through causes that are the most important to them. Working at an animal shelter, mentoring youth, donating time to a local food bank or Habitat for Humanity … the opportunities are endless.

Strengthening your relationships.

Perhaps you’ll find your path is a little more personal. It could be that you want to spend your golden years building and deepening your relationships with people who mean the most to you. Some seniors choose to move near adult children and grandchildren so they can spend as much time as possible helping their family and watching them grow. Others may spend this time deepening relationships with spouses and lifelong friends. And others may want to branch out and form bonds with like-minded people who share passions or hobbies. Maintaining strong and meaningful connections is one of the best ways to help you age well, stay healthy and keep you looking and feeling young.

Making art.

Creativity is something that all humans have. Deep down, we all have the desire to create beauty and express ourselves in some way. Whether you’re a musician, a creative writer, a talented chef or a great interior designer, the arts provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment that is unmatched. In your senior years, you can actually pursue these creative endeavors without worrying about having to “make it big” (or even make a paycheck). If you’ve enjoyed an artistic passion throughout your years, now is your time to really explore it. Or, if you’ve never thought of yourself as a creative person but have always wanted to learn, you can try a wide variety of hobbies and endeavors until you find the one that truly moves you.

Being a role model.

We usually think of role models as famous people who inspire us to be better. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to be a good role model. For example, you could become a paragon of health, reinventing yourself and showing the world that any age can be the healthiest age of your life. Or you could be a motivational speaker, passing on your knowledge to those who can learn from it. Or you could simply live your best life and make the world a little better place for everyone you meet.

Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do, your retirement is the perfect chance to explore and try it. Moving into a community like Waterstone at Wellesley provides seniors with the assistance and support to help make life carefree, along with the time, resources and opportunities for you to explore and find your new path in life.

Beautiful Riverfront Community

Located on the banks of the Charles River, Waterstone is Wellesley’s only senior living community, offering premier independent and assisted living. But that’s only the first of many differences that sets Waterstone above and beyond other communities.

Celebrating Dynamic Living

Here our residents live independently in their own private, spacious apartments – but without any of the worries or concerns of homeownership or living alone. All meals are expertly prepared. There aren’t any chores to be concerned with. No home maintenance or repairs to worry about. Just opportunities around every corner and time to spend as they choose – in the company of new friends.

Our vibrant community encourages residents to engage in a variety of recreational, cultural and social programs and activities. Enjoy a fitness class. Swim in the sunny indoor pool. Take a stroll on a walking path. Partake in a favorite hobby or pastime. Discover a new interest. With Waterstone at Wellesley, there’s a world of opportunity waiting right outside our residents’ doors.

Confidence of Care

The hallmark of Waterstone assisted living is the peace of mind we provide both our residents and their families. Knowing that care and support is available right on site instills a sense of confidence and calm one can’t find living alone.

For prospective residents or their families interested in residing at Waterstone at Wellesley, please contact us at 781.235.1614.