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Evaluating Retirement Living Services and Amenities

What each person may be looking for in a senior living lifestyle is different, but one thing is certain – the right services and amenities are a must. When considering where you’d like to spend your future, make sure you’re effectively evaluating a community’s offerings to ensure you choose the right one for you.

Sizing Up Services and Amenities in Senior Living

Make a list of what you’re looking for.

Active retirement living isn’t one-size-fits-all; that’s why it’s important to list out everything you’re searching for in an active adult community. Doing so will help you decide where you should be touring and what independent living amenities you can’t do without.

Enriching Services and Amenities

Senior living communities typically include a range of services, amenities, and perks for older adults. These can include wellness programs, chef-prepared meals, transportation, maintenance, and housekeeping to provide a worry-free lifestyle. Often, as is the case at Waterstone at the Circle, these services are included in your monthly fee for simplicity and peace of mind. Waterstone at the Circle offers an exquisite culinary experience, concierge services, transportation services, fitness programs led by Train Boston® and more.

Programs, Events and Entertainment

Not only do these perks fill your days with fun and enjoyment, but they also boost your spirits and keep you engaged and active. If you’re searching for a community rich in adventure and new possibilities, consider looking for a retirement community that offers field trips, outdoor activities, clubs, special interest groups, and social events. The dedicated life enrichment team at Waterstone at the Circle ensures our residents’ days are full and fulfilling.

Access to Support for the Future

Many communities also include access to a range of care services to support active adults, as needs may change over time. It’s important to consider services you may need before you need them – so you’re able to choose the living option that has a plan in place for the future.

Older adults who choose Waterstone at the Circle benefit from the ability to enjoy an active, independent lifestyle with wellness programs that enhance physical and cognitive health, as well as access to supportive care services provided by premier healthcare partners.


If you know you’re among those who love to explore your surroundings, you’ll want to choose a community that puts you in the heart of it all. Choose a community that’s walkable, offers transportation, and makes it easy to enjoy the shopping, dining, and educational pursuits you want to continue enjoying. At Waterstone at the Circle, our location at the foot of Chestnut Hill puts you close to everything you love, with quick access to Boston and beyond.

What’s Next?

As you research what communities to visit, make a list of communities that offer these things and begin scheduling visits. Then, as you tour, follow these tips.

Make notes of your first impressions.

Write out what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what they had or didn’t have. Are any of the missing items deal-breakers? Cross them off your list and continue your search.

Immerse yourself in the community.

Ask to try the programs, see if you can spend some extra time there, stay for a meal, and explore the surrounding area.

Talk with residents, families and team members.

One of the best ways to get a feel for the community of interest is to talk with those who know it best. Consider asking:

  • How happy families and residents are with the services and amenities offered
  • What amenities and services residents thought they’d use that they don’t
  • How easy it is for the team to implement new programs if requested by residents
  • What residents love most about the community
  • How helpful or attentive the team members are

Evaluate what you’re willing to let go of on your list.

Most communities aren’t going to offer absolutely everything you’re looking for. Of those you’ve toured:

  • Which best meets your needs and wishes?
  • Are there any additional services and amenities that balance the missing ones out?
  • Does the community make you feel welcomed and at home?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you’re likely to have narrowed down your best option.

Uncover the Lifestyle You’ve Been Looking For at The Circle.

When it comes to services and amenities, Waterstone at the Circle provides some of the best. What can you expect?

  • Independent living and supportive care, providing support with activities of daily living
  • Bright, stylish apartments in a range of sizes
  • Anytime dining at our restaurant
  • Weekly housekeeping services
  • Life enrichment programs featuring lecture series, outings and trips
  • Convenient access to the MBTA Green Line and Greater Boston’s best shops, restaurants, and recreational and entertainment venues
  • Indoor heated pool and fitness center staffed with Train Boston® fitness and aquatic instructors


How do we measure up against communities you’ve toured? The best way to find out is by visiting, talking with residents, and exploring our lifestyle for yourself. 

Schedule a tour today to learn more about our premier independent living community for seniors 62 and over.