Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Move to Carefree Senior Living

layed as long as possible – mostly due to the preconceived notion that senior living is for ‘old’ people.

Some think that moving to senior living is something that should be delayed as long as possible – mostly due to the preconceived notion that senior living is for ‘old’ people. But that’s truly an outdated concept.

If you wait to move into senior living until you need supportive services or another form of assistance, you’ll be missing out on a lot of benefits that this lifestyle offers. Moving while you’re still active, healthy and in your prime opens up a world of opportunity for your retirement years – and beyond.

Today’s senior living communities are designed with the active, independent and full-of-life Baby Boomers in mind. Here are the top reasons why seniors are considering downsizing and moving to senior living sooner rather than later.

Never having to deal with home maintenance again.

Sure, owning your own home is fantastic, especially if the mortgage has been paid off. But not having a house payment doesn’t mean not having to pay for a bunch of other things such as home repairs, utility bills, real estate taxes, homeowners insurance … and that’s just for starters. House cleaning, yard maintenance, appliance repairs, grocery shopping and cooking all incur costs, even if you’re doing them yourself and not hiring them out. When you think about it, that’s a lot of time and a lot of work that could be better spent doing things like visiting friends, going on adventures, learning a new hobby or anything else that appeals to you. Moving to a senior living community means that you no longer have to deal with all those tedious chores. It’s all taken care of for you, meaning your time is finally yours to do with as you wish.

A thriving social calendar.

The ironic thing about retiring is that you have much more time to spend with family and friends … but it’s often harder than ever to have a social life. Aging often means that friends move away, your routines change (for example, you aren’t seeing your co-workers every day as you did before), and things can get a little boring. Not so at a senior living community. You’ll find a social and entertainment calendar full of things like fitness classes, educational seminars, hobby groups, book clubs, social outings and much more. Plus, it’s easier than ever to make new friends and cultivate meaningful relationships since you’re at a place filled with other active retirees. You certainly won’t be bored – in fact, you may find that you’re busier and more social than ever before.

No worries about safety and security.

Sometimes, having a home (and the responsibilities that go with it) can come with worries about safety and security. For example, if you decide to take a week-long trip, you need to coordinate someone to watch the house, water the plants and grab your mail. You may also wonder about your own security if you, say, start having difficulty going up and down the stairs. None of those things are a worry at a senior living community. For starters, there’s someone on staff 24/7. If you decide to go out of town, the staff will happily watch over your home for you. And since it’s a community designed specifically for older adults, you won’t have to worry about things in your home that would give you difficulty if your mobility changes, such as stairs.

Enjoying your own private chef for every meal.
Having someone else cook a delicious meal for us is one of life’s pleasures, no matter how much you enjoy cooking for yourself. Get ready to be pampered with white-glove service at a senior living community like Waterstone of Lexington. With a highly trained culinary team and a chef de cuisine presiding over them, every day is a literal feast of delights. Food is incredibly important to our health, well-being and enjoyment, and today’s senior living chefs are ensuring that life tastes great. Seasonal menus with locally sourced ingredients. Made-to-order dishes. Everything from fancy to quick and easy. You can always cook something yourself in your own gourmet kitchen, but when you’d rather be served, the restaurant is open.

Staying healthy with programs to meet your needs.

Aging well and staying healthy is easy when you have all the tools at your disposal – and the time to dedicate to your health. Everything at a senior living community is designed with an older adult’s optimal wellness in mind. Not only are there countless fitness opportunities with a state-of-the-art gym, classes and personal trainers, but you also have every other aspect of wellness covered. A health center on-site means that you’re able to stay on top of any medical issues and get the treatments you need to stay healthy. Your mind stays sharp and engaged with enjoyable activities and events. Your body is nourished by delicious food. Your soul is enriched with social and cultural opportunities and the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Everything you need to thrive is right there within reach.

Easy, at-your-service living.

Are you tired of having a car and driving everywhere? No worries – your senior living community provides chauffeured transportation and easy access to anywhere you want to go. Want to enjoy cultural opportunities but don’t necessarily want to research and purchase tickets on your own? Your senior living concierge can arrange everything from concert tickets to pet walkers and just about any other assistance you might require.

As you can see, retiring to a senior living community now instead of later may just be the thing you need to enjoy your golden years to the fullest. For seniors in the Middlesex County region, you’ll find a luxury retirement lifestyle at Waterstone of Lexington, opening late summer 2022. Contact us to learn more.

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Welcome Home to Waterstone of Lexington. Opening Late Summer 2022.

For seniors in Middlesex County who desire a luxurious lifestyle, we welcome you to Waterstone of Lexington. The mid-century style of this dynamic community was inspired by the nearby Gropius House and the area’s tradition of innovative, modern architecture. In this classic, beautiful new community, you’ll be inspired by all the amenities and programs to take up a new hobby, exercise in our fitness center and indoor pool, and make new friends while dining and enjoying social events.

Offering independent living and assisted living, Waterstone of Lexington provides myriad ways for seniors 62+ to enjoy their retirement to the fullest. Our rental community draws influence from Lexington, MA’s tradition of innovative, modern architecture and the open, natural environment around it.

Step inside and experience the calming yet engaging atmosphere that our talented architects and designers have so beautifully crafted. Waterstone of Lexington is filled with energizing and convenient amenities such as an indoor pool, fitness center, salon, underground parking and more. Then, enjoy your elegant living space – a large, sunlit apartment complete with a full-size designer kitchen, well-appointed bathroom, walk-in closet and more.

Our rental apartment community means no steep entrance fees, providing greater financial flexibility. Everything at Waterstone of Lexington was all created with you in mind, where our attentive team members, extensive programs and luxury amenities give you the ability to make life your own – how you like it.

Welcome to Waterstone of Lexington. Join the experience of what life is like at this premier senior living community by calling ​781.728.3037.