What Waterstone Residents Love About Senior Living

What are you looking for in your ideal senior living community? Is it location, style, services, amenities, programs, or fine dining? If you’re like many Waterstone residents, your answer is likely “all of the above.”

What are you looking for in your ideal senior living community? Is it location, style, services, amenities, programs, or fine dining? If you’re like many Waterstone residents, your answer is likely “all of the above.”

This desire for an elevated lifestyle leads so many older adults to our premier communities – but don’t take it only from us. In this blog, we’ll share more about what Waterstone residents love most about our senior living communities.

Upscale Atmosphere

After a long hunt for a senior living community in the Boston area, I was thrilled to find the Waterstone of Lexington. This place is 5-star in every way – the staff, the building, the food, the residents, the activities. It is vibrant, very social, and always a treat to visit. I didn’t think luxury and senior living were possible until I found the Waterstone of Lexington – there is nothing like it!

– Jeanna, Daughter of Waterstone of Lexington Resident

Waterstone Senior Living communities are designed with the utmost consideration for the comfort and convenience of residents. From thoughtfully crafted living spaces to common areas that encourage socialization, our communities are built to enhance the overall quality of life for older adults.

Our attention to detail, luxurious amenities, and environment create a community where residents can truly relax, continue learning, nurture their passions, and live as they please.

Maintenance-Free Living

“Instead of worrying about what to cook for dinner every night or the household tasks like changing the sheets every week, we get to enjoy the fitness center daily, attend vibrant programs, and make incredible new friendships.

– Theresa and Frank, Waterstone on High Ridge Residents

Waterstone relieves residents of the burdens associated with homeownership, including housekeeping, home maintenance, and general upkeep. The beauty of maintenance-free living in a luxury apartment allows residents to focus on enjoying their interests and hobbies without worrying about household chores or necessary repairs. Our carefree Waterstone lifestyle helps them to live bigger in a smaller space.

lobster meal on a modern white plate

Exquisite Dining

“I have been to some of the best restaurants in Massachusetts, and I just can’t think of any changes I would make to the menu at Waterstone. Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegan – they’ve got it. And they’ve got it just right.”

– Morris, Waterstone at the Circle Resident

At our Waterstone Senior Living communities, skilled chefs curate menus that meet the nutritional needs of older adults and offer a culinary journey filled with diverse flavors and options.

Residents can savor delicious meals in elegant dining rooms, fostering a sense of community and making every meal a delightful occasion. And, if they choose, they can cook within their own apartment, sharpening their culinary skills and sharing their own creations with new friends.

Active Social Life

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“After living in two other senior communities, Waterstone of Westchester is quite unique and a delight to live in. It’s great to be back in Westchester and reconnecting with old friends. The staff here really does a fantastic job engaging the residents with many different programs.”

– Muriel, Waterstone of Westchester Resident

Waterstone Senior Living communities are bustling with social activities, events, and clubs tailored to the varied interests of residents. We encourage residents to take part in an active social life, from art classes and fitness programs to book clubs and cultural events.

Enriching Programs

Life at Waterstone has opened a wonderful new chapter of my life filled with laughter, new friendships, and more activities than my favorite cruise!

– Alissa, Waterstone on High Ridge Resident

Residents have access to educational programs, workshops, and lectures catering to diverse interests. This commitment to intellectual engagement keeps the mind sharp and curiosity alive.

Opportunities to Enhance Wellness

Waterstone on High Ridge Pool

I chose Waterstone because it is gorgeous, and everybody is friendly. The exercise programs and instructors are fantastic!”

– Hazel, Waterstone of Westchester Resident

Our holistic approach to wellness sets us apart. From personal training and wellness classes staffed by professional instructors to state-of-the-art fitness centers and tailored wellness programs, older adults can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Concierge Services

Elevating the experience, our concierge services add an extra layer of luxury and convenience. From organizing transportation to coordinating appointments, handling reservations, and providing assistance, concierge services are dedicated to making life seamless for residents.

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Worry-Free Lifestyle

“Waterstone has not only been a tremendous gift in my life in independent living, but the greatest gift was how happy my husband was in memory care. The warm, friendly staff and residents make the community a place where people truly care about each other! I just love it here!”

– Mary S., Waterstone on High Ridge Resident

Recognizing the evolving needs of older adults, many of our communities offer access to supportive care services or even higher levels of care, such as assisted living or memory care. Residents can live fully knowing support is available if health needs change over time.

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Waterstone Senior Living’s driving philosophy is to create more than just beautiful living spaces for seniors; it’s about fostering a sense of home. Waterstone’s premier communities feature stunning architecture and design complemented by convenient amenities, concierge services, exquisite dining experiences, dynamic programs, and dedicated teams ready to serve. With a strong commitment to health and wellness, Waterstone provides luxurious communities where seniors aged 62 and over thrive. Contact us today to schedule a tour to one of our Waterstone communities, located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.