New Hobbies for Retired Seniors Who Are Ready for Fun

You’ve likely looked forward to retirement most of your life, and now that it’s here, are you ready? Sometimes new retirees experience a sense of loss in terms of engagement with activities that fill their days with purpose. Many find themselves bored – and even lonely.

You’ve likely looked forward to retirement most of your life, and now that it’s here, are you ready? Sometimes new retirees experience a sense of loss in terms of engagement with activities that fill their days with purpose. Many find themselves bored – and even lonely.

“Finding a new hobby in your senior years can be the cure,” says Raymond L’Heureux, Senior Advisor at Waterstone of Lexington. “Now is the perfect time to rediscover favorite pastimes, explore new activities and find creative ways to stay physically active and socially engaged. There are plenty of hobbies to try that will help you stay busy, learn new skills, expand your knowledge and help you fully enjoy your newfound leisure time in retirement.”

Studies also show that those who engage in a new hobby experience a host of health benefits as well as mental and emotional health advantages.

“Every hobby offers a way for beginners to start, and many hobbies require little-to-no previous knowledge,” says Raymond. “Starting a new hobby is all about discovering new joy – and often allows you to connect with others with similar interests.”

At Waterstone of Lexington, it will be easy for seniors to nurture their passions and try something new. With a dedicated life enrichment team, there will be opportunities around every corner – for every interest. Best of all, residents will have plenty of friends to explore with. To help you expand your horizons and get creative in the process of trying a hobby at this exciting time of life, here is a list of unique – and fun – ideas. Start exploring!

Learn (or Relearn) an Instrument

Guitar, piano, drums … It’s never too late to pick up a musical instrument and learn how to play your favorite songs. Whether playing solo or with friends, playing music soothes the soul.

Solving Puzzles

Puzzles regained popularity during the pandemic. And that’s a good thing because puzzles can encourage sharper mental acuity. Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle, sudoku, word searches or crosswords, puzzles can make a leisurely afternoon more fun.


Rather than viewing cooking as a daily chore, look at it as a fun way to perfect your favorite dishes or to shake up your eating habits with bold, new recipes.

Show off new skills by starting a gourmet club or inviting friends and family members over for a themed dinner party. Experiment with unusual ingredients, explore new cultures and taste global cuisines. The possibilities are endless.


Whether you prefer the city or a serene park, getting outside and walking is one of the best ways to exercise and stay fit. As you gain endurance, try longer trails or routes or tackle more rugged terrain.


From starting a vegetable patch to curating an indoor terrarium, gardening provides a satisfying experience from start to finish. With so many vegetables, herbs and flowers to choose from, you’ll have every opportunity to create a garden that’s perfectly curated for you.


Yoga is not only relaxing, but it is also a great low-impact way to keep your body flexible, toned and limber. Yoga positions and movements span several levels of difficulty that provide invested beginners a hobby that they can grow into as they practice.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient martial art that consists of slow, flowing movements designed to produce a meditative experience. This form of exercise is perfect for strengthening and toning through relaxing motions.


As a low-impact exercise, swimming is a great way for seniors to maintain fitness. Learning new strokes and techniques can bring both challenges and a sense of accomplishment.


Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. It combines the quickness and coordination of tennis – but without high-intensity cardio. It’s a two-on-two game where players try to hit a ball over the net in such a way that their opponents cannot hit it back. It’s a safe and fun way to stay active with a friend or a group of friends.


Volunteering is a popular hobby for seniors and a fulfilling way to spend your golden years. Studies show that seniors who volunteer experience lower rates of depression, higher levels of overall well-being. Volunteering can help reduce stress, offer a sense of accomplishment, and help improve seniors’ confidence and sense of purpose. There are countless ways to give back to your local community. Popular options include tutoring and mentoring, helping out at a hospital or delivering meals for your local Meals on Wheels.


Researching your family history is a fun pastime that not only introduces you to some distant relatives, but it can also help improve cognitive function.

Whatever works for you, finding an enjoyable hobby in your senior years is an important way to meet new people, stay engaged in life and connect with others.

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For seniors in Middlesex County who desire a luxurious lifestyle, we welcome you to Waterstone of Lexington. The mid-century style of this dynamic community was inspired by the nearby Gropius House and the area’s tradition of innovative, modern architecture. In this classic, beautiful new community, you’ll be inspired by all the amenities and programs to take up a new hobby, exercise in our fitness center and indoor pool, and make new friends while dining and enjoying social events.

Offering independent living and assisted living, Waterstone of Lexington provides myriad ways for seniors 62+ to enjoy their retirement to the fullest. Our rental community draws influence from Lexington, MA’s tradition of innovative, modern architecture and the open, natural environment around it.

Step inside and experience the calming yet engaging atmosphere that our talented architects and designers have so beautifully crafted. Waterstone of Lexington is filled with energizing and convenient amenities such as an indoor pool, fitness center, salon, underground parking and more. Then, enjoy your elegant living space – a large, sunlit apartment complete with a full-size designer kitchen, well-appointed bathroom, walk-in closet and more.

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