Creating Your Support System in Retirement

A significant majority of adults live within 30 miles of their nearest senior parent or adult child. This amounts to 74.8% to be exact – according to a study on spatial distance between parents and adult children. With more and more older adults remaining single and/or childless, however, it’s not always the case that family members are close by to provide support for aging parents.

No matter which of these is the case for you, it’s important to ensure you’ve got an adequate support system in place to ensure a smooth, healthy retirement and confidence for what the future will bring.

Benefits of Support Systems for Older Adults

Whether you’re dealing with the typical issues of aging and need someone to talk to, looking for additional social interaction, considering a plan should you need help in the future, or simply wanting to grow your inner circle, building a support system can help. And that’s not all – support systems can also provide long-term benefits, including:

  • Prevention of loneliness
  • Availability for support and a hand to help when needed
  • Improved health and wellness
  • Increased feelings of connection
  • The security of someone checking in on you during emergencies or bad weather

How To Create Your Senior Support System

In order to enjoy the benefits of having a support system in place, it’s crucial to get started early. Try some of these tips to create connections and form your support system.

  • Nurture existing relationships with your friends and family or look for ways to build stronger connections with others
  • Use social media and technology to connect with family and friends from afar
  • Find ways to make new friends by joining clubs, attending groups, or seeking out opportunities you’re interested in
  • Join a regularly scheduled support group created for seniors
  • Pursue lifelong learning opportunities that may be available locally

Many seniors find that joining a senior center helps. However, there may come a time when they are unable to attend because of health needs, causing them to need the support of home care.

Although this is an option, senior living communities can offer even more possibilities when it comes to care, connection, and support-system creation.

Ways Senior Living Can Help

For those who may not have many family and friends nearby or lack a strong community connection, building a support system may seem difficult. That’s where a senior living community like Waterstone of Lexington can provide distinct advantages when searching for support for the future.

Each day, our lifestyle will provide everything needed to enhance your retirement and provide peace of mind for the future. Let us be your support system by providing:

  • A caring team on hand to provide supportive services and healthcare should they ever be needed
  • Amenities and high-touch services to provide convenience at your fingertips
  • Friends and neighbors just outside your door
  • An abundance of social activities and programs to keep you involved and meeting new people
  • Special events and outings to foster a sense of community and further develop friendships
  • Opportunities to enhance physical and mental health as well as quality of life

These are just a few of the many reasons seniors choose a community-based lifestyle during retirement planning and building a future support system. To learn more or to discover the Waterstone lifestyle for yourself, schedule a visit to speak to our Senior Advisor today.


Opening October 2022, Waterstone of Lexington will offer an active retirement lifestyle and customized assisted living services. Located in an adjacent building, memory care by Bridges® is available for those with memory loss.