Our Favorite Ways to Celebrate Autumn in Wellesley, MA

Fall in New England, what could be better?! If you’re looking for the top ways to celebrate the fall season in Wellesley, Massachusetts, we’re here to help! Check out some of our favorite annual Wellesley traditions below.

pumpkin patch in the fall

1 | View the Fall Foliage

If you’re an ardent leaf-peeper, there are plenty of places to find beautiful foliage around Wellesley. Consider adding a few of these locations to your stop:

2 | Pumpkin or Apple Picking

Easily an Autumn staple, the season doesn’t quite feel complete without some pumpkin patch or apple orchard fun. Bring the family, including the kids, for a fun, festive time. Bonus points if you carve the pumpkins and bake the pumpkin seeds or if you opt to make an apple-themed dessert!

3 | Holiday Festivities, Fall Festivals, and Cultural Events

Summer concerts and movies on the Town Hall Green are over, and so is the Wellesley Wonderful Weekend, which boasts Wellesley’s Veterans parade. Despite this, there’s so much more to enjoy as that familiar chill fills the air. Check out these Wellesley celebrations and events that are sure to delight.

  • Enjoy a concert at Wellesley College
  • Go to a book reading at Wellesley Books
  • Take a workshop at Babson College
  • Visit Wellesley Hills for the Halloween Stroll

4 | Seasonal Baking and Dining

At Waterstone at Wellesley, our team loves crafting delicious seasonal meals. If one of your passions is baking or cooking, try a new recipe, cook with friends, or have a movie night where each attendee crafts a special dish. There are plenty of ways to delight in the flavors of the season.

Wellesley walking trails in town

5 | Take in the Beauty of Nature as you Exercise

With over 47 miles of trails, Wellesley is a great place to exercise while sightseeing.

  • Walk on one of the many nature trails throughout Wellesley
  • Participate in a 5k race or the Turkey Trot
  • Take a bike ride along the trails

Make the Most of Autumn with Waterstone at Wellesley

With the leaves falling and temperatures dropping, it’s the perfect time to think about staying cozy in our beautiful community. Say goodbye to housekeeping and home maintenance, cooking, and isolation. Instead, Waterstone at Wellesley takes care of it all, leaving you to enjoy your season, not count down the days until it’s over!

Not only this, but Waterstone at Wellesley keeps you close to everything you love in our area while providing even more opportunities for fun, including:

  • Writing seminars and art classes
  • Health and wellness programs, like yoga and tai chi
  • Historical and cultural lectures
  • Book clubs and game groups
  • Movies in the theater
  • Community events, social groups, and outings

Ready to learn more or experience our lifestyle for yourself? Call 781.304.8169 to schedule your visit today.