I want to thank you all again for your warmth and care in recent weeks, as my mother, Joann, recovers from breaking her hip. She decided to move into Waterstone as soon as she saw it, and when I visited her, I saw for myself what a lovely place it is; but it was when I came down again after her injury that I really saw how wonderful you all are.

Everyone I met was so kind and helpful! After spending long days with her in the hospital and then in rehab facilities, I was so grateful to be able to come back to a delicious meal offered with warm concern. When I had car trouble and the bus to the rehab facility wasn’t running, you even arranged to get me rides there and back. When she was about to be discharged from rehab, Scott went above and beyond, going out himself to pick up the equipment that the pharmacy had failed to deliver – and without which my mother couldn’t safely come home. And Jim quickly and skillfully took on every job we asked him to do.

Thank you all, for both your professionalism and your personal touch!

Soshana G., Daughter of Circle Resident