Waterstone of Lexington truly exceeds our expectations and we are thrilled and deeply grateful to be new residents here. We have been doing research on retirement communities for over 20 years, beginning with a search for my parents, and I have multiple spreadsheets comparing the business models, financials and pricing, locations, what is included/excluded in the monthly rent, profiles of residents, treatment of staff, dining room menus, gyms and pools, etc. Waterstone of Lexington scores the highest rating among all the options we have investigated. Most of all, having met with residents several times before moving in, we are overjoyed with the people who have already become residents and are overwhelmed with the generous welcome we have received and how easy it is to make new friends with whom we have so much in common. We do not hesitate to recommend Waterstone of Lexington!


Pat, Waterstone of Lexington Resident